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PMG Chapter 2063: A New Era

PMG Chapter 2063: A New Era
The gigantic sword had pierced right through Ji Chang’s body. A soul appeared, glittering weakly.
“Ji Chang, let’s go!” shouted the Ji Clan cultivators. They moved as fast as they could. However, the gigantic sword reverted to human form. Lin Feng turned around, and a river of death strength moved towards Ji Chang’s weak soul and destroyed it. It dispersed and disappeared.
Black water appeared and dripped down on the ground. The strong Ji Clan cultivators came to a slow, disbelieving halt, faces twisting in a deathly grimace.
Ji Chang was dead!
Ji Clan, their Champion, their hero, their hope, had been killed! How would they explain this to the elders of the Ji Clan?
The Ji Clan had always thought that Ji Chang would become a Saint Emperor, and now he was dead. He had been killed right in front of the Imperial Ranking List!
Everybody was astounded, even the people who weren’t from the Ji Clan. Everything went eerily silent. Nobody had thought great emperor Ji Chang would be the one to die. And worse, they had never thought someone would DARE kill him!
“Pfew…” Finally, someone took a deep breath and said, “It’s been hundreds of years since the last time a Champion was killed in the Holy City.”
“Indeed, a few hundred years. Who IS that person?”
Everybody was astonished and staring at the cultivator with a ravaged bamboo hat and black cloak. Who had killed Ji Chang?
“Who are you?” demanded the strong Ji Clan cultivators of Lin Feng. This guy had challenged Ji Chang, they had thought he’d die, he was only an emperor going against a great emperor, after all. But now Ji Chang had been killed!
He had used a river made of death energy. They had only heard of one genius who used such spells.
That person was the Ji Clan’s worst enemy: Lin Feng!
In the distance, Qi flared like newborn suns. A few people appeared and landed next to Lin Feng.
“Ancestor Shi Tian…” The strong Ji Clan cultivators were shaking, their eyes bloodshot. Ji Chang had been killed and it was on the verge of coming out into the open.
A Saint Emperor of the Ji Clan also arrived. Ji Chang had been killed, his talisman had been broken. He was furious and his Qi closed in on the cultivator wearing the plaited bamboo hat.
Finally, that person raised his hand to his veil and took it off with his hat.
“He’s back…” whispered someone after a few minutes. Everybody had thought he was dead. But now he was back in the Holy City.
“Who is he?” whispered someone who had never seen Lin Feng.
People next to him rolled their eyes and said, “Champion University, Lin Feng.”
“Lin Feng!” The man shivered. No wonder! Ji Chang had lost once again to Lin Feng. Lin Feng, when he was a medium-level emperor, had defeated Ji Chang who was a high-level emperor. Now, Ji Chang had become a great emperor and Lin Feng had killed him as a high-level emperor!
“No wonder he was hiding. He’s Lin Feng. If the Ji Clan had known that, they wouldn’t have given him any chance to kill Ji Chang.”
“Lin Feng’s name isn’t even on the Imperial Ranking List anymore and Ji Chang was second, but since he had just broken through to the Di Qi layer, his name wasn’t on the list anymore, and still Lin Feng killed him…”
The crowd was wondering what would happen to the ranking list. They were stupefied.
Lin Feng knew that the strong Ji Clan cultivators would go insane if he killed Ji Chang. That’s why he had informed Ancestor Shi Tian he would do it.
“Ji Chang was a student in Champion University, and Lin Feng is a student of Champion University too, and he killed him. Champion University is protecting Lin Feng,” the Saint Emperor of the Ji Clan said icily.
“Even though Ji Chang was the Champion of Champion University, there have been tensions between Ji Chang and Lin Feng for a very long time, and Ji Chang’s cultivation level was higher than Lin Feng’s. We can’t say anything. If Lin Feng had died, we wouldn’t have said anything either. However, how come the Ji Clan sends Saint Emperors each time young people fight?” replied Ancestor Shi Tian icily.
The Ji Clan Saint Emperor looked at him icily. He didn’t always get involved in young people’s affairs, but this time Ji Chang had been killed! Ji Chang had been a real genius! He was naturally furious.
“You think you can say one sentence and resolve the situation?” swore a strong Ji Clan cultivator.
“I didn’t say anything. If you have a young person who can kill Lin Feng, just send them, we don’t mind. Champion University won’t get involved. If you send a terrifying cultivator to kill Lin Feng though, then not only Shi Jue Lao Xian might get involved, but we will too, and we will destroy the Ji Clan,” said Ancestor Shi Tian indifferently. I kill you, you kill me, those things were normal. If the Ji Clan wanted to kill Lin Feng, they could, but they had to send people of a comparable strength!
“Ji Chang started it all,” said Lin Feng icily. Things weren’t over between him and the Ji Clan!
“Ancestor, let’s go,” said Lin Feng calmly, as if nothing had happened. Ancestor Shi Tian nodded and left.
Ji Chang was dead.
The Ji Clan Saint Emperor watched the Ancestor take Lin Feng away, feeling like he was going to burst. He kicked a stone, and it exploded.
“Lin Feng!” Everybody understood that the Ji Clan wanted to kill Lin Feng. If they didn’t, Lin Feng would destroy them someday.
“Back then, in Qi Tian Holy Town, we didn’t manage to kill him. Now, the consequences are tragic for us. And with Champion University and Shi Jue Lao Xian on his side, it will be difficult to kill him.” The Ji Clan cultivators clenched their fists. In the Holy City, nobody would dare offend Shi Jue Lao Xian and Champion University! Even the Yu Wen Clan didn’t dare offend Lin Feng anymore. They had already forgotten about their tensions with Lin Feng.
The battle astonished the whole city. Ji Chang had become a great emperor, and Lin Feng had still killed him!
He had disappeared for a year, then reappeared and killed a great emperor in the Holy City. Lin Feng was still only a high-level emperor and he had killed a great emperor. In a short time, Lin Feng was almost as famous as Chu Chun Qiu once again.
Chu Chun Qiu had killed great emperors, and now Lin Feng had killed great emperors too. Even though Ji Chang had just broken through to the Di Qi layer, it was Ji Chang, a Champion!
Many people talked about the Imperial Ranking List. Now, they wanted to see Lin Feng and Chu Chun Qiu battle.
Who would be stronger? People were trying to guess.
Finally, the Great Imperial Palace’s people changed the ranking list. Lin Feng became second again, as he hadn’t fought against Chu Chun Qiu. Some people knew what Lin Feng was thinking. But Lin Feng didn’t care about the Great Imperial Palace and their list anyway. He didn’t care about being on the Imperial Ranking List at all!
Ying Cheng and Ji Chang belonged to the past now. New geniuses were rising. It was the beginning of a new era. Chu Chun Qiu and Lin Feng were the new ones. It was a coincidence because Chu Chun Qiu and Ying Cheng were both students at Celestial Godly University, and Lin Feng and Ji Chang were both students at Champion University.
One thing was certain; Lin Feng and Chu Chun Qiu were extremely talented, and they weren’t weaker than Ying Cheng and Ji Chang… and Lin Feng had killed Ji Chang, a great emperor, in front of everyone!

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