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PMG Chapter 2072: Capture the Holy Woman

PMG Chapter 2072: Capture the Holy Woman
“Let me go!” shouted the Holy Jade Princess icily. At that moment, Lin Feng’s left arm was around her waist, his hand was on her bottom. He moved his right hand to her breasts. If he wanted to, he could easily kill her.
“You’re in my arms, how could I abandon you?” Lin Feng smiled. He started walking away, intending to leave with her.
“What an incredible guy!” Wu Jue was stupefied when he saw Lin Feng’s uninhibited actions.
“Insolent!” shouted someone icily. Some of the bystanders rose up into the air. The Holy Jade Princess and Yi Tian Jiao both had terrifying backgrounds. Lin Feng and Wu Jue were harassing the two women, and initially, their people hadn’t gotten involved, such things were unavoidable on the path of cultivation and they had to deal with such things themselves. But now the two women had lost control over the situation and these men were humiliating them!
A few great emperors appeared in front of Lin Feng and ordered him icily, “Let her go!”
Lin Feng smiled indifferently. He was holding the Holy Jade Princess firmly. She felt humiliated, her face was deathly pale.
“If you don’t want her to die, let me pass,” replied Lin Feng indifferently, then continued walking forward. Everybody was startled at his insane actions. Surprisingly, he dared despise the strong cultivators of the Ancient Jade Dynasty?
“What an insolent bastard!” A great emperor released his Qi, the wind began to whistle around him. However, Lin Feng grunted icily, raised his hand and bombarded the Holy Jade Princess’ body with cosmic energies. She groaned with pain and coughed up blood, her face paling.
When the crowd saw that, many shuddered in fear. This guy was decisive and cruel! He even dared attack a beautiful woman!
“The Holy Jade Princess is pure as jade and clean as ice, flawless and noble. If I can’t get on intimate terms with her, then I’ll destroy her,” Lin Feng said to those Ancient Jade cultivators with a careless smile. The strong cultivators of the Ancient Jade Dynasty were flummoxed; they had thought that just showing up would be enough for him to give up!
When they heard his reply, they were really shocked. How come this guy was so insolent?
“You want to die?” swore the leader of the group icily.
“I don’t mind dying with the holy princess!” Lin Feng smiled broadly. He continued moving forwards. The Ancient Jade cultivators looked glum. They chased after Lin Feng, wanting to see who dared act this insolently and kidnap the Holy Jade Princess?
“Aren’t you afraid that I’ll kill her?” asked Lin Feng, turning his head to glance back at them.
“If you dare kill her, you’ll die too!” Those people couldn’t listen to Lin Feng without doing anything, so of course they wanted to chase him!
“Alright, follow me then,” Lin Feng smiled. He continued flying away. When the crowd saw that, they were amused despite themselves. This day had been even more fun than they had thought it’d be!
“Wu Jue didn’t act insolently, he really wants a child with Yi Tian Jiao. He can’t go too far. That guy though, he’s cruel and crazy! He kidnapped her!” The gossips began to wag their tongues. Who was he? He could compete with Wu Jue in terms of strength, and he was dauntless. He had even kidnapped the Holy Jade Princess!
Even Wu Jue didn’t dare act that insolently, but this guy had. Was he simply too self-confident?
Lin Feng flew at full speed, the air shrieking about him. However, the group of great emperors chasing him wasn’t any slower than he was.
Lin Feng saw a lake appear in front of him, and smiled icily.
Lin Feng accelerated and dove into the lake. At the same time, he released a special kind of Qi, his spirit world Qi!
“Eh?” The great emperors following him frowned and accelerated. They released their godly awarenesses and smiled coldly. Did Lin Feng think he could escape by entering the lake?
There was a flurry of popping sound. Lin Feng had cloned himself, hundreds of his silhouettes appeared. The great emperors saw it all with their godly awareness.
More clones continued appearing. The clones surrounding him started moving in every direction.
The Ancient Jade strong cultivators above the lake were stunned. Did Lin Feng think he could escape? Ridiculous!
