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PMG Chapter 2065: The Pei Clan’s Nightmare

PMG Chapter 2065: The Pei Clan’s Nightmare
Pei Yu was a genius of the Pei Clan, and he was rising. He was extremely talented. In less than a year, he had become the 13th cultivator on the Imperial Ranking List, a great achievement. He had the potential to become the 5th in the future. His future was supposed to be brighter than Pei Dong Lai’s.
However, Lin Feng had killed him by the lake. One sword attack, and he had died. Pei Yu hadn’t even had time to react.
Even though it wasn’t comparable to Ji Chang’s story, many people still heard about it in the Holy City. For the Pei Clan, it was a tragedy. Pei Yu was one of the most outstanding young people of the Pei Clan in a long time. Everybody had been paying attention to him. His death was an outright humiliation!
And it was only the beginning.
Three days later, Pei Dong Qing was in a restaurant and someone, a sword cultivator, killed him.
Five days later, eight geniuses of the Pei Clan had been killed, all by the same sword cultivator. No exception. The Pei Clan didn’t even know who their enemy was.
In the end, the Pei Clan didn’t allow their emperors to go out alone anymore. They always went out with great emperors, and they all carried Great Imperial Weapons.
However, twenty days later, by the lake, two great emperors and four emperors were caught there and killed. They even had Great Imperial Weapons. The one who had killed them was wearing white clothes and had a sword. His face was yellowish. He looked sick, but he was terrifyingly strong.
In a single month, the Pei Clan lost eight great emperors and thirty-six emperors. The whole city was astonished. The Pei Clan’s Celestial Emperors started paying attention. They were ready to react anytime, but it was too late. The Celestial Emperors of the Pei Clan were furious. It was a great tragedy for the Clan!
Many people in the Holy City were talking about the one who had killed so many strong cultivators from the Pei Clan. Who was he? He was an emperor, but his sword attacks were terrifying. Eight great emperors had died at his hands. The assassin always looked for the weakest great emperors of the Pei Clan.
His swords were faster than great emperors and deadly. Ordinary great emperors couldn’t escape from him!
A palace of the Pei Clan…
Everybody was furious. Nobody said anything, they just looked to their leader.
The leader of the Pei Clan was initially meditating in seclusion, but he had come out because of these events.
He didn’t mind if a few emperors died, but dozens? And great emperors? Besides, it wasn’t over. Maybe the assassin was going to kill even more of their people. What if all their emperors died? That would be a true disaster!
“Have we offended anyone?” asked the leader of the Pei Clan icily. He didn’t understand the assassin’s purpose.
“We have only offended Champion University,” answered someone. Back then, they had, along with three other Ancient Holy Clans, surrounded Champion University. They had wanted to capture Lin Feng back then.
“And more precisely Lin Feng. Of course, by offending Lin Feng, we also offended people who support him. However, the assassin is just an emperor, and he can kill great emperors. He killed Pei Yu in one sword strike. He’s very talented. I think it must be Lin Feng,” someone ventured icily. The others were shocked.
“You think it’s Lin Feng? But from what I’ve heard, he’s different.”
“We’re in the Holy City, many people have incredible disguising techniques. Lin Feng also practices sword cultivation, and his sword attacks are terrifying.”
The leader of the clan remained silent and then said, “Since it’s that way, let’s convoke some emperors and great emperors, some strong ones.”
“Alright, good!” agreed the crowd. No matter who the assassin was, they had to find him!
In the Holy City, the Pei Clan wasn’t the only clan who was trying to understand who the assassin was. Many people tried to guess too, and they were also trying to guess what the Pei Clan was going to do. So many of their cultivators had been killed, they had to respond.
Many strong cultivators of the Pei Clan dispersed in the Holy City. One of them was Pei Zhu. He was also a little bit famous in the Holy City, as he was on the Imperial Ranking List. At that moment, he was walking down a road and glancing around. He looked ordinary.
Suddenly, some sword Qi filled the air around him. Pei Zhu was astonished and took a deep breath.
Sword lights glittered and moved towards him. Pei Zhu waved his hands and a powerful strength emerged. People on the road fled instantly. At the same time, an invisible and intangible sword descended from the sky towards him.
In the distance, a cultivator in white clothes looked calm and composed. He had a sword in his back…
“He’s there!” Pei Zhu was stupefied. A terrifying light beam emerged from his third eye and moved towards the cultivator in white clothes. When the cultivator in white clothes saw that, he flitted away instantly.
“Hmph! Where are you going?” The light beam had suddenly turned into a person and shot towards the cultivator in white clothes. The bystanders continued fleeing.
The cultivator in white clothes moved away at the speed of light. Pei Zhu kept attacking, smiling coldly all the while.
But at that moment, there was a whistling sound of air parting. Pei Zhu’s face stiffened. He jumped backwards as he saw an illusion move towards him.
“Oh no!” Pei Zhu’s face turned deathly pale. He ran away as fast as he could, but it was useless. He couldn’t compete with that speed. Pei Zhu disappeared with the silhouette.
The illusion finally caught up with the cultivator in white clothes. He raised his fist and punched out. The man in white clothes instantly disappeared with a pop, stunning the attacker. He turned around and gazed into the distance. Pei Zhu wasn’t there anymore!
“A clone, how stupid!” The man was infuriated. He went back, but he couldn’t find Pei Zhu anymore!
“Argh!” That person waved his hands, and the buildings around him exploded. He released his godly awareness, which turned into yet another strong cultivator. He was really strong, but Lin Feng had still kidnapped Pei Zhu in front of him.

After a short time, the same thing happened again. A young man from the Pei Clan was taking a walk, and an invisible and intangible sword strength moved towards him. The cultivator saw some sword lights and destroyed them. However, after that, more sword energies converged on him, and he retreated quickly.
More sword lights moved towards him. His face turned deathly pale. Where were those sword lights coming from? He couldn’t see anyone. Finally, lights glittered and emerged from his third eye, turning into a silhouette. However, at that moment, the  young man disappeared.
“Who’s there!?” howled the strong cultivator. He released his godly awareness and inspected the area. However, he only saw many clones running away, and he could only chase one. He did so and destroyed one, but it was just a clone. Chasing someone who could clone himself was nearly impossible…

Many people from the Pei Clan weren’t strong enough, and were cut apart without even having time to react.
That month became a nightmare for the Pei Clan. Even the leader was furious. So many of their young people were killed, it was a nightmare. Many people didn’t even dare leave the Pei Clan anymore!
The Pei Clan was panicking. They had never thought something like this would ever happen to them, and the murderer was only an emperor!

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