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PMG Chapter 2080: Without the Slightest Scruple

PMG Chapter 2080: Without the Slightest Scruple
When Crazy Bull landed on the Qi Tian Battle Stage, his blood started boiling. He looked like a terrifying ancient bull as he released a sturdy and powerful strength in waves. His attack was terrifying. A path appeared between the Ninth Beast and him, like a herd of beasts were running towards the Ninth Beast.
The Ninth Beast grunted icily. He stared at Crazy Bull with his bloodshot eyes, releasing Dao power which penetrated into Crazy Bull’s brain. Patterns appeared again, the terrifying strength flowing throughout Crazy Bull’s brain. At the same time, he raised his hand and roared in a thundering rage. The earth and sky kept shaking, his energies sending the wind howling. In his energies, people could see the Ninth Beast’s totems. There were rumblings as Crazy Bull’s Dao power slowly broke apart.
The Ninth Beast rose up in the air and the path between them turned into a gigantic great roc, and then an eagle. It opened its wings, which blotted out the sky and covered the earth. Blood-red lights glittered.
“Die!” shouted the Ninth Beast furiously. The scene of the massacre kept appearing in Crazy Bull’s brain. At the same time, a terrifying Dao power continued oppressing Crazy Bull. His face turned deathly pale, and he could only grimace. He remained determined, even as his spirit shook. He shouted furiously, and the ground shook under his feet before he jumped forwards. His attack looked indestructible.
The Ninth Beast looked at him in a disdainful way. He bombarded Crazy Bull’s horn violently, and the horn exploded. At the same time, the strength continued penetrating into his body. He was driven backwards and his face became even paler, his mouth bleeding.
As the crowd had expected, Crazy Bull the Champion couldn’t compete with the Ninth Beast!
Nobody knew how the Animal District had done this, but if the others were stronger than him, then it was really terrifying!
The Ninth Beast kept assaulting Crazy Bull. Crazy Bull’s had the impression his body was going to be crushed. He was a Champion, he was really strong and looked crazed at this point. He turned into a gigantic ancient bull, covered all over with cuts and bruises. But he didn’t care, he didn’t want to give up, even the Ninth Beast was surprised and a bit scared by his frenzy.
Goblin Spirit University’s strong cultivators stood up and stared at the Qi Tian Battle Stage. One of them  said, “That’s enough, no need to fight anymore.”
Crazy Bull and the Ninth Beast collided once more, Crazy Bull was thrown off the Qi Tian Battle Stage. The Ninth Beast jumped and chased Crazy Bull.
“He’s away from the Qi Tian Battle Stage now, why chase him!?” shouted a strong cultivator from Goblin Spirit University. He jumped forwards and landed before Crazy Bull, catching him and taking him away. The Ninth Beast could only watch him gloomily and sinisterly.
“Since he came onto the Qi Tian Battle Stage and lost, why drift and live without purpose?” spat the Ninth Beast icily, then jumped back onto the Qi Tian Battle Stage. He calmed down. A Champion had just been defeated!
“How terrifying. The Animal District are too powerful, nobody can compete with them!” sighed the crowd. They were staring at the strong cultivators of the Animal District. They still looked aloof and composed. They had everything under control!
“Anyone else?” asked the Ninth Beast, glancing around at the members of the Dynasties, Ancient Holy Clans, and universities. He looked extremely evil. He looked like a bloodthirsty beast which wanted to devour its prey. He had even tried to kill Crazy Bull after he had already won!
There was an eerie silence. Even though there were many geniuses in the Dark Night Region, Champions were rare. Not many people were as strong as Crazy Bull. There were only a few people like Chu Chun Qiu, and a few other people who were at the top of the Huang Qi layer, as well as people who had King-type bodies. Nobody had thought the Animal District would have such strong cultivators.
“That’s ridiculous. Qi Tian Holy Town is so big and nobody dares fight!” jeered someone at that moment, jumping forwards. It was the Eighth Beast. He glanced at the crowd and said icily, “Even if nobody wants to fight, I still want to ask everyone to prove that their high-level emperors are strong.”
