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PMG Chapter 2077: Animal District’s Agitation

PMG Chapter 2077: Animal District’s Agitation
The Animal District of Qi Tian Holy Town had been hiding for thousands of years. Finally, they had reappeared. All the powerful groups of Qi Tian Holy Town knew that the Animal District was preparing something. They were going to flip things over and rise again. At the same time, the elders of the different Dynasties told their young people about the Animal District’s legends, which astonished everyone.
At the same time, Lin Feng brought Emperor Shen Yu and some other people from Yao Ye Island to the Holy Spirit Dynasty. The prisoners who weren’t from Yao Ye Island left.
“Where will His Highness the Beast of the Night go?” asked Lin Feng to Emperor Shen Yu.
“You don’t need to worry about him. It won’t be easy for the Animal District to capture him, he’s strong,” said Emperor Shen Yu. His Highness the Beast of the Night was a mysterious being, a lord of darkness.
“It’s a catastrophe for Yao Ye Island though. Two Celestial Emperor and two great imperial beasts went there, it was impossible to resist them. His Highness the Beast of the Night took everyone away, but so many of our friends have been captured or killed. The real target of the Animal District were the high-level emperors though, and then medium-level emperors,” said Shen Yu pulling a long face. He hadn’t thought Yao Ye Island would ever face such a calamity!
“The Animal District didn’t only attack you, they attacked many animal groups in the Dark Night Region. They just didn’t dare attack the strongest animal groups of the main cities,” said the Holy Emperor. Emperor Shen Yu looked at him and sighed. He knew that this person was the Holy Emperor of a Dynasty, Lin Feng had already become powerful and influential. He could chat freely with Holy Emperors. Such a thing would have been unthinkable years before!
The current Great Emperor Qing had oppressed Lin Feng in the past, but in the Holy Emperor’s eyes, Great Emperor Qing was a nobody.
“Yes, all we can do is wait. I hope Hu Yue will be fine,” said Lin Feng coldly. If anything happened to her, he’d have to destroy those responsible as well!
Even though all the Dynasties in Qi Tian Holy Town knew that the Animal District was plotting, nobody dared go there. Even though back when the Dynasties had joined hands to fight against them, they couldn’t go to their sealed world.
In the Animal District, the Young Beast Master who had fought against Lin Feng glanced at Hu Yue in a strange way.
“Are you really Hu Yue?” asked the Young Beast Master. After his battle against Lin Feng, he had gone back to the Animal District and had started looking for Hu Yue. He hadn’t thought it was the female he had chosen.
Hu Yue’s beautiful eyes twinkled. Why was he asking?
“Indeed. What do you want?” replied Hu Yue icily.
The Young Beast Master slowly drew his lips into an evil rictus grin, put his hand on her lips, and said, “I initially wanted to have fun with you, but since he wants you too. I’ll first defeat him and then I’ll have fun with you.”
When Hu Yue heard that, she frowned and asked, “Someone is looking for me?”
“Indeed, he’s very strong. He’s stronger than me now. Maybe he’s your boyfriend, but after the sacrifice, I’ll kill him!” said the Young Beast Master, chortling in anticipation. He took back his hand and smiled icily, “I’ll kill him in front of you. I’ll tell him that from now on, you’re my war trophy.
“I’ll show him!” After that, the Young Beast Master left. The sacrifice was almost over. After that, he’d break through and become much stronger!
At the site of the sacrifice, all the beasts had been chained and cut so their blood would flow. The blood lake was floating, blood kept dripping down and turning into a scarlet lake. The blood of all the beasts began to condense…
Some skeletons walked over. They might be dead, but they had terrifying eyes.
Those people used to be leaders of the animals long ago, all of them terrifying creatures.
At that moment, a group of formidable old beasts appeared, their Qi daunting. They looked at the skeletons and said, “Dear animal leaders, please take care of the end of the sacrifice.”
“Alright, the Animal District is going to rise once more!” said the animal leaders hoarsely. The old beasts in the sky looked solemn and respectful. They were going to reclaim their place!
The beasts which had been captured for the sacrifice were still bleeding out their essence. The skeleton leaders entered the blood lake and bathed in it. They were returning to life!
“For the thirteen Young Beast Masters!” said someone loudly. The thirteen young men were also in the lake of blood. Those people were almost all high-level emperors, they had perpetrated this slaughter for the future of the Animal District in the Continent of the Nine Clouds.
At that moment, the thirteen cultivators looked solemn as they enjoyed the blood of the mass sacrifice. They were going to rise and control the Animal District in the future!
The blood was thoroughly red. The sky in the Animal District had turned red too. The hundreds of thousands of resident beasts were shouting furiously. Their Qi was getting stronger and stronger, and so was their vitality. Flesh started appearing on the thirteen skeletons. The slave beasts kept roaring in pain. Their blood kept dripping and gushing into the pool.
However, that was just the beginning. A gigantic silhouette descended from the sky, its Qi terrifying. It was an animal Saint’s body. His wings blotted out the sky and covered the sun.
Suddenly, the blood moved towards that old body, the resident beasts looked solemn and respectful. An infinite amount of blood appeared in the sky.
The thirteen beasts looked touched and moved. They had summoned the Ancient Beast Saint to receive his legacy, and then they’d rise again. They’d go and travel around the world, they’d become much stronger. Nobody would be able to compete with them anymore! But now it was time for the sacrifice!
On that day, blood flowed unceasingly. Beasts roared furiously as their Qi invaded the whole region. That small world was seething with excitement and bloody anticipation.
In the outside world, nobody knew what was going on there. They just guessed that the Animal District was preparing something. They didn’t know that the Animal District had been getting ready for a very long time…
Seven days later, outside of the Animal District in the mountains, many beasts appeared and walked into Qi Tian Holy Town. They didn’t slaughter people carelessly, they had learned from past mistakes. They didn’t want to be enemies with the Dynasties anymore. However, many people noticed them on the streets because they were terrifyingly strong.
Everybody understood what it meant. The Animal District was back!
During those days, the news spread that an emperor from an Ancient Holy Clan had been punched by a member of the Animal District and hadn’t withstood a single attack, dying instantly.
The news also spread that a young man of the Animal District had killed a potential Champion of Goblin Spirit University and eaten him!
The news spread that the Animal District had come back to life and was relentless.
Finally, some members of the Animal District were in the central part of Qi Tian Holy Town where the Qi Tian Battle Stage was, and had started confronting young people of all the Dynasties and Ancient Holy Clans.
At the same time, Hu Yue would appear there too, but many people didn’t understand what that meant because they had never heard of Hu Yue. They didn’t even know what it meant. Of course, Lin Feng did know what it meant. It meant that Hu Yue was safe, which relieved him!

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