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PMG Chapter 2057: Lin Zhe Tian

PMG Chapter 2057: Lin Zhe Tian
The news quickly spread throughout Qi Tian Holy Town. Everybody was astonished.
The crowd had not thought Lin Feng would undergo another terrifying battle after the previous time when he had borrowed the Saint’s strength. And two Saints had shown up, how unbelievable…
Everybody in Qi Tian Holy Town was talking about the fight on the streets. Even the historical remains hadn’t stirred up so much excitement!
“According to those who there, Lin Feng used all his strength to fight against the most outstanding emperors of the region. He risked his life and killed five people!”
“I’ve heard of that too. In the end, Ji Chang, the Holy Jade Princess, and Zhuo Qing were all badly injured, too. I wonder if they’re still alive?”
“Maybe they are dead, that would be tragic. If that’s the case, Lin Feng will definitely die.”
Some people didn’t believe that Lin Feng had fought against eight geniuses. They were thinking that they would have to fight against him if they bumped into him.
Besides, many people said many different things. They were convinced that Zhuo Qing could already compete with Lin Feng on his own. According to them, Lin Feng wasn’t that terrifying. However, Lin Feng was becoming more and more famous in the whole region.
People started forgetting about the historical remains in the Saint’s World. Nobody heard about Lin Feng anymore, he didn’t show up in the outside world anymore. In Qi Tian Holy Town, the Tianci Dynasty, the Ancient Jade Dynasty, and the others all thought that Lin Feng had fallen during that battle.
Geniuses continued rising in the eighteen cities of the Dark Night Region. Chu Chun Qiu became even more famous. He had killed a great emperor, and that great emperor used to be in the top ten of the Imperial Ranking List back in the day. Chu Chun Qiu was already the best cultivator of the Holy City, first on the Imperial Ranking List.
At the same time, people who were in the top ten also continued rising. After all, much time had passed since the Pathfinder Day. Some other people also started rising: Lang Ye of the World Clan, Hou Qing Lin of Champion University, Jian Mang, and so on. They were all considered dazzling cultivators.
Tiantai was also quite famous, with many geniuses. It was easier for them to find geniuses since they were in Champion University, and they were becoming more and more famous. They had surpassed Ji Chang’s Club a long time ago. Tiantai’s core disciples were extremely strong. Champion University was recruiting the most outstanding cultivators of the region, but Tiantai was stealing all of them.
Everybody in Champion University knew one name, even if they had never seen the person, as he used to be the most dazzling cultivator of Tiantai.
Lin Feng, where was he?!
The Snow Clan was a beautiful place. Snow kept falling all the time there. They had many snow beasts in the clan.
The elders of the Snow Clan were all different beasts. The strongest snow race also ruled the Snow Clan, they were known as the Imperial Clan.
The Imperial Clan of that generation wasn’t composed of snow foxes, or Xue Ling Long wouldn’t have had to go through such hardships. The previous Imperial Clan used to be composed of snow foxes. Xue Ling Long hadn’t been kicked out just because of the Diviner, the reasons were more complex. It was also due to the competition which existed between the different animal races within the clan.
On that day, a seven-month old baby was standing at the foot of a ten thousand year-old tree. He kept making sounds as he couldn’t speak, but he could stand on his feet.
“Zhe Tian,” said an old man, smiling and caressing the baby’s head. “In five months, you’ll be one year old. Initially, I wanted to offer you to the Snow Clan when you turned two, but you’re already extraordinary, so we’ll do it when you turn one. Try and break that tree.”
if the members of the Snow Clan had seen that, they would have been jealous. A Saint Emperor of the Snow Clan was teaching a newborn cultivation. How incredible! Besides, that baby’s blood wasn’t even pure, he wasn’t 100% from the Snow Clan.
The baby understood what the old man said, he made sounds and sounded excited. He looked extremely cute too, with big cheeks. Many women would fall in love with him in his adult life.
At that moment, the baby looked at the tree and spat out Qi. Holy celestial strength appeared around him and merged into his body. He was also absorbing pure Qi! The old man looked pleasantly surprised.
At the birth of the little boy, the Snow Clan had had discussions regarding how they should dispose of him. Many people wanted to abandon him. But when they saw he could absorb all sorts of pure Qi, the members of the Snow Clan had been astonished. They had agreed not to talk about his father at all. They also had to prevent him from meeting his mother too often. The Snow Clan would take care of his education.
The little boy punched the tree. However, the wind just rushed by, and the tree was still there. The baby looked at the old man in a strange way, unhappy with the result. The old man burst into laughter and caressed the baby’s head. He smiled and said, “Don’t worry, after the ceremony, you’ll start practicing cultivation for real.”
“You haven’t seen your mother for a long time, I’ll take you to her. You must miss her,” said the old man gazing into the distance and sighing. He couldn’t do anything about that, the Snow Clan had agreed they would not meet too often. His mother was a snow fox queen in the Snow Clan, Xue Ling Long. The old man understood that even though he was teaching him, many other people were watching them.

He brought the baby to an ice palace. He was concerned by the one she had chosen: the Snow Clan’s Ice Vision. Few people dared practice cultivation here. However, she had chosen this place. She was extremely strong. Of course, for her, it was a good place…
“Ling Long, Zhe Tian is here,” said the old man as he entered the ice palace. A silhouette flickered as she appeared before him. She was snowy white and looked like a real celestial being… except for her anger. The old man didn’t dare get close to her. She didn’t look as gentle and soft as when she was with Lin Feng.
However, when she saw the baby, she suddenly smiled widely. Twenty years? So what? She would even wait for him for two hundred years if she had to! He  would definitely come to the Snow Clan at some point!
“You have two hours,” said the old man, before he left.
“Zhe Tian,” said Meng Qing, hugging her little boy and kissing his cheeks. She took Lin Zhe Tian into the depths of the ice palace, that place was most isolated from the rest of the world.
“Mother,” said Zhe Tian. If anyone else had heard him, they would have been astonished. In the outside world, Zhe Tian didn’t speak, people didn’t think he could yet.
“Lin Zhe Tian, you remember what I’ve told you?” asked Meng Qing to the baby. She looked serious.
Zhe Tian nodded and said, “I only listen to you. I don’t listen to them. My family name is Lin. My father’s name is Lin Feng. I’m Lin Zhe Tian, I’m not Xue Zhe Tian. My father chose my name. Someday, I’ll become a terrifying cultivator, and I’ll take mommy away.”
If anyone from the clan had heard that, they would have been furious. Even if Lin Zhe Tian could meet Meng Qing only once a month, his intuition allowed him to understand that Meng Qing was his mother. Therefore, he listened to her and each time they met, he told her those things to show her he remembered.
Since his birth, he remembered his name, Lin Zhe Tian, and his father’s name, Lin Feng!
Meng Qing hugged her baby tight and cried. She gazed into the distance and whispered, “Lin Feng, this is our baby.”
Lin Feng, where was he?!

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