He started flapping his gigantic wings. He suddenly rose high up in the air. He landed in front of the crowd of people from an Ancient Holy Clan and looked at a high-level emperor. He shouted furiously, a horrible shriek splitting the air as the Eighth Beast grabbed him with his claws and instantly killed him by slicing apart his skull.
“How insolent!” A strong cultivator of that Ancient Holy Clan rose up into the air and pulled a long face. The Eighth Beast dared kill their people in front of them!
The Eighth Beast didn’t stop. His silhouette streaked across the sky and blood gushed. He killed another person from another Ancient Holy Clan. The crowd was astonished. The Eighth Beast was stronger than the Ninth Beast! How terrible! And what about the other ones? The crowd couldn’t imagine.
“Be careful!” everyone said to their young people. The Eighth Beast was a high-level emperor and he only killed people of the same level, so people who were stronger couldn’t attack him. If their high-level emperors were getting killed by the Eighth Beast, it just meant that their people weren’t strong enough.
“Die.” The Eighth Beast killed someone else. His wings were extremely sharp and covered with blood. Another head flew away as the atmosphere became oppressive. The Eighth Beast was too fast…
The Animal District’s strong cultivators just watched at all the high-level emperors of the different Dynasties, Ancient Holy Clans and universities disdainfully.
“Be careful!”
“Move back if you aren’t sure you can resist.”
All the strong cultivators warned the people of their groups. The Eighth Beast was too fast. In a flash, he had killed a few strong cultivators already. High-level emperors couldn’t compete with him. The Eighth Beast was too terrifying. Everybody was astonished. How had the Animal District done this?
Simple, they had sacrificed hundreds of thousands of their fellow beasts to allow thirteen people to become extremely strong!
There were sudden explosions. The crowd realized someone had just blocked the Eighth Beast. When the crowd saw him, they were astonished: that young man looked confident and at ease, no wonder, since he was so strong. People gulped… it was him, Wu Jue! He had the potential to become the First Master of the Dark Night Region!
“Wu Jue can compete with him, but then, how many members of the Animal District have the potential to become First Master of the Dark Night Region?” The crowd shuddered with dread when they realized that. The thought was dreadful. The Eighth Beast stopped moving and smiled evilly, “Not bad. You’re the only one.”
He continued flapping his wings, and at that moment, people didn’t dare block him, moving away to avoid him. When the Eighth Beast arrived in front of the members of the Qin Dynasty, Saint Tianhun’s grey eyes twinkled, filled with lightning.
“Insolent!” said Saint Tianhun icily, and jumped forwards. Grey lights emerged from his eyes. Red lights emerged from the Eighth Beast’s eyes, both colliding. The Eighth Beast had the impression his soul was going to explode!
“How strong!” The Eighth Beast was stupefied. He closed his eyes and swiftly flew back, saying icily, “You’re very strong!”
The crowd looked at Saint Tianhun. Who was this person? Surprisingly, the Eighth Beast said he was very strong. He was a stranger to everyone, however…
At that moment, Saint Tianhun’s eyes glittered.
“I understood something!” said Saint Tianhun icily. The Animal District was indeed sly. Surprisingly, they had used a terrifying sacrificial ritual. How mad!
(Editor’s Note: Of course, the fact he had done the same thing he completely ignores, of course….)
The Eighth Beast continued killing people around. When he landed in front of the Holy Spirit Dynasty, he looked at Lin Feng.
Lin Feng condensed terrifying cosmic energies, lightning gathered around him as his eyes turned as grey as thunderclouds. The Eighth Beast flashed towards him. Lin Feng jumped forwards in response, staring the Eighth Beast in the eyes, those eyes were filled with flames of fury. Lin Feng raised his fist and punched out against the Eighth Beast’s claws.
“It’s you!” said the Seventh Beast. He grabbed Hu Yue with his claws and jumped onto the stage. The Eighth Beast stopped and looked at him icily.
Lin Feng looked at the Seventh Beast and said indifferently, “It’s me.”
The Seventh Beast sneered when Lin Feng admitted it was him. Then he glanced at Hu Yue.
Hu Yue studied Lin Feng. She didn’t understand, why was this person trying to save her?
Lin Feng took a step forwards, he looked at the Seventh Beast and said icily, “Let her go and I won’t fight today.”
The Seventh Beast sneered, his eyes bloodshot, and said, “You’re not fighting today? Then I’ll kill her on the spot!”

