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PMG Chapter 2078: Arrogant Beast

PMG Chapter 2078: Arrogant Beast
The news shook the whole town. The Qi Tian Battle Stage was a special place. Only very important battles occurred there, hence its location in the very center of Qi Tian Holy Town. The Animal District was challenging all the young people of all the Dynasties and all the Ancient Holy Clans. They wanted to show everyone they were back!
People quickly forgot about the historical remains. The Animal District had come back to life and was caused trouble. Everybody was only talking about the Animal District. How strong had they become? Did they want to be enemies with all the Dynasties? Impossible. They had probably learned from their previous mistakes…
In the Qin Dynasty at the sacrificial altar, Saint Tianhun looked perplexed. “Those people from the Animal District are all descendants. Surprisingly, they dare act that arrogantly!”
“Master Tianhun, the Animal District keeps causing trouble in town, especially a few young people who are extremely strong. They can kill some geniuses from Ancient Holy Clans with one punch. One of them even devoured a Champion. I don’t know what’s going on. Surprisingly, they raised such strong cultivators!” said the Qin Holy Emperor.
The Qin Holy Emperor wasn’t happy at all. Back in the Saint’s World, Lin Feng had benefited the most. He had obtained their Ancestor, the Qin Clan had sent a few geniuses there and obtained nothing. Now there was Saint Tianhun, they had chosen some extremely strong and talented young people to sacrifice to him, just as the Animal District was rising. He had the feeling they wouldn’t be able to deal with the Animal District.
“Perfect. I’ll go and practice. Since they took the initiative to come and provoke us, I’ll teach them a good lesson. Wonderful!” said Saint Tianhun, smiling evilly. He said to the Holy Emperors, “You can all go and rest. I need to practice cultivation for a few days and then I’ll come out.”
“Alright.” The Holy Emperors all nodded and left. Saint Tianhun had absorbed eighty-one emperor’s souls, but he didn’t know that the Animal District had done even worse, their new young masters had absorbed hundreds of thousands of souls!

Three days passed in a flash.
The central part of Qi Tian Holy Town was vast. There were eight palaces around it used to challenge people. At this time, nobody was inside. There were many people at the foot of the buildings, though. In the middle, a battle stage had appeared indistinctly. It was in suspension and contained a terrifying Qi.
The Qi Tian Battle Stage was from ancient times, created by a peerless cultivator. Even when Saint Emperors fought on it, their energies didn’t spill over. It was a very safe battle stage.
At that moment, an endless number of people were standing around it. They all looked excited.
In the sky, a strong wind started blowing. Strong cultivators from the Ancient Clans descended from the sky and landed on the top of the buildings. They looked both solemn and respectful.
“Those people are strong cultivators from Goblin Spirit University. They actually arrived first! They all have beast spirits. When their spirit fuses together with their blood, they become half beasts, a specialty of Goblin Spirit University! Their students are extremely talented.”
The crowd watched those strong cultivators descend from the sky, and kept talking. More and more strong cultivators descended from the sky. There were so many strong cultivators, it was like a Dynasty had descended from the sky.
“The Ancient Jade Dynasty’s people are here, too. The Holy Jade Princess has disappeared. We don’t know who kidnapped her. It’s funny though, the person who kidnapped her must be extremely strong. Surprisingly, he kidnapped the Holy Jade Princess in front of everybody.”
“The members of the Great Desert Dynasty are all here, too. So many strong cultivators. All the Holy Emperors are here, too. They all attach importance to the Animal District!” the crowd chattered. They all feared the Animal District, it seemed!
“Look, Qin Dynasty. Surprisingly, someone is sitting next to the Holy Emperor. That person is just an emperor, though. Is he a new genius of the Dynasty?”
“He looks evil and sly. I’ve heard that there is no prince in the Qin Dynasty. Even if he were a prince, he wouldn’t be sitting next to the Holy Emperor anyway. He must be incredibly strong and talented. The Holy Emperor must respect that person,” observed some people.
The person next to Qin Gan was Saint Tianhun, but he had a new body. Apart from a few Holy Emperors, nobody knew who he was. Saint Tianhun naturally wasn’t going to say anything either, or it would cause trouble.
As people were talking, red lights appeared in the distance. They looked like blood. People raised their heads and sensed bestial Qi approaching them.
“The Animal District is here!” The crowd shivered. They understood who these people were. Silhouettes descended from the sky one after another. The Qi of the nine people in the front was fearsome.
“What a powerful bestial Qi. They must be leaders, like Holy Emperors in Dynasties!” exclaimed a few members of the crowd when they saw the nine leaders. They all shuddered with fear. The Holy Emperors frowned. They were astonished. It was them: they were surprisingly still alive? They looked even slyer than they had before…
“The young people behind the leaders are impressive too,” keen eyes from the crowd noticed. Those young people had been raised by the strongest cultivators of the Animal District.
“Dear friends, long time no see,” said one of the beasts icily. They landed on a palace higher up in the air than everybody else.
“The Animal District hasn’t shown up for thousands of years. Indeed, long time no see. You’re all safe and sound. Good for you,” said an old man of the Great Desert Dynasty.
However, the beasts smiled in a cold and evil way, “Indeed, so much time, I wonder how everyone is doing in Qi Tian Holy Town nowadays. Therefore, I decided to take some young people out.”
When he said that, he pointed at the young people behind him. They all looked astonishingly strong. They had been traveling for a long time, it seemed.
Lin Feng looked at the Animal District’s people icily. He could see Hu Yue and two guards at her sides.
Hu Yue was a high-level emperor, but she looked weak in comparison to all those people. They could all kill her if they wanted to. She was scared, especially since the Animal District’s people had taken her out because someone wanted to see her. She didn’t know who, though. It had to be someone extremely strong, otherwise, the Animal District’s young master wouldn’t have obeyed.
At that moment, Hu Yue had the impression someone was staring at her, she glanced around and gazed into the distance. She noticed someone was looking at her. He had a familiar Qi, but she had never seen that face.
“Is it him?” When she saw those eyes, Hu Yue who was usually insensitive and rough suddenly looked touched. Someone cared about her that much? It wasn’t Shen Yu, that was certain…
“Thousands of years have passed and now we came back out, let’s see how strong the young people of Qi Tian Holy Town have become in comparison with ours!” stated a beast aggressively. The crowd was shuddering with fear. He was challenging all the Dynasties, Ancient Holy Clans, and universities. Nobody could refuse. It would be a humiliation, and it would also mean that they surrendered!

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