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PMG Chapter 2068: Lin Qiong Sheng’s Spirit

PMG Chapter 2068: Lin Qiong Sheng’s Spirit
The gigantic sword was vibrating loudly as it collided with the gigantic hand. Purple energies exploded, steel whined and shrieked. Pei Dong Lai’s gigantic purple hand shook violently. His lightning energies turned into eight thousand sharp blades and moved towards the gigantic sword.
What a terrifying attack, eight thousand purple lightning bolts, each as sharp as blades. That attack should kill any high-level emperor!, thought the wondering crowd. Pei Dong Lai was furious. He knew who his enemy was when he saw the sword.
“When Pei Dong Lai was at the top of the Huang Qi layer, he was third on the ranking list. Even though it wasn’t as good as Lin Feng, he’s a great emperor now, so he should still be stronger than Lin Feng. How could he lose?” the onlookers wondered. His eight thousand thunders streaked across the skies, blades of living lightning.
The gigantic sword looked indestructible and unstoppable, and contained a foreboding strength that absorbed the force of the earth and sky. Nothing could stop it!
“Die!” shouted Pei Dong Lai explosively. His eight thousand threads of purple Qi condensed and moved towards the gigantic sword. Thunder broke, and shook everything as the point of collision exploded. The gigantic sword finally stopped moving forwards.
Pei Dong Lai released more lightning energies, as he turned into a gigantic figure and shot towards Lin Feng.
However, at the same time, a black cloak flickered and turned into three thousand illusions. Pei Dong Lai had the sensation millions of people were attacking him. He felt great pressure!
Pei Dong Lai’s face stiffened. The gigantic man glanced around… that wasn’t Lin Feng, it was a woman!
“Piss off!” shouted Pei Dong Lai explosively. Gigantic purple hands struck out all around him. However, they all exploded. A hand crashed onto his gigantic man and it exploded, forcing Pei Dong Lai to reappear as he was hurled back. However, the illusions surrounded him and punched him. His face turned deathly pale.
When the strong cultivators of the Pei Clan saw that, their faces changed drastically. Their Saint Emperors had surrounded Champion University and then had come back. Since that moment, their Saint Emperors hadn’t shown up again. However, at this moment, the Qi which was attacking Pei Dong Lai was a Saint Emperor’s Qi.
“No…!” The crowd heard someone scream. There was a massive explosion in the distance. The three thousand illusions condensed, and Pei Dong Lai disappeared. He was dead!
The faces of the members of the Pei Clan turned deathly pale. They were staring at the woman and Lin Feng. He shouted furiously, “Lin Feng, Pei Dong Lai wanted a fair fight against you and you plotted against him, bastard!”
“The Pei Clan is really funny!” retorted Lin Feng, glancing at those people. How amusing!
“A great emperor fighting against an emperor is a fair fight? A Saint Emperor tried to kill me, that’s also fine for the Pei Clan. Emperors of the Pei Clan don’t even dare come out. Saint Emperors come to find me, that’s your concept of fairness?” said Lin Feng mockingly.
He flitted away and smiled at Tang You You. “When I become a Saint Emperor, I’ll go to the Pei Clan and we’ll talk about fairness.”
His voice resonated far away. The crowd understood that Lin Feng wanted to destroy the Pei Clan and the Ji Clan. He wasn’t playing. Fairness? The Pei Clan had sent Saint Emperors to surround Champion University, and now the Pei Clan’s emperors didn’t even dare come out anymore. Their words were ridiculous!
Pei Dong Lai had been killed. The Pei Clan was mortified. A high-level emperor was killing all the most talented cultivators of the Pei Clan! It was a tragedy for the Pei Clan. People like Pei Dong Lai were too rare!
The Great Imperial Palace was also affected. Pei Dong Lai was a member of the Great Imperial Palace, but Lin Feng didn’t think about the Great Imperial Palace at all. He didn’t care about them and their list.
However, Lin Feng didn’t even think about the Great Imperial Palace, he only thought of the Pei Clan.
The Pei Clan and the Ji Clan were going to regret crossing him!
You You had almost been killed. Meng Qing had been taken away. Nobody could imagine how Lin Feng felt. He would never forget that they had surrounded him to kill him, including the Snow Clan.
Three great emperors and twenty emperors of the Ji Clan had fallen, and two great emperors and seven emperors of the Pei Clan had fallen in one day. Lin Feng had planned this massacre for a while.
The Pei Clan and the Ji Clan were infuriated again. Lin Feng simply hid once more.
At the same time, Champion University stopped recruiting people from the Pei Clan and the Ji Clan. If the Ji Clan and the Pei Clan dared attack a student of Champion University, the Ancestors would personally punish them.
The Holy City was astonished, while the Ji Clan and the Pei Clan remained silent. They were Ancient Holy Clans, this was pouring salt on their wounds. Champion University had publicly announced that they would not recruit students from the Ji Clan and the Pei Clan anymore, how humiliating!
The people of the Holy City understood that Champion University was on Lin Feng’s side, and the two clans might even disappear from the Holy City someday if Lin Feng became extremely strong.
The Ji Clan and the Pei Clan were being jointly humiliated by Champion University and Lin Feng. What could they do? And what if Lin Feng became extremely strong? They would be destroyed!
However, Lin Feng didn’t care about all those conjectures. After he left, he went to see the Ancestors, and they talked about a few things nobody knew about.
At Qi Tian Holy Town, even though the atmosphere was less lively, there were still some strong cultivators interested in the historical remains. People still wondered who the chained cultivators in the historical remains were.
Lin Feng arrived back at the Holy Spirit Dynasty. When they saw Lin Feng and Tang You You come back safe and sound, the Dynasty were pleasantly surprised. Lin Feng was the the father of one of their future Holy Emperors, and Tang You You was also an important person to them.

Lin Feng was crouching down in a courtyard. In front of him was a cute little baby. He was two years old, and his eyes kept twinkling. He was wearing a little robe. He looked at Lin Feng and then at the Holy Emperor.
“Qiong Sheng, don’t you want to see your parents? They’re in front of you now,” smiled the Holy Emperor.
The little boy walked up to Lin Feng, pointed at him with his little finger, and asked, “You’re my father?”
“Yes,” Lin Feng smiled.
“Oh, if you’re my father, then I must have inherited your spirit. Show me your spirit!” said the little boy, looking pensive.
“Eh…” Lin Feng was a little surprised and smiled. “Show me your spirit first, and I’ll show you mine.”
“Alright!” said the little boy. An endless number of little dragons appeared behind him. When Lin Feng saw that, he was astonished. Qiong Sheng was already a Tian level cultivator! His spirit had Awakened!
Lin Feng had cold sweats. He was even embarrassed to show his spirit!

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