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PMG Chapter 2061: Fighting Against Ji Chang Again

PMG Chapter 2061: Fighting Against Ji Chang Again
“He killed the great emperor!” The crowd was astonished when they saw the great emperor explode. They had thought he would be incredibly strong, and that he’d win that battle. But what a tragedy, dying to an attack so explosive, totally beyond their expectations…
The Ji Clan cultivators were astonished. They had seen the body of the great emperor explode. They couldn’t believe it their eyes, that attack…
Lin Feng didn’t waste time. His black cloak fluttered in the wind as he jumped forwards. Their faces turned deathly pale. One of them shouted explosively, “Let’s go!”
Lin Feng jumped forwards, moving like a black arrow. Rumblings and explosions followed him. He punched another cultivator, who exploded as well. They didn’t have enough time to move, Lin Feng was too fast…
The other Ji Clan cultivators had the sensation it was their judgement day. Their faces were as white as sheets of paper. That speed… nobody could compete with him…
The crowd just saw a black dot flickering. Each time Lin Feng punched out, a cultivator exploded. Very quickly, Lin Feng was the last one standing there. In the blink of an eye, he had killed the whole group.
Lin Feng jumped up on the ruins of the restaurant and said in calmly, “I will be waiting for Ji Chang for three days. If he doesn’t come to fight against me, it means that he doesn’t deserve to be called a Champion.”
Lin Feng headed off to the ranking list. Surprisingly, he had set the meeting point there!
“That guy has killed so many strong Ji Clan cultivators and now he wants to fight against Ji Chang, how crazy!,” was the consensus of the crowd. Their silhouettes flickered, heading after him to the ranking list.
They all wanted to see that battle. If Ji Chang didn’t show up, that would be a humiliation to him!
“I think he must be a genius from a powerful clan, that’s why he wants to fight against Ji Chang. And now he set the meeting point where the Imperial Ranking List is, he wants to be ranked too, and on top of that, at the top of the list!”
“If he defeats Ji Chang, he’ll rank second. How will the Ji Clan deal with him, though? Will they attack him directly, or will they make Ji Chang fight against him?”
People were all talking about the situation. Very quickly, the whole Ji Clan learned about it.

