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PMG Chapter 2076: Ancient Beast

PMG Chapter 2076: Ancient Beast
The beasts of Yao Ye had started fighting against the great imperial beasts of the Animal District. The atmosphere was dark. Qi was boiling. Lin Feng had already saved Emperor Shen Yu but was still furious. The Animal District was going to kill Hu Yue. Lin Feng was extremely worried for her!
The Holy Emperor had told Lin Feng a lot about the Animal District. He knew they were terrifyingly strong. They had a sealed world, and not even a Holy Emperor dared go there. Nobody even knew how strong they had become. But even if a Saint Emperor went there, they might die!
Lin Feng looked thoughtful. In the distance, a new group of people had appeared. Lin Feng saw the leader of the group, a young man whose eyes were bloodshot. He looked ferocious. Even when animals of the Animal District turned into human form, their bestial Qi was still terrifying. Their Qi was thicker than the Qi of the beasts of the Vast Celestial Ancient City’s Animal World. Even Wu’s bestial Qi wasn’t that thick.
The young man frowned when he saw Lin Feng and the others. His Qi spilled out towards them. Surprisingly, a human had dared save their beast slaves just outside their territory. How insolent! They had been discreet for such a long time, and now some human already dared provoke them!
The young man turned into a beam of red light and shot towards Lin Feng. His speed made Lin Feng shudder with dread. He suddenly raised his fist and released his strength, his fist colliding with the enemy’s claws. The claws crashed onto Lin Feng’s fist, blood splashed and Lin Feng was driven back.
Lin Feng lowered his head and saw his own blood before he raised his head again. The strange young man continued releasing a terrifying bestial Qi. Lin Feng hadn’t anticipated the young man would be so strong. Lin Feng knew how strong he was himself, he could easily destroy ordinary great emperors. However, if Lin Feng had known who this enemy was, he wouldn’t have been surprised. This person had been in the sealed animal world for thousands of years and had received hundreds of thousands of beasts’ blood as a sacrifice. They were about to raise thirteen incredible geniuses. This young man was one of them, a terrifying descendant of the Animal District.
The Young Beast Master stopped moving. He put his hands behind his back and shook them out secretly. He hadn’t expected Lin Feng to be so strong!
“You still want to try?” said Lin Feng icily.
The Young Beast Master grunted coldly and retorted, “How reckless!”
“Is that so?” Lin Feng released death lights and suddenly jumped away. The air began to shake and erupt from the conflict of energies as dazzling purple lights exploded.
The thunderclaps made the sky shake violently. The strong cultivators behind the Young Beast Master glanced at one another and one of them said telepathically, “Young Beast Master, back. His cosmic energies are terrifying!”
However, the Young Beast Master acted as if he hadn’t heard them, stretching out his hands, which turned into sturdy blood-red claws. One glance sufficed to understand how terrifying those claws were.
“Assassinate!” The sharp claws turned into a curtain of eighty-one murderous heavy claws. They collided with the thunders, even the great imperial beasts were speechless. Surprisingly, a human was so strong, he could surprisingly compete with their Young Beast Master’s assassination claws!
Emperor Shen Yu and the others were completely stunned. Lin Feng was so strong! How fearsome! In such a short time, Lin Feng had become astonishingly strong. They couldn’t believe their eyes. How talented! Emperor Shen Yu had never thought Lin Feng would become so strong…
Lin Feng and the young man separated. Lin Feng’s hair was fluttering in the wind, Death intent rolled around him. There was lightning crackling in his hands. His enemy’s arm had exploded from the lightning, his face had turned deathly pale.
The young man was staring at Lin Feng. He had never lost a battle, except against the other twelve young masters of the Animal District, and now a human could easily oppress him!
“What’s your name?” the young man demanded of Lin Feng.
In response, Lin Feng walked towards him, and the young man shuddered in fear. He sensed an invisible and intangible strength surround him…
I’m one of the thirteen young masters of the Animal District, I’ll become a leader someday! How can I fear a human? He should die! After thinking about that, the Young Beast Master released an even more terrifying bestial Qi. He raised his other arm, struggling because it was almost paralyzed, and his claws became gigantic again. He looked both hideous and ferocious.
A killing wind started blowing. Lin Feng charged ahead as fast as lightning. He rose up in the air and punched out again, and the sky followed behind his blow.
There was a crash of impact, and the Young Beast Master was smashed away. He coughed up blood a few times, his face even paler. At his back, the great imperial beasts stared at Lin Feng, and started releasing deadly energies.
“Move away!” The young man glanced at Lin Feng icily. He wiped off the blood around his mouth and looked at Lin Feng ferociously. The great imperial beasts he had made move away were staring at him.
“It’s been a long time since someone made me bleed. It’s a pleasant feeling,” said the Young Beast Master, looking even more bloodthirsty. “Piss off or I’ll kick you away.”
Lin Feng just stared at him. This young man gave orders to great imperial beasts, he had to have a very high social status within the Animal District. If Hu Yue had been captured, he needed to act quickly.
When Lin Feng thought about that, he looked at Holy Emperor Ling and nodded, he said telepathically, “Holy Emperor, I need to capture him, help me.”
“Alright!” replied Holy Emperor Ling, moving towards the beasts. The great imperial beasts sensed that the Holy Emperor coming. They instantly released energies to surround their Young Beast Master.
“Blood shield!” Lin Feng frowned. Holy Emperor Ling was extremely fast, and had already arrived, but it wasn’t quick enough.
“Surprisingly, you want to capture me. I’m sure we’ll meet again,” said the Young Beast Master as he turned into an illusion. He quickly disappeared from Lin Feng’s field of vision.
Lin Feng’s face stiffened, and he shouted explosively, “If you want to fight again, remember to keep a beautiful female beast for me, her name is Hu Yue!”
“Alright, I’ll find her. Wait for me!” called back the voice. Lin Feng’s face was grim. As the young man disappeared, the other beasts of the Animal District who were fighting against the beasts from Yao Ye also stopped and rapidly fled.
Emperor Shen Yu and the others looked at Lin Feng and the Holy Emperor next to him. How incredible! Lin Feng even knew such a terrifying cultivator! They had never seen such an oppressive strength, even from His Highness the Beast of the Night.
At that moment, Lin Feng gazed into the distance and noticed a dark silhouette. He was startled. That was the leader of Yao Ye Island, a mysterious creature. It was impossible to see his real body, even from a short distance. He just looked like a shadow.
“Let’s leave. Animal Mountain is the Animal District’s periphery. Some strong cultivators could come out anytime,” said the Holy Emperor to Lin Feng and the others. Lin Feng didn’t feel like leaving, but he had no choice. He hoped the Young Beast Master wouldn’t kill Sister Hu Yue. Lin Feng didn’t know whether she was there already or not.
“The Young Beast Master is proud. If he finds Hu Yue, he will not kill her, he will use her to attract you.” said the dark shadow.
“I hope so,” Lin Feng nodded. Their silhouettes flickered as everyone withdrew from the area. Surprisingly, the mysterious Animal District had even chased after people as far away as Yao Ye Island. What was their plan?
After they left, a group of terrifying beasts came out of the mountain, their bestial Qi terrifying. The crowd watched them from afar, deeply cautious.
“We can wait a few more days. When we’re done with the sacrifices, it will be the beginning of a new era!” said a strong cultivator of the Animal District icily. His Qi rolled far away in the distance. He wasn’t afraid of being seen by humans anymore!

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