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PMG Chapter 2064: The Sword Above the Lake

PMG Chapter 2064: The Sword Above the Lake
After killing Ji Chang, Lin Feng went back to Champion University and Tiantai. Yun Qing Yan looked at him and said in a weakly, “Just how do you practice cultivation?”
“I almost died, and now I’m back, but even stronger,” replied Lin Feng, caressing Yun Qing Yan’s head. He was happy to see her and smiled.
“You even dare caress my head, I’m like a big sister to you,” pouted Yun Qing Yan, moving away from him. This guy was audacious.
Tian Chi arrived and clapped Lin Feng’s shoulder without saying anything.
“You’re back, good,” said Hou Qing Lin smiling. “Tiantai is going to rise. What should we do in the future? Should Tiantai become a clan or a sect?” he asked.
Tiantai was becoming more and more powerful, they had great potential. They could become a powerful group in the Holy City. Lin Feng, their leader, had the potential to become a Saint someday. He would become a Saint Emperor sooner or later. And Tian Chi, Ruo Xie, and all the core disciples studied ancient techniques and spells. They also had the Celestial Evolution Holy Scriptures, which made them even more talented. They would easily become Celestial Emperors sooner or later. Creating a sect or a clan would be easy!
“Brother, I have so many enemies, we must be discreet. Slowly. When Tiantai rises in the Holy City, nobody will be able to make us collapse,” swore Lin Feng.
“Alright. Lin Feng, I also want to tell you some good news, look who’s there.” At that moment, someone came out of a palace. So many years had passed since the last time Lin Feng had seen him. He was instantly very happy.
“Teacher, Mu Bei, Qing Tian.”
Emperor Yu, Mu Bei, and Mo Qing Tian were there now!
“Lin Feng, I feel guilty, but you’re all amazing. I feel so grateful too!” said Emperor Yu. He was still a medium-level emperor. Some of his disciples had already surpassed him.
“Lin Feng, your fellow disciples have told me a lot. You can already kill great emperors now, you’re much stronger than me now,” said Mo Qing Tian, smiling and squeezing Lin Feng’s shoulders. After these few years, Lin Feng was so far ahead! Mu Bei and Emperor Yu were both still medium-level emperors. Lin Feng could already kill great emperors, it was almost unreal…
Many things had happened, needless to say!
“Cultivation is a step by step process. Teacher, Qing Tian, Tiantai is rising again. I wonder where Mu Chen is, though,” Lin Feng sighed. Mu Chen was one of the people who had influenced Lin Feng the most in his cultivation life.
“Mu Chen is far more talented than I. I’m sure he’ll become incredibly strong someday, and that we’ll meet again,” said Emperor Yu smiling.
Lin Feng nodded and said, “Teacher, come have a seat, I have many ancient scriptures. You can choose some of them.”
Emperor Yu didn’t refuse. The relations he had with his eleven direct disciples was deep. They had come out of the small world together, they had gone through a lot. Now, around ten years had passed and they were together again, it was pure bliss!
The direct disciples were all like brothers, their two teachers were like parents. Lin Feng was happy to be with these people again. They chatted happily together for days. Emperor Yu had gone through lots of hardships as well. He had faced many dangers, but he was lucky, he was still alive and had finally reached the Holy City.
Lin Feng’s spirit’s world…
The Saint’s skeleton appeared, floating in the air. Sword Will pulsed around it eternally, it would never disperse.
Lin Feng tried to get close to the skeleton, but his blood felt like it was going to boil. A vortex appeared. He started absorbing sword strength like a greedy beast.
He used absorbing cosmic energy to devour things now. Since he had regained consciousness, he felt even more powerful, and his Dao had increased. He could already make cosmic energies evolve. He had condensed them in his fists when fighting against Ji Chang. His cosmic energies were even more powerful those of a great emperor now!
It was mainly thanks to Minister Uptala’s Blue Uptala Lotus. Lin Feng had the sensation he hadn’t really mastered Dao, though. His Dao wasn’t the Blue Uptala Lotus Dao, after all. It was something different.
An absorbing Holy Spirit appeared in front of Lin Feng, it absorbed the Sword Will. Lin Feng gradually moved closer and closer to the skeleton. At the same time, Words appeared around him. The earth and sky started resonating.
