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PMG Chapter 2058: Coming Back to Life

PMG Chapter 2058: Coming Back to Life
Outside of the Holy City, two people were lying on beds of straw. They were a handsome man and a beautiful woman, still asleep even after a long period of time. They looked like a dead imperial couple, lying there next to one another.
However, a mysterious strength floated around them. It felt like it could explode anytime.
In the distance, the wind moaned. A silhouette as big as a tower appeared. He looked at the two people and frowned, “Mister Xiao, Lin Feng and the girl haven’t woken up yet?”
“They haven’t completely recovered, but this year, they will eventually wake up.” said Mister Xiao, glancing at the two. He was a mighty healer. Lin Feng and You You hadn’t woken up, but Mister Xiao knew that it would happen sooner or later.
“Alright, I hope that when Lin Feng wakes up, he’ll be even stronger!” nodded Tantai. After what had happened to Lin Feng, Tantai heard about it in Champion University, and had decided to come to the tribe to check up on Lin Feng. He had told Champion University’s people that they didn’t need to worry about Lin Feng.
“Lin Feng, in the Holy City, people say that you have fallen. Hurry up and wake up. Show those bastards that the strongest cultivator of Champion University is still here. Ji Chang is a piece of shit,” swore Tantai. Lin Feng had disappeared for an entire year. Ji Chang had reappeared six months ago. Therefore, he had become the best cultivator of Champion University once again.
Many people in Champion University believed Lin Feng had fallen. He hadn’t returned to the Holy City since the battle.
A fearsome Qi suddenly emerged from Lin Feng’s body, rapidly gaining strength. A wind of cosmic energies appeared all around him.
“Eh?” Mister Xiao was surprised, what was going on?
Tantai was startled too and asked, “Mister Xiao, is Lin Feng going to wake up?”
“I don’t know. Each time a thread of strength emerges from his body, I think he might wake up, but he doesn’t,” said Mister Xiao. He was intrigued.
When Tantai heard Mister Xiao, he frowned. But after those cosmic energies turn into a tornado, Tantai was relieved, this was a good thing…
At that moment, another mysterious strength appeared. Many lights glittered all around him, a spectacular sight.
“All sorts of strength?” Lin Feng looked as if he had been bathing in the Milky Way. It was very strange.
Lin Feng knew he had an affinity with all sorts of strength, that’s why he had decided to study several sorts of abstruse energies. He had turned his abstruse energies into cosmic energies.
Then, Lin Feng had obtained the Heavenly Grace Godly Wood and used it a lot. If he wanted to, he could study all sorts of cosmic energies. But that was too time-consuming, so he hadn’t. Lin Feng preferred focusing on a few.
But his affinity was incredible!
Lin Feng waved his hand, and the cosmic energies condensed into his hand, turning into a light beam and then into a whirlwind. That whirlwind contained all sorts of strengths.
“They’re fusing together, a little bit more and they’ll be in perfect harmony with my Dao.” whispered Lin Feng. Back then, he had already managed to see that mysterious strength a little bit, but it hadn’t been enough. One more step!
“Dao, my Dao.” Lin Feng said to himself. Suddenly, he opened his eyes and the stars disappeared. His cosmic energies also dispersed.

“He’s awake!” Mister Xiao and Tantai’s eyes twinkled. Finally, Lin Feng was awake!
“Where am I?” asked Lin Feng, suddenly standing up. He hadn’t moved in a long time, so his body was a bit rigid, and his bones crackled loudly.
“Lin Feng, we are at my tribe,” said Mister Xiao. Lin Feng saw Mister Xiao and Tantai, and then You You, and his heart twitched.
“You You!” said Lin Feng, crouching down and stretching out his hand. He caressed her face and said, “Mister Xiao, how is You You doing?”
“Her injuries were as serious as yours, but she’s stronger than you, so she needed more time to recover. I don’t know when she’ll wake up, but you don’t need to worry,” Mister Xiao told him. Lin Feng nodded. He condensed some strength, stood up, and walked away. He said, “Mister Xiao, take me out of the tribe.”
“Eh?” Mister Xiao was a bit startled, but nodded and took Lin Feng out. When Lin Feng arrived outside of the tribe, ominous force emerged from his body. In the sky, Deva-Mara Kalpa strength condensed: the fifth time!
“My physical strength has increased again.” Lin Feng looked at the Deva-Mara Kalpa strength in the sky, then over at at Mister Xiao.
“The strength in your body matured for a year, of course you became stronger. The effects of the Deva-Mara Kalpa strength you absorbed haven’t had time to appear,” said Mister Xiao. Lin Feng nodded. Deva-Mara Kalpa strength descended from the sky and bombarded Lin Feng once again. It felt great!
“Awesome,” said Lin Feng, raising his head to the skies, his eyes all black. How pleasant! The Deva-Mara Kalpa strength couldn’t harm his body anymore. However, he didn’t have the same sensation as before. This time, it was even more pleasant because his muscles felt numb after spending so much time in a coma, and now the knots were being worked out.
At that moment, more demon lights illuminated his body and twinkled.
Deva-Mara Kalpa strength bombarded his soul a second time. Lin Feng jumped into the air. A third wave bombarded him.
“Mister Xiao, how much time has passed since the battle in Qi Tian Holy Town?” asked Lin Feng as the Demon Kalpa strength bombarded his body.
“One year,” replied Mister Xiao.
“One year. How is Meng Qing?” asked Lin Feng rhetorically. He looked at the sky and wondered, “Little boy, are you born yet?”
The fourth and fifth waves bombarded his body. The waves were becoming more and more powerful, the skies were angry because Lin Feng was looking at them disdainfully.
The sixth wave bombarded him. It reminded him of the battle. “Ji Chang, Zhuo Qing, the Holy Jade Princess, how are you all doing? If you’re still alive, stay alive, I’ll come and take your lives myself!”
Lin Feng’s Qi grew ever more terrifying.
“Tianci Dynasty, Great Desert Dynasty, Ancient Jade Dynasty, Ji Clan, Pei Clan, Zhuo Clan, how are you all?” asked Lin Feng, smiling in a cold and evil way. The seventh wave bombarded him.
The eighth wave condensed in the sky.
“Snow Clan, Ancient Holy Clans, maybe in the future, when I go to the Snow Clan, I won’t only go there to pick Meng Qing up!” said Lin Feng calmly. Mister Xiao shivered when he heard Lin Feng. The eighth wave crashed down.
Mister Xiao was amazed. Lin Feng was even more determined than he had thought. Within twenty years, Lin Feng would definitely go to the Snow Clan!
The ninth wave condensed, the earth and sky began to whistle. Then, it crashed down on him again.
Demon Qi emerged from Lin Feng’s eyes and shot up into the sky. He shouted, “Die!”
Lin Feng flew upwards and punched out at the Deva-Mara Kalpa in the sky. The earth and sky shook violently, thunder crashed. The Deva-Mara Kalpa almost stopped, and a hole even appeared. Lin Feng moved around in the Deva-Mara Kalpa lights high up in the sky and bathed in them!

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