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PMG Chapter 2073: Newborn

PMG Chapter 2073: Newborn
The Holy Jade Princess had disappeared. Many people in Qi Tian Holy Town were astonished. There was an undercurrent in Qi Tian Holy Town related to her vanishing.
People were chatting in a restaurant. “A young master disappeared, that girl disappeared, how many people have disappeared in Qi Tian Holy Town?”
“I don’t know exactly anymore. Between eighty and ninety people, I guess? All those people have something in common; they are all talented, and they’re all high-level emperors. I wonder who dares act that arrogantly? They’re all specially related to some geniuses of powerful groups. The leaders of those groups are all, at least, Celestial Emperors, some of them even have Saint Emperors!”
“The Ancient Jade Dynasty’s princess was kidnapped in front of many people by a perverted young man. Maybe nobody had thought an emperor would be able to kidnap her in front of everyone. They don’t even know who it was!”
Everybody kept chatting. If Lin Feng knew what they were talking about, he would be extremely surprised. There were members of the Dynasties of Qi Tian Holy Town, and from some universities. They were from the most powerful groups of the Dark Night Region. However, there were more Ancient Holy Clans in the Dark Night Region than Dynasties. Ancient Holy Clans weren’t at the top of the region. Recently, many young people from ancient clans had disappeared. Many people started thinking that Lin Feng had captured the Holy Jade Princess.

As all those people were chatting, Qin Gan, the Tianci Holy Emperor, and other people were gathered before an altar. There were gigantic pillars around the altar, a black mist surrounding them. Atop each pillar was a high-level emperor, soul strength emerging from their third eyes and moving towards the person standing in the center of the room. He looked bestial, his face extremely white and small flames around him. The terrifying soul strength surrounded him.
After a short time, the faces of the younger people present distorted. When they released their last threads of soul strength, they died. Their souls were destroyed!
The bestial young man on the altar opened his mouth and absorbed their strength, looking drunk. He suddenly opened his eyes, and a gloomy Qi invaded the atmosphere. Even though he was just a high-level emperor, he didn’t look at even Saint Emperors respectfully.
“Eighty-one of them, how’s your soul now?” Qin Gan asked the young man. That young man was the Saint they had brought from the Saint’s World, Saint Tianhun! They were feeding his soul with high-level emperors’ souls, sacrificing the young people to him. His body and soul were improving.
Nobody would have thought that all the young people from ancient holy clans who had disappeared had been kidnapped by these Holy Emperors.
“Not bad. It’s the only way,” replied Saint Tianhun calmly. The lives of eighty-one geniuses had been used to feed him. As long as it was useful for him, they would keep sacrificing others to him.
“So, master…” said Qin Gan.
“Don’t worry, I will do what you’ve asked me. You may all chose nine people and I’ll transmit some powerful ancient techniques to them. You may also choose one person and I’ll transmit holy techniques to them. Regarding you guys, we’ll see about that in the future,” Saint Tianhun said indifferently. They were all cooperating with him. Saint Tianhun wouldn’t transmit all he had to these people, though. Otherwise, he’d be useless.
The Dynasties understood that, so they cooperated step by step.
“Who is the strongest Shrine these days in the Continent of the Nine Clouds?” asked Saint Tianhun, as if he had thought of something.
“Hm, the Fortune Shrine, I guess?” replied Qin Gan calmly.
Saint Tianhun’s eyes twinkled. The Fortune Shrine? He hoped they could help him, using a Misfortune Soul or the Godly Medicine of the Immortals!
“In the Dark Night Region, are there powerful enemies?” asked Saint Tianhun.
“The strongest person should be the First Master of the Dark Night Region, Prince Wu Qing. Besides him, there are some other very powerful cultivators who are extraordinary and have potential, such as Wu Jue, and the one who kidnapped the Holy Jade Princess, are also extremely strong. And there are some people who have King-type bodies.” said Qin Gan looking pensive. He continued, “By the way, I have the feeling that the one who got onto the Holy Way Stage, Chu Chun Qiu, is very dangerous. I think he might become a new King Chu.”
“King Chu?” asked Saint Tianhun expressionlessly.
“You’re from the ancient days, you don’t know King Chu. However, many years ago, when I was young, King Chu was like a god in the Dark Night Region, he feared nobody,” replied Qin Gan.
Saint Tianhun didn’t really care, he just nodded. His only goal was to stabilize his cultivation once more! He asked, “What about the one I saw before, the one whose body I wanted?”
Qin Gan and the others remained silent for a few seconds. They naturally all remembered Lin Feng. He had had two incredible battles in Qi Tian Holy Town, Holy Emperors had even fallen because of him. They hadn’t forgotten about him. And now many people had forgotten about him, they all thought he was dead.
“Back then, he had a great battle, we all think he died.”
“What a pity, his physical body was perfect!” said Saint Tianhun. He regretted that he had not obtained that body. The body he had now wasn’t nearly as good.
“Master, we’re going to select some people,” said Qin Gan before leaving. The rest all followed. The Ancient Jade Dynasty’s princess had disappeared. The leader of the Ancient Jade Dynasty was starting to have doubts about them, they had been forced to explain to her that they had nothing to do with that. Otherwise, it would have led to big problems. They didn’t want to offend the Death Fairy!
Besides, the Animal Clan had remained silent for such a long time. But since the Ancient Clans and the Animal Clans hadn’t shown up for a long time, they didn’t need to worry.
There were Animal Districts in all eighteen main cities of the Dark Night Region. They were all places where enlightened animals gathered. Humans ruled over the region, but they still coexisted with the Animal Clans. Qi Tian Holy Town was the same, they also had an Animal District. They were much stronger than Ancient Holy Clans. The Animal District in Qi Tian Holy Town had some truly formidable creatures living there. Such creatures were also extremely conceited. They had dominated humans ages ago, but then the different human groups had joined hands and now the Animal Clans hadn’t shown up for thousands of years. Nobody really knew how what they were doing or how strong they had become, they had been hidden for too long…
Things had changed with time. Some groups fell, some groups rose, they all had their own stories. Some stories were boring where nothing changed, and some stories were astonishing. However, only a few people could stand out because of their own story.
The world was very big, and there were many small worlds, some of them as big as the Continent of the Nine Clouds, and there were many geniuses everywhere. Staying at the top was extremely complicated, and everyone there had their own stories too. The only way to stand at the top was to progress all the time.
Saint Tianhun was making efforts, the Animal Clans were making efforts, Yi Tian Jiao was making efforts, Zhuo Qing was making efforts, Wu Jue was making efforts, everybody, all the geniuses of the Continent of the Nine Clouds, were making efforts!
Lin Feng was also making efforts. They all had different lives, but they all had the same thought: reach the clouds! They all wanted to rule over the world someday and transmit their legacy onwards!

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