Finally, Lin Feng was just under the skeleton, seated cross-legged. The Holy Spirit was above the skeleton and absorbing its Sword Will, while Lin Feng studied it.
It was a mysterious sword energy, Kasyapa sword strength. Lin Feng had the sensation that this intent messed up time. It was difficult to escape from it. It felt like this sword had been able to destroy time…
That’s a Kasyapa sword. Back in the days, the Kasyapa Saint was terrifying, and all the Saints feared him, thought Lin Feng. He remembered the ancient battle he had been shown.
Lin Feng started using the evolution techniques of the Celestial Evolution Holy Scriptures on the sword. A sword streaked across the sky, distorting it as it did so. Lin Feng moved back, the sword appeared in front of him. Actually, it was a hallucination, he wasn’t moving back, he was moving forwards. That was the power of the Kasyapa sword.
Lin Feng groaned, his face became deathly pale. He sat down and continued sensing the sword strength. At the same time, the sword kept changing thanks to the Celestial Evolution Holy Scriptures. Lin Feng hoped he’d be able to control the sword’s spirit and marrow. Of course, Lin Feng knew he couldn’t use it like the Saint had yet!
Lin Feng studied for a long time, and then came out of his meditation. He was thinking that such spells would be good for the assassins of Tiantai, who Jing Shou was responsible for. He had created a subgroup in Tiantai: the Party of Darkness.
The people who joined Tiantai were all extraordinary. Many people wanted to join Tiantai, because many of the people who joined Tiantai became much stronger quickly, not like Ji Chang’s Club. Also, Tiantai was a harmonious group who helped one another.
Many people wanted to join Champion University just to join Tiantai!
“So, what is the news?” Lin Feng asked Jing Shou.
“This news is useful for you,” said Jing Shou, handing a jade talisman over to Lin Feng.
Lin Feng put his godly awareness into it and nodded, “Continue. Don’t stop. You can continue expanding the Party of Darkness. I’ll also give you some skills, techniques, and spells for the Party of Darkness.”
“Good!” Jing Shou nodded.
“I’m off!” said Lin Feng and he left.
A new genius of the Pei Clan, Pei Yu, invited some friends to have a picnic by the lake. There were many stunning women with them. They were all chatting and having fun together.
“Brother Pei Yu, Lin Feng recently killed Ji Chang. Everybody was astonished. Everybody says it’s a new era. I think you’ll become a peerless cultivator someday.”
“There are many geniuses in the Holy City. Chu Chun Qiu and Lin Feng are incredible. There’s Dou Zhan Seng too! I need to practice and become stronger,” said Pei Yu humbly. Many people in the Holy City found him very strong already. Someday, he’d probably surpass Pei Dong Lai!
The friends were chatting happily. In the distance, someone wearing white clothes and carrying a sword on his back appeared. He looked confident and at ease.
“Look over there.”
“How swift. He must be so strong.”
“Pei Yu!” said the person in the distance extremely loudly.
Pei Yu was stupefied and stood up, shouting back, “I’m Pei Yu! Who are you, Your Excellency?”
Suddenly, sword Qi streaked across the sky towards them. Explosions rent the air. Those people’s faces changed drastically and they shouted furiously, “Insolent!”
The cultivator continued advancing on them. Sword lights glittered, cutting open the space. Pei Yu screamed, just before he exploded apart and the pieces of his body spread all over the ground.
The cultivator with the sword in his back continued moving on swiftly. He looked confident and at ease.
One sword attack, and he had killed Pei Yu!

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    Thanks for your great work

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    damn i honestly feel bad for this pei yu, dies for the sins of others…and didn’t seem too arrogant

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      He was the tool who fancied his little brother’s wife and thus created all the agro from the Pei Clan and Yin Clan at the time. So don’t feel sorry, he really had this coming.

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    Is it mu bei or mu Chen?

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      Mu Chen! And Lin will eliminate the pei and Ji Clan ?

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      It’s Mu Bei, another of the twelve disciples, he’s the one who controls Stone not Mu Chen, he’s still missing.

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