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PMG Chapter 2055: Insane

PMG Chapter 2055: Insane
“Fight against the strongest geniuses of the Huang Qi layer from the Dynasties and Ancient Holy Clans?” repeated Shi Jue Lao Xian calmly.
“He must prove he’s strong enough to fight against a strong cultivator of the Snow Clan. If he dies, then it’s useless to agree on something like that,” said the Snow Clan’s Saint indifferently.
All the members of the Dynasties and Holy Clans were nervous. They had all hoped Lin Feng would die as soon as possible.
Lin Feng was a terrifying fighter, and very talented. He had killed Wang Jian, but fighting against all the strongest cultivators of the Huang Qi layer was different. Some people were even stronger than Wang Jian. Zhuo Qing, for example, had a Diamond Indestructible King-Type Body.
“Lin Feng, what do you think?” Shi Jue Lao Xian asked Lin Feng.
“I agree,” said Lin Feng, his eyes were filled with Death intent. He looked like a dead person. He had been cleansed by Deva-Mara Kalpa strength for the fourth time in front of everybody. His demon Qi kept racing throughout his body.
He wanted to kill!
“Alright, all the geniuses, come. Little boy, hand Xue Ling Long over to us. If you die, we won’t know where to find her,” said the Snow Clan’s Saint icily.
Lin Feng flitted away. So many strong cultivators were there, he couldn’t escape anyway…

He entered his room and sealed the entrance, so nobody could see how he was going to take Meng Qing out. Meng Qing appeared in front of him and smiled at him.
“Meng Qing, I am powerless. I can’t protect you and Zhe Tian,” said Lin Feng, he feeling guilty and extremely sad. He felt so powerless…
“You silly boy. You should have sent me to them before. If you had died, I would want to die too,” said Meng Qing, smiling and caressing Lin Feng’s hair, trying to cheer Lin Feng up. She knew that Lin Feng was suffering atrociously. There was hope, but he had to stay alive!
When Lin Feng heard her soft and gentle voice, and saw that she was trying to cheer him up, he felt even sadder. But he also felt even more determined. He hated himself, he was a weakling! He was a bit talented, but that was very, very far from being enough!
Meng Qing hugged him, letting Lin Feng feel her warmth. When would they meet again? She told him, “Don’t worry. I will take care of our baby. The Snow Clan is my clan, too. Don’t worry about me.”
“Alright…” Lin Feng nodded. If anything happened to Meng Qing and their baby, Lin Feng would definitely try to avenge them. He told her grimly, “Meng Qing, give me some time and I’ll definitely come to pick you up.”
“I’m sure you will. Take care of yourself first.”
Lin Feng brought Meng Qing out. When the Snow Clan’s members saw Meng Qing, they all looked furious. The Saint said to Meng Qing calmly, “As expected, you’re Ling Long from our clan. Unfortunately, that little boy tarnished you.”
They had sent Ling Long out because of the Destiny Shrine’s Diviner, trusting him. Initially, they wanted her to come back and get married to a king of their clan. They wanted to see whether Meng Qing would be able to give birth to another king or not, that would have been a fourth one for the Clan. Unfortunately, the plan was ruined, and Lin Feng was to blame!

