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PMG Chapter 2070: Wu Jue and Wu Qing

PMG Chapter 2070: Wu Jue and Wu Qing
The two female cultivators started fighting, Qi boiling around them. The two women’s speed was incredible. The Holy Jade Princess controlled illusion Dao intent, and at that moment, she had the advantage.
However, many people didn’t see it that way. Even though Yi Tian Jiao was being defensive, the crowd realized that she was releasing a terrifying phoenix, and a phoenix territory had appeared. Phoenixes could burn anything. Even the clothes of the Holy Jade Princess started burning.
“The Holy Jade Princess and Yi Tian Jiao are extremely talented. They are among the strongest people of Qi Tian Holy Town. I wonder which one will become the most famous,” someone wondered aloud.
“We’ll see. Look, Wu Jue is here,” said someone, pointing at a high mountain. There was someone wearing white clothes there, looking confident and at ease. He was alone, nobody around him, and cut quite an impressive figure.
“Wu Jue?” Lin Feng knew many people in the Holy City, but not in the other cities. When he heard them, it seemed that Wu Jue was even more impressive than Yi Tian Jiao and the Holy Jade Princess.
“Wu Jue has the potential to become the first Master of the Dark Night Region. Apparently, he’s going to start traveling. Saint Emperor Wu Jue only had one child. He hopes Wu Jue can have more children to keep the bloodline healthy. Maybe that he wants to have a child with one of those two girls, that’s why he came here,” conjectured someone near Lin Feng. However, nobody said how strong he was.
Master Wu Qing was the first Prince of the Dark Night Region back in the days, thought Lin Feng. Prince, Master, all those were respectful terms. Great emperors and emperors could be called Prince or Master, like Master Mi back in the days. It could also mean anything, it depended on the region. In the Dark Night Region, being the First Master meant being the strongest cultivator. It was even better than being a Champion. Champions had the potential to become Celestial Emperors, and maybe Saint Emperors if they didn’t die. But in the region, only one person was called Master. Wu Jue had the potential to replace Prince Wu Qing and become the First Master.
And the same existed for women, there was a First Lady of the Dark Night Region.
Wu Jue had come to see the Holy Jade Princess and Yi Tian Jiao.
“The competition will be fierce for Wu Jue. Lin Feng, and the eight cultivators who fought against him, well, he killed five of them, but three are still left. Apart from Lin Feng, Chu Chun Qiu could also be a competitor. Even though he’s not famous in Qi Tian Holy Town, he also went onto the Holy Way Stage. He didn’t sit on the Holy Imperial Throne though, which means Lin Feng has more potential than him.”
People kept chatting about the geniuses of the region. There could only be one Master and one Lady in the region.
Everybody knew about that in the Dark Night Region.
At that moment, the Holy Jade Princess and Yi Tian Jiao’s battle was getting explosive. The Holy Jade Princess’ attacks were getting more and more terrifying. Her mysterious Dao power looked real, as did her illusions. Her powers were mysterious. Yi Tian Jiao didn’t change anything, her phoenix kept flickering.
Finally, fissures appeared, explosion sounds spread in the air, an ocean of flames appeared. The atmosphere was filled with destructive Qi.
The Holy Jade Princess and Yi Tian Jiao landed on the ground again and looked at each other. Their Qi kept increasing.
“You are both so beautiful, why fight!” said someone at that moment. The crowd was startled. Wu Jue had spoken.
Nine broken illusions appeared in a whistle of movement, all Wu Jue’s silhouettes, and very lifelike. He landed between the two women and smiled, “You are both so beautiful, come to my palace, we can learn from each other, but we can also chat about life.”
When the crowd heard Wu Jue, they thought he was very audacious, and also carefree.
“Wu Jue, you want both of us to go to your palace?” asked the Holy Jade Princess, smiling icily.
“Indeed!” Wu Jue nodded.
“You’re not very lucky,” said Yi Tian Jiao icily. The atmosphere became much hotter.
“Since I dared talk, I don’t mind,” Wu Jue smiled. The crowd frowned. That guy wanted both of those two incredible women? In one year, the Holy Jade Princess had become much stronger. Yi Tian Jiao wasn’t weak, either!
“Thanks for coming.” said the Holy Jade Princess smiling coldly. Then, she jumped away, her mysterious Dao strength rolling out provocatively. His soul started shaking.
“Your understanding of Deep Abstruse Dao has increased,” Wu Jue smiled indifferently. He waved his hand, and 81 gigantic hands appeared. They all contained a different type of explosive power, deadly, destructive…
The Holy Jade Princess’ Deep Abstruse Dao looked real. It looked terrifying.
“Wu Jue’s strength is impressive…” the crowd observed. Deep Abstruse Dao power was incredible and destructive. But Wu Jue’s attack was even more brutal, it could block the Jade Princess’ Deep Abstruse Dao. He could kill people with invisible and intangible attacks. He could already easily kill ordinary high-level emperors.
Yi Tian Jiao also moved, she didn’t mind joining hands with the Holy Jade Princess to fight against him, he was famous and was known as someone extremely strong.
The atmosphere became even more oppressive. The two women released even more terrifying attacks. However, Wu Jue remained as motionless as a mountain, and the manifested hands didn’t break. Finally, he smiled and said, “You are so beautiful. Don’t be mean. Come and have a walk by the lake with me. We can talk about love.”
Wu Jue released even more aggressive energies, which bore down on Yi Tian Jiao.
“Since there are two beautiful women, you could give me one,” said someone intervened at that moment. The crowd was astonished. Who else was provoking the two women?
Lin Feng jumped forwards. The crowd frowned. Who was this guy?
Lin Feng was incognito. He couldn’t show himself, especially if he wanted to take the Holy Jade Princess away.
Wu Jue and the two women saw someone arrive among them, Wu Jue the most surprised. He wasn’t the only audacious man there?
“If you want to talk about love with the Holy Jade Princess and Yi Tian Jiao, you must be strong enough,” Wu Jue smiled. A gigantic hand appeared and moved towards Lin Feng. All sorts of strength surrounded him.
“Of course!” Lin Feng smiled back. He released deadly cosmic energies to counter Wu Jue’s hand attack, multiple explosions manifested before the hand was ripped completely apart.
The gigantic explosion made everybody’s hearts pound violently. Another beast had arrived!

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