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PMG Chapter 2052: Truth

PMG Chapter 2052: Truth
“Holy Spirit Dynasty, give up. Lin Feng is going to die,” said the Holy Emperor of the Tianci Dynasty. Lin Feng had killed their previous Holy Emperor, it was a tragedy that had to be avenged!
Holy Emperor Ling glanced around, the pressure on him boiling now.
A strong cultivator stepped forward and terrifying fissures appeared, as if the sky were about to collapse.
A light beam appeared, followed by a destructive hand.
Sand exploded all around and turned into a dragon. It looked like the end of the world.
Lin Feng couldn’t stand up anymore. His bones kept crackling. He had the sensation the world had fallen onto his back. There wasn’t going to be a second failure!
“Bunch of bastards. I can’t stand this,” said Yan Di. He had cast a deployment spell, but it was already broken. The pressure was so immense that it had destroyed his deployment spell.
A silhouette landed in front of Lin Feng. She was wearing a black cloak, and looked graceful. She looked much taller at the moment. At her back, a gigantic pitch-black silhouette appeared as she sat down cross-legged. Holy Spirits appeared and started rotating about them.
“Thank you very much,” said Lin Feng. That woman looked fragile but she was protecting him. He felt moved and touched. Even though they had made love, they weren’t close.
“Hmph!” Up in the sky, people grunted icily. Some strong cultivators continued closing in. The pressure was getting worse and worse. What were the Holy Spirit Dynasty and the Celestial Evolution Holy Clan going to do against so many people?
Their protective energies kept breaking apart, and Qi spilled over. Energies kept reaching Lin Feng. If anyone tried to protect Lin Feng, they were going to kill them!
“Destructive Dao.” Lin Feng frowned and saw an old man who was releasing Destructive Dao.
Lin Feng raised his head. There were many Holy Spirits around the woman, she reacted instantly. The Destructive Dao reached one of her Holy Spirits and destroyed it.
“You can come down, they won’t kill me,” said Lin Feng.
“But you’ll get injured. That would be a catastrophe,” the woman answered warmly. Lin Feng didn’t understand why she was being so kind to him.
“If you get injured, it would be worse,” Lin Feng replied calmly.
“I won’t. Don’t worry,” said the woman hoarsely.
Lin Feng frowned. This woman was from the Holy Spirit Dynasty, he couldn’t know her from someone else… but on the other hand, he had a familiar feeling. She sounded even more familiar than before. Did they know each other from somewhere else?
“Who are you?” asked Lin Feng. He had doubts for the first time.
The woman shivered and replied, “I’m Lin Qiong Sheng’s mother.”
Lin Feng remained silent. He didn’t ask more, especially now that he was facing a huge danger.
Cultivators focus on cultivation not because they’re obsessives, but also because they want to protect themselves and their families, thought Lin Feng. That was life in the cultivation world!
In the sky, the defensive energies of the Celestial Evolution Holy Clan and the Holy Spirit Dynasty kept crackling. The members of the Snow Clan had also arrived. They were in the sky above Lin Feng and looking down at him icily. They had to destroy the defenses first, and then they’d oppress Lin Feng!
“Kill that woman!” said an old man of the Snow Clan icily. The pressure became even worse, rumbling in the air and shaking the ground. The woman was being targeted!
A snowy sword descended from the sky. A Holy Spirit cultivator blocked it. However, someone also flitted up and attacked by surprise.
The woman was startled. All the silhouettes around her condensed and turned into a gigantic sword, as the air kept erupting from the conflict of energies.
The Snow Clan’s Saint is not showing up?, wondered Yan Di. He was surprised. He hadn’t expected the Snow Clan would force the others to surround Lin Feng.

At that moment, two people were together up in the sky. They were seated and looked calm. One of them was snowy white, the Saint from the Snow Clan. The other person was Shi Jue Lao Xian. They were watching the events below, not fighting.
At the same time, some crackling sounds spread in the air. Mountains exploded. The strong cultivator of the Snow Clan said, “Many people think you’re a half Saint, I wouldn’t have thought you would have become a real one. But I won’t give up today.”
“He obtained the Saint. It should be his. You’re a Saint, how could you fight against a kid?” Shi Jue Lao Xian rebutted calmly.
“That boy offended the Snow Clan. He must die. And the body will be ours.”
“I can’t prevent you from killing him and stealing the Saint’s body. However, if you kill that boy, be prepared to see some of your young cultivators die too, including people who have king-type bodies,” said Shi Jue Lao Xian, casually drinking some liquor. He was angry though, what had Lin Feng done to the Snow Clan?
“You’re threatening me?” demanded the Saint of the Snow Clan. Everything started freezing around them.
“You just said you were going to kill that little boy. You’re threatening me. I’m not threatening you,” said Shi Jue Lao Xian calmly. He didn’t look angry, but the air began to thicken around him. Some fissures appeared in the ice around them.
They both remained silent.
The atmosphere was explosive. The energies were invisible and intangible.

The woman protecting Lin Feng kept being attacked. Even if the Holy Spirit Dynasty’s strong cultivators did all they could to protect him, they wouldn’t be able to hold out for very long.
“That’s enough!” When Lin Feng saw the woman get attacked unceasingly, he rose up into the air.
Eighty-one dragons appeared in the sky. Everybody looked at Lin Feng, waiting. Someone was going to kill him now!
The crowd was startled, because even if some people had come because they wanted Lin Feng to die, the ultimate goal was still to let the Snow Clan kill him!
“Go down!” Two cultivators descended from the sky and grabbed Lin Feng, he couldn’t move anymore. Lin Feng was helpless, surrounded by too many people. Some attacks moved towards the cyan dragons, but the cyan dragons destroyed them.
“Ji Clan.” Lin Feng was agonized and furious. The woman suddenly turned into an illusion and rose up to start attacking the cyan dragons.
She coughed up blood, and her veil fell down, soaked with blood. Lin Feng’s heart twitched. How valiant!
“Let me go!” shouted Lin Feng furiously. He wanted to break free from the two people. The woman kept attacking the cyan dragons, she was doing all she could.
She kept coughing blood. Lin Feng felt extremely sad, wondering why she was taking all those risks to protect him. Was it because they had made love? Or was it because of Lin Qiong Sheng?
Lin Feng knew that all the Holy Spirits which appeared around her were not actually real bodies, they were illusions. But each time a body was destroyed, she was injured. However, she didn’t stop protecting him. She was ready to die for him!
Finally, one cyan dragon was left. Lin Feng was a bit relieved. The two cultivators next to him also rose back to their previous positions. The last cyan dragon exploded.
Those dragons had been released by a Saint Emperor. One dragon was enough to kill Lin Feng. She had lost many Spirits to destroy them!
At that moment, she fell down from the sky softly. Lin Feng’s heart kept twitching.
He raced over to her and caught her. It was the first time he saw her face, as her veil had fallen off. When he saw her, it felt like the world was collapsing. Lin Feng had the impression he was going to explode.
“No….” Suddenly, Lin Feng’s eyes turned grey, he looked crushed, and his heart was shattered into a thousand pieces.

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    It’s good to be arrogant in the cultivation world, but this is what you get for being weak and overly arrogant. This venerable thinks that this is the wakeup call that disciple needed.

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