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PMG Chapter 2066: Woken Up?

PMG Chapter 2066: Woken Up?
Everybody in the Holy City was talking about the Pei Clan. The Pei Clan was an Ancient Holy Clan and a mere emperor was killing so many of their people. Such a thing had never happened in the Holy City. The murderer probably hated them to the bone.
Everybody was wondering who the murderer was. At the same time, the Pei Clan also assigned all their great emperors to protect their emperors. They didn’t just protect them with their godly awareness, but personally. Even taking such actions, some people were still killed by that sword cultivator. Each time the sword appeared, they had no time to escape. Some other people also disappeared mysteriously. The Pei Clan was busy every day trying to find the murderer!
Pei Dong Lai finally came out of the Great Imperial Palace. He was determined, he had to kill this assassin who didn’t dare show his face.
But nothing happened.
Something else happened on that day, however, astonishing the whole city again. Twenty-five emperors of the Ji Clan were killed by the same person. The Ji Clan and the Pei Clan were going through the same calamity. After Ji Chang’s death, the Ji Clan had been humiliated, and now it was even worse!
At that moment, the Ji Clan was furious. They decided to meet with the Pei Clan, they wanted to avenge their people. The murderer was an assassin but he was terrifyingly strong. He could kill great emperors. Everything pointed to Lin Feng.
The Ji Clan and the Pei Clan had both offended Lin Feng!
Everybody in the Holy City was astonished when they learned that the Pei Clan and the Ji Clan wanted to join hands to kill Lin Feng. Was Lin Feng that strong?
Lin Feng hated them. After having killed so many of their people, Lin Feng stopped for a while, knowing that if he encountered some members of the Pei Clan or Ji Clan, they would be merciless. They wouldn’t kill him, but they would at least cripple his cultivation.
Lin Feng was talking about cultivation with his friends from Tiantai when he was cleansed by Deva-Mara Kalpa strength a sixth time. Lin Feng also bathed in the demon pond two more times. His physical strength was far beyond his cultivation now. Lin Feng didn’t know what his limits were in terms of physical strength, but he knew that he could crush great emperors in one punch.
He was becoming more and more brutal, and when he used his Deva-Mara body and his Deva-Mara Kalpa strength, his attacks were even more explosive.
When everyone was thinking that Lin Feng wouldn’t dare show up anymore, three great emperors, two from the Ji Clan and one from the Pei Clan, were killed.
Many people were astonished. Even though they were ordinary great emperors, Lin Feng could kill them as if they were insects, which was unbelievable. Even if some great emperors didn’t understand Dao, they were still very strong, but Lin Feng could still kill them easily. Great Emperors seemed weak in comparison to Lin Feng… or was Lin Feng too strong?
Some people wondered whether Lin Feng was the only murderer…
The Ji Clan and the Pei Clan couldn’t stand it anymore, Lin Feng had killed so many people. Many people in the city were convinced that he wasn’t acting alone, or he couldn’t have killed people on both the Pei Clan and the Ji Clan’s territories at the same time. He was definitely backed up by Champion University!
The Ji Clan and the Pei Clan started going to the other Ancient Holy Clans to convince them to help them find and kill Lin Feng. However, the Yu Wen Clan and the Ying Clan refused. They weren’t stupid, and didn’t want to offend Lin Feng. They could only watch from the sidelines. At the same cultivation level, apart from Chu Chun Qiu, nobody could challenge Lin Feng. And if anyone stronger attacked Lin Feng, Shi Jue Lao Xian and Champion University would be furious.
Everybody was wondering who was stronger between Lin Feng and Chu Chun Qiu. They really wanted to see them battle.
The Ji Clan and the Pei Clan dispatched many strong cultivators to surround Champion University, just like the last time when the four Ancient Holy Clans had surrounded Champion University. However, two Ancient Holy Clans were far less strong than four.
Four Saint Emperors appeared again, demanding an explanation from Champion University.
“Those people are really bastards. Surprisingly, they dare act recklessly in Champion University. I hope we can teach them a good lesson.”
“Poor Ancient Holy Clans, Lin Feng killed so many of their people, it’s a tragedy for them. They can only rely on Saint Emperors.”
When the members of Champion University saw those people, they didn’t have the same impression as before. They just found these people ridiculous. Lin Feng had pushed them to their limits!
Someone appeared in the university. When the crowd saw him, they were astonished. There was a giant, he looked like an ancient cultivator-!
When the four Saint Emperors saw the giant, they were astonished. A Saint! According to legends, Lin Feng could control a Saint! They had imagined the scene back in Qi Tian Holy Town. They were just wondering why he hadn’t used the Saint the second time when the Snow Clan had come back. However, now, he was there in front of them!
The hearts of the Pei and Ji Clansmen beat wildly. If the Saint went to their clans, the consequences would be tragic!
The giant walked up to them, gigantic footprints appearing behind him. The four Saint Emperors released Qi, getting ready to flee in case of danger. The Saint made their souls shake!
“Is it funny to send Saint Emperors all the time?” asked the giant in a cold and detached way.
The four Saint Emperors shuddered as one asked, “Are you Lin Feng or a Saint?”
“I’ll warn you only once. If you do this again, I’ll go to the Pei Clan and the Ji Clan and I’ll slaughter everyone. Qin Shan the Saint won’t hesitate,” said Qin Shan icily. The crowd was shaking, Saint, Saint Qin Shan…
Was it Lin Feng or Qin Shan?
“Piss off!” The four Saint Emperors left immediately without saying anything. They were too frightened to have any resistance.
The Ji Clan and the Pei Clan are in danger, everyone knew. They could imagine how the two clans felt. Their elders couldn’t fight, and their young people kept getting killed.
The Saint turned around and walked back. Lin Feng wasn’t going to use the Saint’s body to kill people. Even though Qin Shan had recovered a little, if he fought too much with his body, then the Saint might die. Controlling his body to walk wasn’t a problem, however!

The Pei Clan and the Ji Clan could only send cultivators to fight against Lin Feng and challenge him officially. Pei Dong Lai challenged Lin Feng to a battle on the Pathfinder Battle Stage. In the cultivation world, a great emperor challenging an emperor was a real disgrace, but they were shameless. But the Ji Clan and the Pei Clan had no choice, as nobody below great emperor could fight against Lin Feng.
Lin Feng ignored Pei Dong Lai’s challenge, it meant nothing to him. He had just started getting his revenge.
In his spirit world, Lin Feng was lying on the ground, watching that sleeping beauty and smiling. He stretched out his hand and caressed her face, saying gently, “You You, I’m not a Saint Emperor yet, but I’ll destroy the Ji Clan when I get there!”
Each time Lin Feng killed a member of the Ji Clan, he thought of the Saint Emperor who had attacked You You. He hated himself, he needed to reconcile that hate.
“I know. I used to ignore you in the past. You sensed it so you protected me in secret. You risked your life to save me. If you wake up, I will apologize. You’ve always been in my heart,” said Lin Feng, smiling and caressing her.
At that moment, she moved her hand.

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