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PMG Chapter 2056: How Tragic

PMG Chapter 2056: How Tragic
“Little Chen!” shouted the Tianci cultivators, their faces horrified and sad. They had lost both Prince Chen and Prince Yan! They had been the most talented young people of their Dynasty!
Lin Feng had warned the Tianci Dynasty, he had even killed their Holy Emperor. However, they had decided to come anyway. That’s why Lin Feng chose to kill Prince Chen first. His Ancient Holy Techniques had sufficed to kill Prince Yan, so of course they were also enough to kill Prince Chen!
His Qi continued surging around him. Holy Spirits appeared and fused together with his body, holy marks appeared under his feet. At the same time, he released a sharp weapon Qi, and also condensed ancient strength. The combined Qi began to build up ominously. Those who were attacking Lin Feng were shocked and started trembling. This bastard was crazy…
Lin Feng used his Ancient Holy Technique again, and killed another cultivator from an Ancient Clan. He continued mercilessly. His sword was too sharp, and his oppressive strength was incredible, so they couldn’t bring him down. Everybody understood that Lin Feng wasn’t just fighting, he was risking his life!
Each time he attacked, he was risking his life. He could die at any time. However, it worked, as he had already killed five geniuses!
The members of the Dynasties and Ancient Holy Clans all had twisted expressions. Five people, Lin Feng had killed five people! His clothes were already soaked with blood. He looked like a death god.
His gaze turned on Ji Chang.
Three geniuses were left: Zhuo Qing, the Holy Jade Princess, and Ji Chang. It wasn’t easy to kill Lin Feng. Likewise, killing those people would be very difficult. Zhuo Qing had a Diamond Indestructible King-type Body, his defense was incredible, Ji Chang had his secret technique, and the Holy Jade Princess seemed to control illusions.
At that moment, they were staring at Lin Feng. He was coughing blood, and looked totally insane. He didn’t care anymore, he was ready to risk his life!
“Let’s attack together! He looks tired!” said Zhuo Qing. The three cultivators’ silhouettes flickered and they threw themselves at Lin Feng. Golden lights glittered and shot towards him.
A Holy Spirit sword appeared in front of Lin Feng like a living thing. It started cutting apart the golden lights.
“Die!” shouted Zhuo Qing explosively. A golden spear appeared and shot across the sky like a thunderbolt. At the same time, he raised his hand and a golden cauldron appeared and bore down on Lin Feng.
The Holy Jade Princess also attacked, inundating him with illusions. However, Lin Feng closed his eyes and merely punched out in her direction, his Death intent turning into a tornado. At the same time, his Nihility Sword moved towards the three of them.
Ji Chang ran towards Lin Feng. With every step, the ground exploded. Fissures appeared around him, cyan dragons roaring furiously, and trying to devour Lin Feng.
However, Lin Feng turned into many silhouettes and suddenly withdrew. They didn’t know which one was the real one.
“Destroy!” shouted Zhuo Qing icily. Golden lights blotted out the sky. They kept destroying Lin Feng’s silhouettes one after another. They didn’t want to give him a single chance!
The Holy Spirits moved back into Lin Feng’s body, and he released Sky Absorbing cosmic energies. At the same time, his sharp weapon Qi appeared again.
Zhuo Qing and the two others grit their teeth. Lin Feng was injured, and surprisingly, he wanted to turn into a sword again, he was definitely crazy!
“This time, we’ll definitely kill him!” said Ji Chang icily. Lin Feng turned into a sword and drove at Ji Chang!
“Stop!” shouted Ji Chang, releasing more Destructive strength moved towards the gigantic sword as fast as he could. At his back, Cyan Dragon Totems appeared in a glittering display. Zhuo Qing and the Holy Jade Princess didn’t waste time, either, attacking the gigantic sword as hard as they could.
However, the gigantic sword pierced through all their attacks and continued towards Ji Chang. The gigantic sword whistled furiously, it had to kill Ji Chang!
“Argh!” Ji Chang roared with rage, his Cyan Dragon Totems went back into his body and he turned into a cyan dragon. When the gigantic sword and the cyan dragons collided, it felt like time had stopped. Explosions and thunder spread out, and the shockwave burst over everyone. An oppressive strength was pushing against the cyan dragon!
“Die!” shouted Zhuo Qing, turning golden. He landed in front of the gigantic sword and golden energies crashed onto the gigantic sword. The gigantic sword vibrated violently, space splitting all around it.
The Jade Princess couldn’t miss such a good opportunity. She also moved gracefully into position and attacked the gigantic sword as well.
