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PMG Chapter 2071: Indecent Provocations

PMG Chapter 2071: Indecent Provocations
Lin Feng’s punch astonished the whole crowd. Wu Jue’s attack was extremely explosive, he could resist both Yi Tian Jiao and the Holy Jade Princess at the same time, meaning he was extraordinarily strong. Otherwise, he wouldn’t have dared talk freely about romance with them.
Lin Feng was still walking forwards slowly. The sounds of their auras clashing kept exploding about him. The three fighters had already dispersed. Wu Jue studied Lin Feng as he smiled. “Which one do you like, Your Excellency?”
“The Holy Jade Princess is pure as jade and clean as ice, she’s noble and pure. I want to get on intimate terms with her,” Lin Feng smiled back. The Holy Jade Princess smiled icily. These two men were truly indecent…
“Who are you, Your Excellency? You want to get on intimate terms with me, but I am afraid it won’t be possible,” the Holy Jade Princess said icily.
“Holy Princess, you’re amusing,” Lin Feng smiled. He continued walking towards her.
Wu Jue’s silhouette flickered, and he landed before Lin Feng, saying, “Since you don’t want to give me the two women, let me see if you are eligible to get intimate with the holy princess.”
Dao power swelled and surrounded Lin Feng, making him feel extremely uncomfortable. The wind reached every single part of his body. Wu Jue was bald and his head polished shiny as he smiled broadly. He jumped forward and raised his fists.
Lin Feng looked confident and at ease, and didn’t stop. He condensed cosmic energies into empty space energy and moved towards the punches. Lin Feng’s fist was dazzling as he kept countering Wu Jue’s attacks. Five gigantic fingers appeared, they looked as hard as mountains and oppressed Lin Feng. Lin Feng had the impression he was going to collapse.
Lin Feng’s physical strength was incredible, but those energies were really oppressive, and could easily destroy an ordinary high-level emperor. Wu Jue had the potential to become the First Master of the region, he was extremely strong without a doubt.
Lin Feng raised his hand and a sword streaked across the sky. It cut apart the gigantic hand, shattering it loudly. In one strike, Lin Feng had destroyed it!
Wu Jue was now standing in front of Lin Feng, his strength condensing with terrible power that was making the air vibrate. A moment before, when Wu Jue had fought against the Holy Jade Princess and Yi Tian Jiao, he hadn’t used his full strength. He was even stronger then the watchers had believed…
However, Lin Feng also released and condensed strength. His cosmic energies erupted in pulses of power. At the same time, Lin Feng released ancient imprints, and a word appeared: MOURN. The power shook the earth and heavens.
“Ancient words, is that an incantation?” The watchers were astonished. What kind of strength was that? Surprisingly, Lin Feng dared use that kind of strength against Wu Jue’s explosive attacks. Among people of his generation, few people dared fight against Wu Jue, and right now Lin Feng hadn’t even used Dao power yet.
When Lin Feng and Wu Jue’s powers collided, some parts of Juetian Mountain exploded. Clouds of smoke and dust appeared, forcing some people to fly away coughing. The Holy Jade Princess and Yi Tian Jiao both looked astonished. Lin Feng and Wu Jue were both emperors, like them, but the two women had no choice but to admit the two men were much stronger than they were.
Initially, people had come here to watch the Holy Jade Princess and Yi Tian Jiao’s battle, but now Wu Jue and that stranger were drawing all the attention.
Wu Jue and Lin Feng separated, both somewhat surprised. Wu Jue was the most surprised, amazed that someone could compete with him. Lin Feng’s cosmic energies were near unstoppable, and his punches were as heavy as mountains. It was difficult to defend against them!
Lin Feng was also astonished, because he knew how strong he was. He had incredible cosmic energies and an incredible physical strength, and at the same level, not many people could compete with him… but Wu Jue was one who could. His Dao power made even Lin Feng feel very uncomfortable.
Unfortunately for Wu Jue, Lin Feng’s physical strength was simply too incredible. He had had to withdraw.
Lin Feng understood that Wu Jue didn’t have an undeserved reputation now, and definitely had the potential to become the Master of the region. He could compete with the strongest geniuses of the Huang Qi layer.
Wu Jue looked at Lin Feng and smiled indifferently. “I really want to know who my enemy was?”
“You know it’s me, so it’s good. You don’t need to know my name.” Lin Feng smiled back.
Wu Jue’s eyes twinkled and he nodded, “You are strong enough to get intimate with the holy princess. She’s yours.”
“Wu Jue is insolent, he dares say the princess is that guy’s, as if she were his property! Who does he think the Holy Jade Princess is?” said someone speechlessly when they heard Wu Jue.
“Wu Jue is free and unrestrained. He doesn’t want elders to follow him, or maybe Wu Jue’s Holy Palace doesn’t want the elders to influence him while he’s traveling.”
At that moment, Wu Jue looked at Yi Tian Jiao and smiled, “Since the Holy Jade Princess is his, you are mine. Let’s go to the Holy Palace together. We’ll consummate our love.”
“I’m not interested,” said Yi Tian Jiao icily. Wu Jue had no respect for her. Consummate their love? How insolent! Was he talking about having a child?!
“I will definitely take you to my Holy Palace,” Wu Jue said calmly. He sounded firm and stubborn.
Lin Feng landed before the Holy Jade Princess and smiled, “You’re so beautiful. I’ve always loved you. Finally, we’re going to be on intimate terms. You can’t refuse!”
People were sweating coldly. Those two geniuses had come to the mountain, disturbed the two beautiful women while they were battling, and now they were making indecent remarks. It was difficult to imagine.
The Holy Jade Princess smiled coldly.
“Don’t worry. I don’t harm women,” Lin Feng told her, smiling indulgently. He looked aloof and arrogant.
The Holy Jade Princess released her Deep Abstruse Dao power in an instant. An illusion appeared in his mind as the energies were reaching for him. She was so fast, pissed off at his sexual harassment.
A gigantic MOURN word appeared, Lin Feng closed his eyes and struck out with both hands. Powerful destructive energies rolled out, and the Deep Abstruse Dao power broke apart. The Holy Jade Princess was still moving towards him, however!
Lin Feng sensed the strong wind surround him. Her Deep Abstruse Dao power was terrifying. Even with his eyes closed, the illusions didn’t disperse. The Holy Princess’ attack messed with his perceptions!
Lin Feng continued moving and punched out again with thunderous force. He used his full strength, and the Holy Jade Princess was driven backwards. She wanted to escape, but Lin Feng raised his hand again and a golden web appeared around her. Her expression changed, and she desperately started releasing as much strength as she could to break the web.
However, Lin Feng moved faster than the eye could follow, he was even faster than her!
“Holy Princess, don’t abandon me!” Lin Feng smiled.
The Holy Jade Princess’ cold smile had already disappeared as she shouted furiously, “You’re insolent!”
She released her Deep Abstruse Dao strength again, but a gigantic hand appeared and an implacable strength surrounded her. She couldn’t move fast enough. Lin Feng landed in front of her again and grabbed her hand with one hand and her waist with the other, stunning everyone with his audacity.
Lin Feng lowered his head, his lips moving towards hers. Her face turned deathly pale. This man dared assault her sexually in front of so many people!

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