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PMG Chapter 2062: Killing

PMG Chapter 2062: Killing
Ji Chang remained silent and said coldly, “Empty words.”
Then, Ji Chang released even more strength and said icily, “You can’t imagine how strong a great emperor is!”
Ji Chang chopped down again, fissures appeared in the space. Cyan dragons roared furiously as they exploded on Lin Feng’s body. If Lin Feng wasn’t extremely strong, he would have died already.
Lin Feng raised his fists and destroyed all the dragons, one after the other. Finally, he released empty space cosmic energy.
“His cosmic energies have the strength of the Di Qi layer, how’s that possible? How can he be so strong? His physical strength is also unbelievable!” thought the appalled crowd.
When Ji Chang saw this, he shouted explosively, and a destructive hand appeared in front of Lin Feng to attack him.
Lin Feng punched out, the gigantic hand was instantly blown apart. Lin Feng ascended rapidly, raising his fist and punched out in Ji Chang’s direction.
Ji Chang joined his hands, dragons kept appearing and streaming towards Lin Feng’s blow. However, all the dragons were destroyed. Ji Chang groaned and released even more Destructive Dao strength. Lin Feng’s punch slammed against him, his soul and body shook.
A strong wind started blowing. Lin Feng disappeared, too fast to follow.
“Imprison!” said Lin Feng icily. A cage made of empty space cosmic energy appeared around Ji Chang. Lin Feng reappeared and aimed towards Ji Chang’s head, his fist pitch-black. Demon intent surrounded him like a small sea.
“His cosmic energies are terrifying. He can compete with a great emperor!” blurted out someone. They realized that Lin Feng’s cosmic energies kept evolving.
Ji Chang also realized this and grimaced. This man’s cosmic energies were more powerful than he had thought!
“Collapse!” shouted Ji Chang explosively. Destructive Dao kept exploding. At the same time, lights emerged from his eyes. An ancient king appeared and shot towards Lin Feng. He also threw himself at Lin Feng. It was like two cultivators were attacking Lin Feng.
Lin Feng retreated as the air whistled around him. However, Ji Chang chopped down again. Space began to twist again as cyan dragons oppressed the whole area and converged on Lin Feng.
“When a cultivator becomes a great emperor, his strength becomes real, and even illusionary attacks are real. They also control the strength of the earth and sky much better, and their attacks are also faster. When they wave their hands, they can create rivers and destroy mountains.”
The crowd was shocked at all this. Lin Feng was incredible. How was he competing with a great emperor?
But even this way, a great emperor was a great emperor. In the end, he was probably going to lose.
At that moment, heaven and earth kept shaking. Destructive Dao strength kept exploding as it moved towards Lin Feng again.
“Mourn!” spat Lin Feng. Ancient imprints descended from the sky. In front of him, a gigantic word appeared: Mourn!
The earth and sky kept shaking. Lin Feng looked like an ancient king. Nothing could influence him or crush his will.
Weapon!” Another imprint appeared and condensed. Lin Feng’s voice carried cursing strength. A second word appeared in the air, surrounded by terrible energies. He looked like a god, his Qi had already reached incredible levels.
Fight!” A third word appeared and condensed. The cosmos kept resonating. Energies intertwined. Destructive Dao exploded but didn’t affect Lin Feng’s energies.
Here!” Words kept appearing and filling the air, heaven and earth kept shaking. Energies kept erupting in conflict. An ancient road appeared between them, forcing a path through the explosions. Ji Chang grimaced. That was an explosive ancient incantation!
Before!” The nine words condensed into an ancient imprint, even as Destructive Dao exploded again. Lin Feng still looked like a god, he didn’t even care about his enemy’s attacks.
“Who is he? He has an incantation holy technique!” someone blurted out. Not only was Lin Feng extremely strong, but he also had rare spells! Now they finally thought that Ji Chang the great emperor might lose…
The atmosphere around Ji Chang changed. A gigantic dragon appeared above him, a thousand meters tall. Qi and Destructive Dao surged around him as he turned into a dragon and roared furiously.
Lin Feng sensed the destructive energies surrounding him, his clothes were ripped apart. However, he remained as motionless as a mountain. His nine Words condensed and turned into a pattern. The air began to hum and vibrate all around him as strength condensed. He looked like a god, what could a dragon do against him?
Cosmic strength gathered. Finally, Lin Feng jumped forwards and shouted furiously. He destroyed the Destructive Dao strength, his Words surged to attack and blotted out the sky.
He used his incantation and his Ancient Holy Technique attacks together, a terrifying combination…
The ancient Words slammed into the dragon, which roared defiantly. However, the dragon couldn’t do much. Blood splashed as it was wounded.
“Ji Chang!” When the Ji Clan cultivators saw that, their faces turned deathly pale. The nine Words oppressed the cyan dragon, Ji Chang was in danger. He couldn’t revert to human form. He didn’t even have time to use his secret technique or weapons.
The members of the Ji Clan started racing towards him. They had never imagined that Ji Chang would lose!
However, at the same time, Lin Feng turned into a gigantic sword and streaked across the sky. He immediately pierced through the cyan dragon’s head. Everyone saw the gigantic sword appear on the other side of the dragon. The cyan dragon had been stabbed straight through!
The nine Words bombarded the cyan dragon. Lights flared as the dragon fell.
At that moment, everybody was stunned. That person didn’t only want to defeat Ji Chang, he wanted to kill him!
He wanted to kill Ji Chang, a great emperor, a Champion!
Everybody was astonished. They didn’t believe it their eyes. Ji Chang had become a great emperor. Was Ji Chang dead?
Who had killed Ji Chang?

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