One of them released a terrifying Qi. However, a Great Imperial Weapon appeared in Lin Feng’s hand, blocking her power with an explosive force. The clones didn’t vanish!
“Hmph!” One of the women cultivators of the Ancient Jade Dynasty released even more strength. Her attack had been the one blocked by the Great Imperial Weapon.
Waves of water crashed in every direction, and clones exploded one after another. When they all disappeared, the strong cultivators of the Ancient Jade Dynasty swallowed. How had he done that? They had watched him with their godly awareness, and yet the princess and Lin Feng had disappeared.
“Disperse. Let’s check the surrounding area!” said the leader of the group, pulling a long face. They separated quickly. Very quickly, they chased after the clones who had fled in every direction. They destroyed them easily, but quickly realized that they were all clones!
“What’s going on?” one of them asked feebly. They had already chased all the clones who were outside, destroying dozens of them easily, so where was he? How had he disappeared?
After a short time, the Ancient Jade cultivators came back and looked down at the lake, glancing at one another and grimaced as their faces paled. Had they lost their Holy Princess?
“What do we do?” asked one of them. They were panicking. They would have never thought they would lose their holy princess, especially in front of the whole crowd of them. She had been kidnapped before their own eyes by a cultivator of the Huang Qi layer!
Nobody replied. They were terrified of the consequences.
At the same time, Lin Feng had changed his clothes and mask, and now reappeared in Qi Tian Holy Town. He looked relaxed. Those people from Qi Tian Holy Town were too self-confident. He had just used an ordinary Great Imperial Weapon to get rid of them. In other words, he hadn’t lost anything.
Lin Feng had returned to the Dynasty already. He was in his own courtyard and entered his spirit world. The Holy Jade Princess was still there. There was no portal in or out, and Lin Feng could appear there as he wished. She was shocked as she asked, “Who are you? Where are we?”
“Holy woman, don’t you remember me anymore?” Lin Feng replied emotionlessly, walking over to her.
Her face stiffened and she blurted out, “If you dare rape me, the Ancient Jade Dynasty won’t let you off!”
“You really think you’re pure as jade and clean as ice, pure and noble?” Lin Feng smiled mockingly. He raised his hand and took off his mask.
The Holy Jade Princess’ face turned deathly pale.
“Lin Feng!” The Holy Jade Princess was horrified. Lin Feng… A pervert would have raped her, Lin Feng wanted to kill her!
However, she tried to remain calm as she swiftly said, “Lin Feng, no matter what you want, I will give it to you. You can even make love to me if you want. We can cooperate. I can even become your wife. What do you think?”
She was smart, she knew she wasn’t strong enough to compete with Lin Feng and she didn’t want to die, so she tried everything she could.
“Nah, too troublesome. I’ll use you as a Demon Puppet. That way, I’ll make love to you if I want to, I will even be able to control the Ancient Jade Dynasty using you. You’ll become my slave,” Lin Feng said icily.
The Holy Jade Princess grimaced horribly. A Demon Puppet! When she heard that, she realized her life was going to become a nightmare!
“You prefer making me turn into a walking corpse than deflowering me?” the Holy Jade Princess smiled seductively. An illusion appeared, she lifted her dress, her white thighs appeared.
Lin Feng remained stoic. She was staring at him, she even opened her cleavage. A terrifying demon light penetrated into her brain, and her face turned even paler. Lin Feng wasn’t going to let her off! He was extremely determined, she couldn’t tempt him!

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  1. DamDam September 8, 2018 at 4:49 pm - Reply

    im speechless right now. It seems LF becoming more and more antagonistic, love this!!!

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    Lin Feng used “Tajyuuu Kage Bunshin no Jutsu”!
    It was very effective!
    Princess used “Sexy no Jutsu”!
    It was not effective!

  3. iiyo June 8, 2019 at 6:21 am - Reply

    that’s what a demon cultivators should do
    control their enemies and turn them into sex doll or whatever they want lol

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