All the geniuses of the Region seemed to already be in Qi Tian Holy Town. Some people, like Ji Chang, had been there for a while.
The Saint of the Snow Clan waved, and an ice world appeared, many battle stages visible through the doorway.
“Everybody, go in. I control this world, nobody can use Great Imperial Weapons or I’ll kill them straight away,” said the Snow Clan’s Saint indifferently.
“Master, can the secret techniques of our clans be used?” asked the Saint Emperor of the Ji Clan.
“Secret techniques are part of a cultivator’s own strength, so no problem,” said the Snow Clan’s Saint calmly. Young combatants headed into the world one after another. Lin Feng raised his head and death strength filled the air about him. He also rose up in the air, Demon intent raging around him.
In the ice world, Lin Feng faced many incredible geniuses. He felt crazed. He knew how terrifying it was to fight against groups of people.
Little bastard, look at yourself, thought Yan Di. He knew it was going to be very difficult for Lin Feng, but it was a good experience.
This wasn’t a fair battle. Lin Feng was talented, but those people were not weaklings.
Zhuo Qing, Diamond Indestructible King-type Body.
Holy Jade Princess, mysterious powers.
Ji Chang, Champion. If he used his secret technique, he could have the strength of a great emperor.
Prince of the Great Desert Dynasty, Prince of the Tianci Dynasty… but the Qin Dynasty didn’t get involved…
And there were the geniuses of the Pei Clan and a few Ancient Holy Clans. Eight geniuses, eight incredible geniuses from the Dark Night Region. Those people all had the potential to become Saint Emperors someday. However, now they were going to fight against Lin Feng. They all wanted to kill him!
Zhuo Qing and the others had mixed feelings. They were all geniuses, but eight geniuses surrounding Lin Feng wasn’t anything glorious. They knew it was important, so they had to kill Lin Feng, and so they didn’t hesitate.
At Zhuo Qing’s back, a golden wind appeared, breaking everything on its way as it started moving towards Lin Feng. That attack could easily kill a high-level emperor. Ordinary high-level emperors couldn’t withstand a single attack from Zhuo Qing.
But Lin Feng wasn’t an ordinary cultivator. He punched out, the blow screaming through the air. Lin Feng used pure strength to smash that golden tornado!
The Jade Princess turned into an illusion, Lin Feng saw her silhouettes all over the place. They all moved towards him from every direction.
Lin Feng jumped and released explosive demon lights. His Kalpa strength surged out, but the illusions were extremely powerful. Lin Feng kept rending the thirty-seven images!
Ji Chang also attacked, releasing Destructive Dao and cyan dragons to attack, joined by all the other geniuses, one after another.
Lin Feng was in a dead end. It looked bad for him.
His Demon intent dashed to the skies, his blood boiled, and sharp Qi emerged. He turned into a gigantic sword and absorbed more strength, his Qi filling the air. Energies crashed onto him, but he remained motionless.
He’s crazy!, whispered the crowd. So many energies were crashing onto Lin Feng’s body from all those strong geniuses. However, Lin Feng didn’t flinch and confronted them straightforwardly.
His sword began to keen. He slowly turned around, and they all stopped. They knew that Lin Feng had killed Prince Yan and Wang Jian using this technique.
That sword was oppressive and terrifying. Finally, he moved towards Prince Chen. The Tianci cultivators were all furious and grimaced.
“Bastard!” shouted the Tianci Holy Emperor. He remembered the giant again, when he had killed the Holy Emperor. He was too scared of this young man, he was going crazy.
The sharp sword streaked across the sky. At that moment, Prince Chen’s face turned deathly pale. He released all his strength to defend himself. Nobody could rescue him, since Lin Feng had chosen to kill him first, the others didn’t mind. They weren’t going to risk their lives to save Prince Chen!
The gigantic sword reached Prince Chen and pierced through his body. Everybody shivered as Lin Feng reappeared. He coughed up blood, but his eyes contained a killing will!

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    Thank you very much!

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    Many ganging up on 1. What’s that supposed to prove anyway? If he gets defeated then it’s because he was weak eh? But anyway being the MC, yeah he will win anyway.

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      I know, I’m fed up with all this bull crap. Let’s find excuses to bully him as much as we can. Can a King body Snow douchebag defeat all 8 of these guys? If not then why does he have to? If he can well then prove it! Let’s see him defeat them all! This is just ridiculous plot. I think the author is sadistic. Perhaps he hates relationships? MC is constantly rescuing, saving, fighting for or proving himself good enough for stupid bloody women. If I was him I’d turn gay, what a load of bother!
      In fact I don’t even understand why he keeps sticking himself into these stupid situations whatsoever. Why did he agree to go to these stupid ruins for that bastard Holy Emperor in the first place? I’m sure he can go on adventures, explore ruins himself and level up himself. Why open yourself up to greedy assholes who want you to take all the danger and then skank you in the back? Time after time he does this! It’s so dumb and it’s so repetitive, yet he still trusts in asshats and lets them stab him in the back. Stop letting others use you! Grrr! And go bloody see the Diviner for crying out loud!

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