There was currently no Pathfinder stage where the Imperial Ranking List was displayed but it was still a vast area. Lin Feng sat down where the Pathfinder stage used to be. He looked calm and composed. He was convinced that what had happened in the restaurant would quickly end up in the ears of the members of the Ji Clan. Would Ji Chang show up though?
Some people had followed and were waiting with Lin Feng. Would Ji Chang show up?
A group of people showed up, great emperors from the Great Imperial Palace.
“Pei Dong Lai, Feng Shen Tian, those people are the geniuses of the previous generation and they are becoming stronger and stronger. In a few years, Chu Chun Qiu and the others would also become great emperors,” mused the crowd when they saw all those geniuses. On the path of cultivation, the waves behind pushed the waves ahead of them.
There were many geniuses in the world, and new geniuses kept rising all the time, like that cultivator in black clothes.
In the distance, someone else arrived. He was wearing a black cloak and had an evil air about him: Guili!
“It’s Guili, he suffered a few crushing defeats back then on the Pathfinder Day and left. Now he’s here again.”
“He must have heard that someone wanted to fight against Ji Chang, that’s why he came. The Pathfinder Day was a long time ago. Oh, Shi Yun Feng is there too!” the crowd noticed. Shi Yun Feng, the stone man, was also watching in the distance.
“I wouldn’t have thought that the news would spread so quickly. Of course, Ji Chang is famous. If he had challenged someone else, it wouldn’t have been like this” someone pointed out. People rarely appeared around the Imperial Ranking List like this.
“Some people of the Ji Clan are here, but not Ji Chang.” A group of people had appeared, all of them members of the Ji Clan. There were a few great emperors among them. They were staring at Lin Feng icily.
“You killed some people of our clan?” demanded a great emperor, staring icily at Lin Feng.
“If Ji Chang kills me, you’ll have your revenge. If you attack me, then it means the Ji Clan is shameless,” Lin Feng spat back at him. The Ji Clan cultivators looked furious. They glanced around, there were many people. If they attacked Lin Feng, they would lose face.
“You want to die, the Ji Clan will help you,” said the strong Ji Clan cultivator icily. Their silhouettes flickered, as if preparing to attack.
And then someone else arrive. Each time he took a step, Qi burst out and made the earth and sky shake.
A great emperor looked sharp and aggressive. Destruction energies rolled around him.
“That’s Ji Chang!
Ji Chang, Di Qi layer!
“Ji Chang has broken through. No wonder the members of the Ji Clan are so confident.”
“Ji Chang the Champion has broken through! He must be much stronger than before! Even though that cultivator in black clothes is strong, he’s only a high-level emperor! He’ll definitely die if he fights against Ji Chang!”
Their opinions were nearly identical. Ji Chang had finally become a great emperor. Ji Chang and Ying Cheng were two real geniuses of the Holy City, and they had both become great emperors.
When Champions broke through the Di Qi layer, even if not much time had passed, they were inevitably incredibly strong.
When Ji Chang was still an emperor, he had few enemies. People like Chu Chun Qiu and Lin Feng were rare. Now Ji Chang had broken through to the Di Qi layer, and even Chu Chun Qiu and Lin Feng couldn’t fight against him anymore.
Ji Chang had been humiliated twice in the past. He wanted to get his revenge. Usually, people who were named Champions became at least Celestial Emperors!
Ji Chang finally stopped in front of Lin Feng and looked at him icily. He said, “I am now a great emperor. I shouldn’t fight against you, but you killed my people, you should die. But since you are strong and that’s how you killed them, just cripple your cultivation,” Ji Chang said calmly.
He wanted to give this person an opportunity, and display his own dominance. Lin Feng could live on, but his cultivation would be crippled!
However, at that moment, the cultivator in black clothes raised his head. Black lights emerged from his eyes and drove into Ji Chang’s eyes.
Ji Chang, great emperor, he dares act this arrogantly now?
“When you were at the top of the Huang Qi layer, a medium-level emperor defeated you, now you’re a great emperor and you dare act that arrogantly? You have a bad memory,” Lin Feng replied, equally calmly. His voice was hoarse too, sounding like he wanted to laugh.
The Ji Clan cultivators frowned. This guy was mad…
The crowd was also surprised. This guy dared act so arrogantly even though Ji Chang had become a great emperor. He was so self-confident!
Ji Chang released energies. He could feel the familiar sting of humiliation rising again!
“In the future, I’ll get my revenge, and I’ll kill Lin Feng. But first, I’ll kill you,” Ji Chang responded indifferently.
Lin Feng slowly rose into the air.
Ji Chang jumped and released oppressive energies. Destructive Dao strength rolled towards Lin Feng and exploded on him.
However, Lin Feng remained unmoved, and just looked back at Ji Chang.
“What an incredible physical strength. Ji Chang released Destructive energies but he didn’t move at all.”
Ji Chang groaned icily. He chopped down, and a cyan dragon filled with destructive energies exploded on Lin Feng, but nothing happened.
Lin Feng raised his hand and punched the cyan dragon, which exploded instantly. The crowd was dumbfounded. How strong! It looked so easy for him to destroy the cyan dragon…
“Not bad,” said Ji Chang icily. He continued attacking Lin Feng, cyan dragons kept appearing. The space around them was starting to warp.
However, Lin Feng destroyed all the attacks, the cyan dragons kept exploding. He made it look easy.
Finally, Ji Chang stopped attacking, he looked at Lin Feng with admiration and said, “It’s my first battle since I’ve become a great emperor. Even though I’m not familiar with the strength of the Di Qi layer, I should still be stronger than you. But you are stronger, that’s impressive! But unfortunately, today you’re going to die.”
Ji Chang released more Destruction energies.
Lin Feng looked at him icily and said, “I haven’t used my real strength yet.”

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