The members of the Holy Spirit Dynasty and Champion University were shaking. The combined attacks were terrifying. Could Lin Feng survive?
The three of them continued chasing the silhouettes they hadn’t destroyed. A strong wind appeared around Zhuo Qing, but the silhouettes continued escaping too.
The gigantic sword released a boundless strength, bearing down on a cyan dragon and two people. On the sword, marks gradually appeared…
“No…” When Meng Qing saw that, her heart twitched. If the sword broke, Lin Feng was going to die!
Behind Zhuo Qing, one of Lin Feng’s clones suddenly released oppressive energies. He raised his fist and struck at Zhuo Qing’s head.
“Oh no!” Zhuo Qing’s face turned deathly pale. He released even more golden energies to protect himself.
He wasn’t the only one. The Holy Jade Princess’ face also turned deathly pale. She started running away, trying to dodge. However, the gigantic sword released even more pressure. They were frightened as the weight of the world crashed down on them. Lin Feng’s goal was their total destruction!
His horrifying physical strength crashed down onto the golden body. Demon lights exploded and penetrated into Zhuo Qing’s brain. Zhuo Qing’s head trembled at the impact.
The Holy Jade Princess sped up, she was being hunted by Lin Feng’s clones. She didn’t know what to do, and started panicking. A death punch appeared, it looked unavoidable, unstoppable, she could barely see it coming. The punch crashed onto her and blood splashed out.
A terrifying sword Qi sliced through the cyan dragon’s body. It roared desperately as blood splashed and stained the gigantic sword. The gigantic body fell down from the sky and crashed onto the ground before reverting to Ji Chang. Sword intent was tearing through his body.
“Argh!” Zhuo Qing shouted furiously. He attacked Lin Feng’s clone, but the clone went back into the gigantic sword.
At the same time, the Holy Jade Princess was going crazy as she ran towards Lin Feng’s clone. The gigantic sword struck out at Zhuo Qing and the Holy Jade Princess, who were blasted away. They both crashed onto the ground, unable to stand up.
The gigantic sword became less dazzling, turning back into Lin Feng again. He fell down from the sky.
At that moment, outside of the ice world, everybody remained silent. Nobody had expected this. That was a real battle, Lin Feng had risked his life from the beginning to the end. He was walking on the Path of Life and Death, but he wasn’t immortal.
The four fighters didn’t stand up.
Meng Qing was crying. She whispered, “If he dies, I will die too.”
The Saint frowned, and Shi Jue Lao Xian asked, “Is that enough?”
At that moment, everybody looked to the Snow Saint, who was staring at the ice world. He sighed and said, “If he doesn’t die, I hope you can bring him to the Snow Clan in twenty years.”
He waved his hand. Crackling sounds spread in the air, the ice world disappeared and he said to the others of his clan, “Let’s go.”
Less and less snowflakes fell from the sky as they disappeared in the distance. Meng Qing was still crying…
Shi Jue Lao Xian, the members of the Zhuo Clan, and the others all took away their people.
Mister Xiao brought Tang You You to Lin Feng and checked out Lin Feng. He said, “I’ll take him back to the tribe.”
“Alright, go,” agreed Shi Jue Lao Xian, waving his hand. A holy strength penetrated into Lin Feng’s body to protect him.
Mister Xiao and the members of Champion University left together. Very quickly, everybody had left. Shi Jue Lao Xian looked at the remaining people icily.
“Hmph!” Shi Jue Lao Xian didn’t attack them. Lin Feng could solve his problems alone. Shi Jue Lao Xian hoped Lin Feng wouldn’t disappoint him, he wanted to take him to the Snow Clan twenty years from now!

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  1. Jaime September 5, 2018 at 2:31 pm - Reply

    Man this was insane!

  2. MarkofWisdom September 5, 2018 at 9:03 pm - Reply

    Just…how stupid are these people? “Lin Feng was risking his life”-you lot have forced him into a battle to the death and you’re surprised he’s fighting to the death?

    • Ezura December 10, 2018 at 6:38 am - Reply

      They were obviously hoping he’d stand smiling like a dumbass while they pounded him to oblivion then go around bragging about how talented they were all 8 of them killing 1 guy of a lower cultivation than them. I don’t even understand the reason why most of them were there. When did he offend that Jade Princess bitch enough for her to want his life? What did he ever do to the diamond body dickhead that warrants a death Match? And that asshole Ji Chang who wanted to defeat him personally because he was so talented blah blah bollocks. How is this defeating him, teaming up with 7 others? I’m honestly gobsmacked. Crazy.

  3. Phoella September 6, 2018 at 9:23 am - Reply

    Lin Feng have Sky Absorbing Strength??

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