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PMG Chapter 206: The Calamity

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“Duan Tian Lang, order your troops to stand down.” shouted Liu Cang Lan while stretching his hand and breaking an arrow in front of him. He was furious.

If the Mo Yue country army had launched an attack, they were not prepared to fight, it would even lead to a crushing defeat. At that moment, he could just hope that the troops would stop fighting against each other and the army could focus on Mo Yue Country.

“Stand down? Liu Cang Lan, you are a traitor and attempted to collaborate with someone who assassinated the princess. Even if I am not strong enough, I will fight you to the death.” said Duan Tian Lang in an ice-cold tone.

Liu Cang Lan had a cold sweat dripping down his back.

Duan Tian Lang was completely shameless, he was ready to let tens of thousands die.

Liu Cang Lan jumped up in the air. He shouted furiously: “All the troops of the Xue Yue Country, stop fighting each other and fight against the real enemy, otherwise we will all be buried here!”

“Whoosh..” at that moment, a whistling sound spread through the air. An arrow was hurtling towards Liu Cang Lan at full speed.

“Duan Tian Lang, you traitor!” shouted Liu Cang Lan furiously. He raised his hand and disintegrated the arrow into powder. His body was descending while taking Lin Feng with him at the same time and he shouted: “All the troops of Xue Yue, listen to my orders! Retreat to the Duan Ren Border!” Liu Cang Lan was well aware of the situation. The troops were already in total disorder. They would never be able to resist an enemy attacking them.

“Chi Xie troops, listen to the orders! Retreat to the Duan Ren Border!” shouted Jiu Chi Xie furiously. The horses started galloping in a mad retreat. They didn’t continue fighting and immediately retreated to the Duan Ren Border.

“Whoosh whoosh whoosh….” Horrifying whistling sounds filled the air. Liu Cang Lan raised his head and looked at the sky, his face turned deathly pale as the blood drained from his face.

In the sky, there was a cloud of arrows ready to rain destruction. There were so many arrows that the sky could no longer be seen. The area was completely covered with arrows.

In a flash, Liu Cang Lan noticed that the entire area had turned dark and the cloud of arrows was falling towards them.

Loud mournful cries and horrible shrieks filled the atmosphere. That moment seemed like the doomsday for the Xue Yue Country.

Lin Feng grabbed his sword and raised it in the air. It was dazzling to the eyes and resplendent. When the arrows came into contact with the sword, they were pulverized into dust.

The arrows continued falling from the sky for a full 10 breaths of time. The sky was visible again but at that moment, the tents of the Xue Yue campsite were completely destroyed and countless corpses were lying down on the ground.



The soldiers were going insane. Many people were shouting to retreat. If they retreated to Duan Ren Border, there would still be some hope.

” Whoosh whoosh whoosh….”

The sky turned black again. Arrows filled the sky and started to descend upon them again.

As before, horrible shrieks endlessly spread throughout the camp. At that moment, horses were galloping at full speed which made the ground shake. It seemed like death was galloping towards the troops of Xue Yue. The armored horses of Mo Yue, after two arrow volleys, were already galloping towards them to launch an attack.

Lin Feng looked at the ground and saw the blood of his dragon-colt horse. Lin Feng grabbed his sword and didn’t move backwards, instead he moved towards the armored horses of Mo Yue.

“Die!” When the soldiers on their armored horses saw that Lin Feng wasn’t retreating, they rushed towards him with killing intent while raising their spears.

Lin Feng’s sword was quiet, dazzling and ice-cold.

The cold and resplendent flow emitted by the sword seemed like it could cover the entire country.

The cavalry which were charging towards him were suddenly cut into two pieces. The upper half was flying through the air and the lower half remained on horseback.

“Deadly sword.” Lin Feng’s expression was ice–cold. Then, his expressionless and dark eyes could be seen. Lin Feng continued to kill the enemies which rushed towards him. The cavalry was being massacred.

Lin Feng continued moving forwards, attacking large groups of enemies with his sword.

One sword swing and a dozen enemies would die.

But at that moment, Lin Feng was already completely surrounded by the enemy troops. They weren’t moving towards him at full speed anymore in small groups. They all raised their spears towards him. Immediately after, they all charged towards Lin Feng. If they all attacked him, Lin Feng would certainly die.

The terrifying force emanating from Lin Feng’s deadly sword was enveloping the enemies causing them all to feel an immense fear. They all had a cold sweat running down their backs.

“Lonely… sword.” Lin Feng’s body spun at full speed as he attacked enemies in every direction. Every person touched by his sword would meet an incredibly violent death. A single attack was enough to kill dozens of soldiers where they stood.

