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PMG Chapter 2069: A Battle in Juetian Mountain

PMG Chapter 2069: A Battle in Juetian Mountain
“I released my spirit, show me yours!” demanded the little boy. He looked very serious.
“Alright, I will show you,” Lin Feng smiled. A gigantic nine-headed dragon appeared behind him. When Tang You You saw that, she smiled widely.
The little boy smiled and said, “Father, your spirit is the same as mine. But why do I have a whole bunch of dragons, and you don’t?”
“Eh…” Lin Feng shook his head and smiled, “You must be more talented than me!”
Lin Feng recalled his spirit, and the baby boy giggled and recalled his spirit too. He looked at his mother and said, “Maybe my spirit is different because of my mother.”
“Qiong Sheng!” said Tang You You, hugging the boy.
Lin Qiong Sheng looked curious and said, “Mother, I inherited both your spirits, will I become extremely strong?”
“Yes, you’ll be the strongest one!” Tang You You smiled.
“The Holy Emperor told me that I would become a strong cultivator of the Holy Spirit Dynasty.”
“He’s right, you’ll become a Holy Emperor,” said Tang You You, caressing his head.
“Alright, I’ll become a Holy Emperor of the Holy Spirit Dynasty!” said the little boy. They were chatting happily. The little boy was happy to finally meet his father. He wanted to learn spells from his father, but Lin Feng deflected the requests. The dynasty knew how to raise children. They quickly gain power, but they retain the heart of a newborn. They practiced pure cultivation.
The Holy Spirit Dynasty did all they could to raise Lin Qiong Sheng. He would learn the strongest spells of the Holy Spirit Dynasty. Then, after breaking through to the Huang Qi layer, he would obtain powerful Ancient Holy Scriptures.
Lin Feng didn’t hurry to transmit spells, skills, and techniques to Lin Qiong Sheng. He had a terrifying spirit, and in the future, it would fuse together with his blood. He’d learn cosmic energies, and then he’d become like Chu Chun Qiu, able to study the Sky Absorbing scriptures and the Celestial Evolution Holy Scriptures.
Ancient Holy Clans raised children the same way. Many geniuses only started practicing cultivation for real after having breaking through to the Huang Qi layer, when they started traveling and fighting.
Many geniuses also knew secret skills and techniques, and hid their social status when traveling. They stopped being incognito after having become great emperors. Of course, truly incredible geniuses couldn’t do that because they needed to battle a lot to become a great emperor, and if they were incredible, everybody noticed them.
Lin Feng was extremely talented, but he was still only a high-level emperor. He had started practicing cultivation when he was fifteen, he hadn’t been as lucky as these geniuses. He had always only relied on himself.
Lin Feng spent some days with the baby, then he went to the Holy Emperor and transmitted the Holy Spirit Natural Godly Skill to him. Of course, it was less perfect than when a Saint transmitted them to people. They’d have to rely on themselves to study it. Lin Feng also gave him some powerful scriptures. Even though the Holy Spirit Dynasty had existed for a very long time and didn’t lack Ancient scriptures, Lin Feng had obtained some great ones. He had too many though, so he transmitted those useless ones to the Holy Emperor.
Of course, Lin Feng wasn’t going to forget that the Holy Emperor had helped him. He hadn’t just come for Qiong Sheng.
Lin Feng was lucky. The Holy Emperor told him some good news: three days from now, the Holy Jade Princess of the Ancient Jade Dynasty would fight against a talented woman. Many people wanted to watch. The Holy Jade Princess and her opponent were both incredible.
Lin Feng knew that the Holy Jade Princess was extremely strong. She had some mysterious techniques, and also knew some incredible illusion techniques and spells. Among the eight geniuses who had surrounded them, the Holy Jade Princess, Ji Chang and Zhuo Qing were the strongest. This time, the Holy Jade Princess wanted to fight against that girl because they wanted to try and break through to the Di Qi layer.
Lin Feng didn’t care. He had killed Ji Chang even though he had broken through to the Di Qi layer. Even if the Holy Jade Princess was stronger than Ji Chang back then, after having broken through to the Di Qi layer, he had become stronger than her. Lin Feng knew there were going to be many strong cultivators at the battle, including many strong cultivators from the Ancient Jade Dynasty. If he killed a holy woman, the Ancient Jade Dynasty wouldn’t forgive him.
Three days passed quickly. Lin Feng played with his son before finally leaving the Holy Spirit Dynasty alone. He went to a mountain called Juetian Mountain, where the Holy Spirit Dynasty had agreed to fight against the woman. Lin Feng understood that some strong cultivators of her Dynasty were going to come too. He also knew that people from the Holy Spirit Dynasty were going to come. He had decided to come alone though. Not many people knew he had returned to the Holy Spirit Dynasty, as the Holy Emperor had concealed that from most of the people in Qi Tian Holy Town. Lin Feng had disappeared for a year, and the Holy Emperor didn’t want anything to happen to him.
Just like in the Holy City, many people in Qi Tian Holy Town thought Lin Feng was still dead.
There were actually two peaks actually at Juetian Mountain, facing one another. A beautiful women was standing on each peak. They both looked celestial and extraordinary. One of them was the Holy Jade Princess. The other one was a beautiful woman from Goblin Spirit University.
The second woman had a genuine phoenix bloodline, and was the strongest cultivator of her university. She was much stronger than Crazy Bull, and also a Champion. Goblin University had two Champions. It would have been the same at Champion University if Ji Chang hadn’t died, both he and Lin Feng would have been Champions. But Lin Feng didn’t care about being a Champion.
Celestial Godly University also had two Champions: Chu Chun Qiu and Ying Cheng. Such a thing hadn’t happened in a very long time.
Many strong cultivators were in attendance and watching the two women: the Holy Jade Princess and Yi Tian Jiao, who was stronger?!
Lin Feng arrived and landed atop a mountain. There were many people around him. They were all staring at the two women, nobody paid attention to him.
It seems that everyone is interested in this battle. Lin Feng glanced around, seeing strong cultivators everywhere. That was why they hadn’t organized the battle on a battle stage, as there wouldn’t have been enough space for the audience.
“It’s going to start!” said someone next to Lin Feng. Everybody stared at the two fighters, remaining silent save for the soughing of the wind. That wind became stronger and stronger, and began to whistle. The Holy Jade Princess’ clothes fluttered about her.
At the same time, a terrifying strength filled the air. A rosy mist appeared all around, containing a powerful intent. Scorching hot flames appeared inside. This was Yi Tian Jiao’s intent!
“What a strong woman!” said Lin Feng. Many geniuses could be jealous of that level of intent!
Yi Tian Jiao jumped into the air, and  at the same time, a phoenix appeared, the air beginning to burn as embers appeared around her.
“The Holy Jade Princess and Yi Tian Jiao will definitely become Saint Emperors someday. They will become symbols of their generation,” whispered someone. These two women were extremely strong, it was a rare thing to see!

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