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PMG Chapter 2060: Slaughtering

PMG Chapter 2060: Slaughtering
“You can see it that way,” said Lin Feng calmly. The young people of the Ji Clan were stupefied, they all stood up and walked towards Lin Feng. Oppressive energies surrounded him. Many other people backed away from Lin Feng. He was too audacious!
“Your Excellency, you’re not weak. I’ll teach you a good lesson. I’m from the Ji Clan, you’ll see that you can’t offend the Ji Clan!” said someone in front of Lin Feng. He sounded calm and composed. The Ji Clan still remembered that Ji Chang had been defeated by Lin Feng not long ago, and that he had also killed many of their people. They couldn’t forget about it. Now someone was surprisingly making fun of them because of that in a restaurant that belonged to them!
“Ji Clan’s people?” When Lin Feng heard the man, the table in front of him exploded. He looked at the speaker icily, and the young man started shaking.
You You was in a coma because of people from the Ji Clan. The Ji Clan had tried to kill him three times! They had to pay the price for that!
Lin Feng stood up and walked forwards. That person sensed Lin Feng’s terrifying power. He was shocked and scared by the pressure!
Lin Feng raised his hand and demon energies filled the air. The Ji Clan’s strong cultivator was stunned. He shouted explosively and punched out towards Lin Feng. A cyan dragon appeared and intercepted Lin Feng’s punch attack.
There was a crackling sound as that cultivator’s bones were crushed. Lin Feng’s demon punch continued moving forwards and pierced through his heart like a knife through butter. His body was propelled away, his soul shook violently and exploded.
People in the restaurant were astonished, their hearts pounding at his action. How cruel! He had killed a member of the Ji Clan straight away!
The members of the Ji Clan were astonished. Someone dared kill people from the Ji Clan in a restaurant that belonged to them?
Lin Feng dared. He didn’t only kill only one, he didn’t kill only high-level emperors, he also killed medium-level emperors and low-level emperors. He hated the Ji Clan.
Each time he thought of their Saint Emperors who had attacked You You, he was even more furious. He wanted to kill them all!
Therefore, Lin Feng was merciless. He didn’t hesitate. He kept punching all those people, and very quickly, many corpses were lying all around him.
The crowd was terrified. This guy was insane! However, he had just killed many high- and medium-level emperors, which meant he was extremely strong… or were the Ji Clan’s emperors just weak?
Of course, Lin Feng didn’t kill all of them, he said to one, “The members of the Ji Clan are so weak. Go and inform Ji Chang that someone wants to show everyone that giving him the title of Champion is a disgrace. Make him come here!”
Then, Lin Feng kicked that person who crashed against a wall, pierced through it, and flew away.
“He’s provoking Ji Chang!”
“Someone is provoking the Ji Chang, a high-level emperor. Is he as strong as Chu Chun Qiu and Lin Feng? Go and inform the clan!”
So this guy had come and killed people of the Ji Clan because he wanted Ji Chang to come out…
“He’s very strong. He can kill high-level emperors of the Ji Clan in one punch. I wonder whether he’s as strong as Ji Chang or not?”
“Since he’s provoking the Ji Clan, he must be strong. He must be from an Ancient Holy Clan too!” the watchers kept on speculating.

The news spread very quickly. Ji Chang also heard about it.
Lin Feng was still in the restaurant, he had sat down again and waited calmly. It was as if he hadn’t killed anyone. He knew that if he had come showing his face, the Ji Clan wouldn’t have let Ji Chang come out. A year before, eight strong cultivators had joined hands to fight against him, and Ji Chang was the first person he wanted to kill.
Very quickly, some members of the Ji Clan arrived, their oppressive strength invading the restaurant. Many people shook. It was a great emperor!
“Come here!” shouted the cultivator explosively. The crowd understood and looked at Lin Feng.
However, when everybody looked at him, he acted as if he hadn’t heard anything. He was simply taking a drink.
At that moment, the restaurant shook violently, it was as if it were about to collapse. The crowd left it quickly. Lin Feng was alone in there.
Crackling sounds spread out, the restaurant collapsed and turned to ashes.
“Who are you?” asked the member of the Ji Clan. The leader of the group was a great emperor. He was in a very bad mood. He had tried to understand, but he kept failing. As a result, his social status kept falling within the Ji Clan. When he heard that someone had said the Ji Clan was weak, he became even more furious, and took some strong emperors along with him.
“Where’s Ji Chang?” asked Lin Feng indifferently, but he didn’t even turn his head to look at them. Lin Feng was disappointed.
“Many people want to challenge Ji Chang in the Holy City, but he only fights against those who are strong enough,” said the great emperor icily.
“You are as pitiful as a stray cur. That guy keeps failing and you treat him as if he were an incredible cultivator. No wonder the Ji Clan sends Saint Emperors to fight against emperors,” Lin Feng said mockingly.
The people in the distance were not surprised, he had been talking that way the whole time. They were wondering who he was, though. Who was he? Why was he so brave?
When Lin Feng said that, great imperial Qi invaded the atmosphere and blotted out the sky. The cultivators behind the great emperor looked ready to explode!
“Ji Feng Lie, go and kill him,” the great emperor said to someone next to him.
“Ji Feng Lie, he’s been rising quickly these days. He understands Destructive Dao. He’s very strong and he’s already on the Imperial Ranking List, I wonder if he can fight against him,” chattered the crowd when they heard that familiar name. The difference between emperors who understood Dao power and those who didn’t was huge.
The cultivator in black clothes hadn’t released Dao power. Did he understand Dao power though? If he didn’t, he was in danger. But he probably did since he wanted to challenge Ji Chang…
Ji Feng Lie jumped forwards and released Destructive Dao, the air trembling about him. A wind kicked up, bringing the falling sky along with it.
“Die!” Ji Feng Lie landed in front of Lin Feng. However, Lin Feng flew up and released demon Qi at Ji Feng Lie.
The crowd was astonished as Ji Feng Lie exploded instantly.
“How is that possible? Ji Feng Lie understood Dao power, and that guy killed him in one punch? He released demon cosmic energies! How scary!”
Those watching were stunned. On top of that, Lin Feng had moved so fast that they hadn’t understood what Lin Feng had done. The blasted corpse landed in front of the great emperor.
“Cyan Dragon Whistles!” shouted the great emperor explosively. Instantly, a cyan dragon appeared, Lin Feng threw himself at the dragon and punched its head. The crowd was astonished.
“Die!” The great emperor moved faster than most of them could see. The air ripped as several cyan dragons whipped towards Lin Feng.
In reply, Lin Feng released terrifying Demon intent, which was more powerful than the great emperor’s cosmic energies.
“How is that possible? He’s an emperor. Why are his cosmic energies more powerful then mine?,” gasped the great emperor. He shouted defiantly, cyan dragons streaking across the sky. However, Lin Feng crushed them and his fist continued on, undeterred. There was a deafening explosive impact. The crowd was astonished as the great emperor immediately blew apart!

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