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PMG Chapter 2074: Movement in the Animal District

PMG Chapter 2074: Movement in the Animal District
Millenia ago, the Animal District ruled over Qi Tian Holy Town. They acted independently and defiantly, standing up to others as equals aggressively. Many Animal Clans from elsewhere used to come to Qi Tian Holy Town back then to join the Animal District.
However, at some point, the Ancient Holy Clans and Dynasties of Qi Tian Holy Town joined hands and started a great war against them. Qi Tian Holy Town had turned into a field littered with corpses. Many strong cultivators had fallen, and many small worlds of the Animal District had been destroyed. Humanity had also paid the price, but finally the Animal District had fallen and lost their influence.
They couldn’t afford to act arrogantly now, they weren’t as imposing and awe-inspiring as before, even before they had disappeared. However, some news had started spreading through Qi Tian Holy Town. The members of the Animal District had apparently been traveling to gain experience discreetly…

The denizens of the Animal District had disappeared for a very long time into one of their sealed worlds, a place now filled with a brutal bestial Qi. It was extremely thick in one particular location. There was blood everywhere. There were hundreds of thousands of beasts: rocs, apes, bulls, rhinos, pythons… it was astonishing. They were all alive, but they seemed to be suffering, their blood dripping everywhere. They looked desperate and hopeless.
There was a lake made from their blood. There were some terrifying and ferocious beasts within that lake, greedily absorbing the other beasts’ blood. The hundreds of thousands of beasts had been offered to them as a sacrifice. If the Dynasties of Qi Tian Holy Town had seen that, they would have been astonished and troubled by the implications!
However, the people outside didn’t know about that. This continued for three full years.

Within those three years, Qi Tian Holy Town had changed too, but there were some strange things going on, too. More and more people had kept arriving. If it had only been like that, it wouldn’t have drawn people’s attention, but the thing was that many beasts had been taken there and everything was done discreetly. Their target destination was the Animal Mountain, which hadn’t been active for a long time.
Finally, the strong cultivators of the Dynasties investigated that location, and they all noticed the bestial Qi. People rose up in the air, not trying to hide their anger. On the ground, they saw people enter the Animal Mountain and disappear.
“Something serious is going on!” commented someone. All the Dynasties were astonished. They had the impression something terrifying was going to happen!

The Holy Spirit Dynasty’s Holy Emperor was with Lin Feng. Someone came up to the Holy Emperor and said, “Holy Emperor, the Animal District has been active recently. They kidnapped many animals and took them to the Animal District, but they didn’t hide.”
“Animal District?” Lin Feng was startled.
“Lin Feng, the Animal District acted independently and defiantly in the past, but they couldn’t compete with humanity. They were the strongest animal force of the Dark Night Region. They’ve been silent for thousands of years now, though…” the Holy Emperor informed Lin Feng. Then, he looked at the strong cultivators and asked, “Is there anything else?”
“No, they’ve been silent for thousands of years, we can’t get inside, so we couldn’t learn anything.” replied the strong cultivator.
The Holy Emperor nodded and said, “Let’s go to Animal Mountain and see.”
“Holy Emperor, I’m coming with you.” said Lin Feng. He wanted to see the Animal District.
“Alright, you can watch. But we can only stay outside, we can’t get in. Nobody from Qi Tian Holy Town dares go in,” said the Holy Emperor calmly. Lin Feng shivered. He understood the Animal District was extremely strong.

They headed to a location near to the Animal Mountain. Lin Feng could sense the bestial Qi, but he didn’t mind, he had studied animal cultivation too!
The Holy Emperor and Lin Feng gazed into the distance. Some strong cultivators were chained and taken forwards. There were dozens of people in that group, all of them emperors.
“There are some there too,” said Lin Feng.
“And there,” said the Holy Emperor, pointing at another place. He whispered, “The Animal District has captured many beasts, they can’t hide it, so they didn’t even try. They just tried to do it as quickly as possible. I wonder what they’re doing?…”
“Why does the Animal District need so many beasts?” asked Lin Feng.
“I’m not sure. In this world, there are many mysteries. Who knows what secret powers they have? It’s difficult to imagine,” replied the Holy Emperor. Lin Feng nodded. The world was big, there were many different methods of gaining power.
At that moment, the atmosphere suddenly became dark. More bestial Qi covered everything, and suddenly rose up to blot out the sky.
There was no light anymore. Lin Feng was startled at the strength of the Qi. Surprisingly, they couldn’t see the sun anymore.
“You really want to die!” someone swore suddenly. The strong cultivator who was dragging the chained beast cultivators had shouted. He had been harassed a few times, he hadn’t thought anyone would dare provoke him. ‘’How insolent!’’
When he said that, he entered the darkness. A gigantic fire appeared, the flames looked like claws…
“Interesting. Surprisingly, more and more humans dare come to the Animal District. The one who controls the darkness probably controls genuine Darkness Dao,” said the Holy Emperor. Lin Feng gazed into the distance, glancing at the chained people. Suddenly, Lin Feng released some ice-cold Qi.
“Lin Feng, what’s going on?” asked the Holy Emperor when he saw Lin Feng. He was surprised. What was going on with Lin Feng?
However, Lin Feng already started forwards, releasing Death intent. Many people noticed him and were startled.
“Uncle Shen Yu!” shouted Lin Feng. Emperor Shen Yu frowned when he heard that familiar voice, he turned around and saw a stranger’s face.
“Uncle Shen Yu, it’s me!” said Lin Feng, as wearing a mask. At that moment, Emperor Shen Yu looked startled and shaken… it was Lin Feng!
“High-level emperor.” Emperor Shen Yu realized that Lin Feng was a high-level emperor, he was astonished. He had been right, Lin Feng was extremely talented. He had become a high-level emperor so quickly!
However, Emperor Shen Yu quickly realized something and said to Lin Feng, “Hurry up and run, leave!”
Many times, His Highness the Beast of the Night had come back empty-handed. Even though Lin Feng was talented, he was just a high-level emperor. Among the people who were chained, apart from the one who had fought against His Highness the Beast of the Night, there was an Great Imperial Beast too! Lin Feng couldn’t compete with them. He couldn’t save Shen Yu!
“Uncle Shen Yu, did they attack Yao Ye Island?” asked Lin Feng. He wouldn’t have thought that the Animal District would go so far to kidnap beasts.
“Yes, they want to capture all the beasts. Lin Feng, hurry up and leave!” shouted Emperor Shen Yu to Lin Feng explosively telepathically. However, at that moment, Lin Feng’s Death intent was even colder. How could he abandon the people from Yao Ye Island? They had saved him! They were the first people who had helped him in the great world! There were many elders whom he cared about in Yao Ye Island; the wind elder, Uncle Shen Yu, Hu Yue, the cute Great Earth Demon Ape, had they all been captured?
In the distance, the Holy Emperor hadn’t thought Lin Feng would be friends with some beasts which had been captured. He was startled and found himself smiling wryly. What was going to happen?
“You want to die!” Bestial lights streaked across the sky and shot towards Lin Feng. Gigantic claws appeared and converged on him. The atmosphere became oppressive. That Qi was far more fearsome than a human’s Qi.
“Lin Feng, go!” said Emperor Shen Yu. His face stiffened. Even though Lin Feng was talented, he couldn’t be stronger than a beast!
There was a crackling sound, as if bones were being broken. Emperor Shen Yu looked extremely worried, but suddenly, he saw the body of the beast who was attacking Lin Feng explode, blood splashing everywhere.
Lin Feng was motionless. He just glanced around icily!

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