While meeting his enemies face to face, a brave and courageous cultivator would always win.

Lin Feng jumped into the air and landed on a horse. He released a cold sharp energy into the atmosphere. In the blink of an eye, the horse quickly became docile. Lin Feng cut off its reins and galloped forward at full speed.

His sword was emitting a radiant glow. A single strike would mean death. Lin Feng was a single mounted soldier cutting his way through the enemy army like an invincible war god.

Duan Ren Border was only about five kilometres away from where the soldiers were stationed. Even though it was a very short distance, the landscape had turned into a bloody hell, there were countless corpses which now decorated the landscape.

There were three thousand archers situated above the Duan Ren Border. They were all the most elite archers. Each time they saw the Mo Yue troops approach, they filled the sky with their arrows. The passage leading to the Duan Ren Border was narrow and could only accommodate a few people. Even if they tried to hide from the arrows they would not have anywhere to hide, this is why the Mo Yue troops didn’t dare enter. They did not know how to avoid the arrows raining down on them.

Another reason why the Mo Yue troops would not enter the narrow passage is that there was a man blocking the passageway. If that man guards the pass, ten thousand soldiers cannot get through. That man was Liu Cang Lan, the Divine Arrow. The Xue Yue troops could only stay behind him or climb on up the cliffs of the Duan Ren Border, waiting for the enemy.

If the Mo Yue troops arrived, Liu Cang Lan would inevitably kill them.

Liu Cang Lan’s arrows never missed its target and his arrows were always deadly.

While looking at the Xue Yue troops being massacred on the horizon, Liu Cang Lan had the feeling that his heart was being stabbed.

Lin Feng arrived in front of Liu Cang Lan on his new horse, he immediately got down and stood to Liu Cang Lan’s side. He was calmly looking at the countless deaths on the horizon.

These troops were all dying because of Duan Tian Lang’s grudge against Lin Feng.

“Duan Tian Lang.”

Lin Feng felt an uncontrollable killing intent towards Duan Tian Lang. A few hundred thousand lives would be lost, what did that mean to Duan Tian Lang? Nothing.

Why did Duan Tian Lang act in such a way? Because he had caused such a large distraction within the encampment and refused to stop the fight, he had given the Mo Yue Country an opportunity to attack.

Besides, it seemed like Mo Yue knew about chaos and came to seize that opportunity.

Enemies were coming in larger amounts but each time they were killed by Liu Cang Lan at the entrance of Duan Ren Border. From the top of the hills, it was easy to kill the approaching enemies while remaining safe.

In the distance, it seemed like the Mo Yue troops had already slaughtered the surplus of Xue Yue troops. Chi Xie horses were galloping towards the Duan Ren Border.

However as the Chi Xie armored horses neared the Duan Ren Border, they all stopped.

The Duan Ren Border was the last stop before the Xue Yue Country. It was the last checkpoint where the Xue Yue Country could protect themselves. The Mo Yue Country knew this perfectly well.

While standing on the hills of Duan Ren Border, they could easily kill the approaching enemies. From the top, not only could they easily kill people but they would also be able to let the Chi Xie troops safely pass. When using a bow from a high vantage point a single person could kill ten people. Killing a hundred enemies was even normal.

The Mo Yue troops were not going to foolishly rush towards the Duan Ren Border, there were too many people that had climbed to the top of the cliffs.

If they wanted to go through, the Mo Yue troops would have to sacrifice troops by the ten thousands which would be a great loss.

Liu Cang Lan looked at the huge Mo Yue army while shaking in anger.

They were suffering a crushing defeat. That battle was all about slaughtering the Xue Yue army. The Xue Yue army couldn’t compete with the Mo Yue army any longer. A moment before, when he had returned to Duan Ren Border, there only a hundred thousand soldiers left and amongst them, many were injured.

Almost all their troops had been killed during that battle.

During the inner chaos, the Mo Yue troops had moved rapidly leaving them no chance to resist. All they could do was run away. How could they resist to an army composed of five hundred thousand attacking when they were unprepared. An incredible amount of people had already been killed.

At that moment, in front of the troops that had stopped, a silhouette slowly appeared. It was a young man. His face looked pale but his two eyes looked sharp and cruel making people want to prostrate themselves before him. This person was the enemy prince.

“General Divine Arrow.” said the young man. His voice was low but it pierced through Liu Cang Lan and the others.

“Mo Jie.” said Liu Cang Lan in an ice-cold tone while looking at that young man.

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