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PMG Chapter 2079: Animals’ Explosive Power

PMG Chapter 2079: Animals’ Explosive Power
The Animal District was showing up after thousands of years. The first thing they did was challenge all the powerful groups of Qi Tian Holy Town to fight on the Qi Tian Battle Stage.
The Animal District didn’t choose to make their elders fight. If their leaders fought against the Holy Emperors, the consequences would have been tragic. Making young people fight was more appropriate.
The animal leader’s voice seemed to linger in the silent atmosphere.
“Since you’re not saying anything, I suppose you agree,” said the animal leader indifferently. A silhouette sprang out and landed on the Qi Tian Battle Stage. He glanced around in a sharp way. His eyes were bloodshot.
“Anyone from a Dynasty, an Ancient Holy Clan, or a university, please go and exchange views on cultivation,” said the animal leader. Then he looked at the strong cultivator on the Qi Tian Battle Stage and said, “He’s a young man from the Animal District. He’s the ninth one. He has no name. You can just call him Ninth Beast.”
The Animal District had managed to make thirteen cultivators strong again: two great emperors, seven high-level emperors, three medium-level emperors and one low-level emperor. The Ninth Beast was one of the seven high-level imperial beasts.
Of course, people from Qi Tian Holy Town didn’t know how strong he was. They just knew that only a high-level emperor could fight against him.
The atmosphere remained eerily silent and then at some point, a young man slowly walked towards the stage. He released bestial Qi.
“A genius from Goblin Spirit University, Ling Cheng. He has a great roc of darkness spirit. He’s extremely strong. He’s good in both defense and offense.” Everybody recognized him. The Animal District had sent a very strong cultivator, so Goblin Spirit University had to send someone strong as well.
Ling Cheng released bestial Qi in waves. His blood also started boiling. A dark great roc appeared, his hands turned into sharp claws and he started flapping his black wings. The crowd was amazed.
A strong wind was blowing. Ling Cheng flapped his wings above the Qi Tian Battle Stage. Dark lights condensed around him, and he charged towards Ninth Beast while brandishing his sharp claws.
“Goblin Spirit University’s students all have a beast spirit, and they all control animal cultivation. They are even more terrifying than ordinary cultivators. It’s the case for Ling Cheng as well. His attacks are terrifying. He can even compete with Crazy Bull.”
The crowd frowned when they saw the dark silhouette because the Ninth Beast remaining motionless. He looked extremely strong and conceited.
Ling Cheng was as fast as lightning. However, when he appeared above the Ninth Beast, he looked him in the eyes. Suddenly, a massacre appeared in Ling Cheng’s brain. He had the sensation he was going to collapse and faint. His eyes even started bleeding.
The crowd finally saw the Ninth Beast move. He stretched out his hands, the crowd saw some blood, and then the Ninth Beast appeared behind Ling Cheng and blood sprayed. The crowd was stupefied: Ling Cheng’s head flew away, he had been beheaded!
The Ninth Beast didn’t even look at Ling Cheng. He chopped down, and red lights surrounded Ling Cheng’s body, which disappeared.
The young cultivators of Goblin Spirit University all stood up. They looked furious and astonished. Even the older strong cultivators of Goblin Spirit University were astonished, and staring at the Ninth Beast.
This young man was so strong…
Everybody was speechless. Ling Cheng was so strong and surprisingly he hadn’t withstood a single attack. The Ninth Beast was too strong, it was too shocking…
“Animal District.” The crowd was speechless, even the strongest cultivators were speechless and thought, How did the Animal District raise such strong cultivators? And apart from the Ninth Beast, how strong are the others?
Saint Tianhun was startled and smiled coldly. “Interesting!”
Indeed, this was interesting to him. He used to be a saint, and now he had captured a body. Theoretically, he was invincible at the same cultivation level. Now that the Animal District had appeared, he realized those people could compete with him. He hadn’t thought he’d see cultivators who could compete with geniuses of the old days during the first battle though…
In the Dark Night Region, there were eighteen cities and three main celestial cities. Not many people had the potential to become Champions. Champions were already geniuses amongst geniuses, and very rare. There were only a few people like Prince Wu Qing, or Wu Jue. Usually, only a very few people had the potential to become peerless cultivators, but this generation was different.
They were so strong, there were so many strong cultivators. In the Holy City, Ying Cheng and Ji Chang used to be Champions, and now Chu Chun Qiu was more talented than Ying Cheng. Lin Feng used to be even more talented, he used to be a beast, but he had died during that great battle. Now the Animal District had come back to life, and their first fighter was astonishingly strong.
It was difficult to imagine how much effort the Animal District had made to raise those beasts. A short time before, their strongest cultivators only had the potential of Champions, but they had sacrificed hundreds of thousands of their own kind for them, and now they were terrifyingly strong.
The only people who weren’t surprised were the Animal District’s members. For them, this was natural and obvious. They had made so much blood flow, they hadn’t done it to waste resources, they had done it to win! They wanted everybody to understand that the Animal District was terrifyingly strong!
The Animal District’s strong cultivators remained calm, which made the crowd feel even more pressure.
The Ninth Beast was so strong, who could defeat him?
The Dynasties, Ancient Holy Clans, and universities remained silent. That silence meant something: the Animal District is incredibly strong.
“With the Ninth Beast’s strength, if I don’t intervene, nobody will be able to defeat him. And the others must be even stronger than him,” said Saint Tianhun calmly. The people next to him were silent. They thought the same!
“The Ninth Beast is the ninth cultivator. And among high-level emperors, they have seven people. The Ninth Beast must be the weakest high-level emperor,” analyzed Saint Tianhun indifferently. People next to him shuddered with dread.
“And what about those who have received your legacy, Master? Can’t they defeat the Ninth Beast?” Qin Gan asked Saint Tianhun telepathically.
“They received my legacy a few days ago only. They can’t compete with him. Their thirteen cultivators have probably received terrifying legacies as well,” replied Saint Tianhun. Qin Gan nodded slow agreement. Saint Tianhun’s arguments were well-grounded.
“I’m going.” After having remained silent for a few seconds, someone spoke up on the side of Goblin Spirit University: Crazy Bull, the Champion!
When the elders of Goblin Spirit University saw Crazy Bull stand up, they looked extremely nervous. They didn’t know what the Animal District had done to make the Ninth Beast so strong, but it was going to be very difficult for Crazy Bull to win. If they lost their Champion, it would be a tragedy.
“A Champion is fearless. A Champion is destined to become a king,” said Crazy Bull. He looked wild and manic. Ling Cheng had been killed. He knew that the Ninth Beast was terrifying, as he had fought against Ling Cheng before. Since he was a Champion, he couldn’t fear to battle. He had to be insane if he wanted to become a king in the Dark Night Region someday. He had to take risks!
Crazy Bull jumped ahead, he looked solemn and heroic. The eyes of the elders of Goblin Spirit University glittered. They didn’t prevent the fearless Crazy Bull from fighting.
Lin Feng was there, his heartbeat racing. Crazy Bull was brave. Lin Feng realized that the Ninth Beast was abnormally strong. He also saw the young man who he had fought on the other day, standing in the seventh position in the line. Was he the Seventh Beast?
Just like Lin Feng had expected, that person was the Seventh Beast indeed. He walked to Hu Yue, his eyes still bloodshot and said, “You overestimate yourself, little boy. If you don’t come out for your sweetie, I’ll humiliate you.”
Hu Yue looked at him icily. She had a secret lover? She didn’t know who it was, though. Was it the young man the Seventh Beast was pointing at?

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