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    These guys are kind of pathetic. They spent thousands of years and hundreds of thousands of lives to get revenge on this one city when there should be so much more to the world. That’s the kind of effort you’d think one would spend reaching the heavens, fighting against fate, turning back destiny. Something cliche like that. But just so they could be some stronger than a few influential groups in a single city in a single region?
    Honestly, this just proves how weak they are. Hundreds of thousands of souls went into these silly fools and some of them didn’t even break through. Chu Chun Qiu made better progress with far less sacrifice. Why didn’t they try to get their hands on Sky Absorbing Scriptures?

    • David September 9, 2018 at 4:07 pm - Reply

      Dude we dont know how many were sacrificed for chuchunqiu. After all he went from being a low level cultivator to beig a high one faster the. Lin feng and we dont really know how fast it was for him to become an emperor. But i will agree tur the animal district aimed way too low and wasted the sacrifices they made. Im also wondering why lin feng didnt try to get the sky absorbing scriptures? His spirit would be perfect for that.

      • KenZ September 9, 2018 at 5:55 pm - Reply

        Because Lin Feng wants to become stronger without using other people.

      • Wan Shi Tong September 9, 2018 at 8:15 pm - Reply

        I mean the Sky Absorbing Scriptures would fit their “Do whatever it takes, sacrifice anyone and everyone to get stronger.” And there’s no way CCQ even took a thousand people since he’s been discreet until now and he needs strong determination to make advances, not just genociding the weak.
        Also he was an Emperor before he started practicing the Scriptures, so that doesn’t really matter to his cultivation process. My point is what you agreed with. They wasted so many lives and so much effort on something so small and unimportant. Seriously, after this arc their aspirations are going to be so… so minor. We’ll look back, I imagine, at what they were trying to do and go “Wow how weak.”

    • Yuckk September 9, 2018 at 8:36 pm - Reply

      I think it’s more like all the blood essence and souls were used to revive the old beasts and making these 13 geniuses potential sore. That wasn’t made to make them breakthrough but get great foundations. They have the potential to become saitns as saint tianhuan said.

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    Eight beast only kill everyone with the same cultivation level as him but no great emperor or even celestial emperor come to help although crazy bull almost died!!
    If LF is the one doing the massacre, then great emperor until saint will come to kill him.
    Is this a joke??
    When LF supported by holy emperor until saint, those stupid dynasties still dare to send many stronger cultivators to kill him. Lucky shi jue lao xie protect him so other strong cultivators unable to touch LF.
    But compare to this animal beast which only have 2 great emperors and 7 high level emperors and those stupid dynasties strong cultivator didn’t do anything???!! Not to mention their holy emperor came as watchers!!
    Cmon dude!!

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      Because there are also other strong old beasts among them. It was only for the junior to fight.. if Holy Emperors fought there would be no one alive but them.

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        Nge-feng has a point. When Lin Feng kills people at his level, elders get involved, and whole clans try to kill him.
        When anyone ELSE kills people at their level, elders and clans sit back and go “Wow that’s a shame, I hate that it happened but oh well, what can you do?”
        I know the ‘reason’ is that they don’t want a war between the elders, but even when LF has elders on his side the other guys still threaten war and bring elders anyway.
        It’s because the author is just doing everything he can to make the main character more important by making all the important people hate him and go against the rules they follow for EVERYONE ELSE IN THE WORLD except him.

        • Yuckk September 9, 2018 at 8:34 pm - Reply

          Because they have the background to make the ancient clans and dynasties scared. Duh.

        • MarkofWisdom September 9, 2018 at 10:14 pm - Reply

          Sadly this is about right-LF is the MC so he has an “everyone will attack me” halo around him even when it doesn’t make sense (like that stupid thing with the Yang clan where he saved their princess and brought her back, and then they tried stabbing him in the back because “how dare he want one of our boats that we have more of”). The serial escalation of all the clans rallying behind the snow clan to try and kill Lin Feng shows just how stupid and broken the “rules” of the world are when related to him. And it really defies belief that so many of these people just lose their mind and decide to attack the person they know is strong and willing to kill people-how does these idiot young masters live for so long and not get stomped out by any random lunatic wandering cultivator

          • Wan Shi Tong September 10, 2018 at 8:50 am

            Ah, someone whose chosen name is accurate. This is, indeed, the problem. It seems to be a problem in the entire Xianxia genre, and is commonly defended by people who lack breadth of reading experience and understanding of the parts and quality of writing.
            The main character is hated by everyone, because of jealousy. The main character comes from nothing, displaces or kills all those of greater status by being angry at them for standing above him (always a him) and just continuously pulls them all down, always finding more and more people above him. Who, for some reason, are all arrogant swine who believe the lives of others are meaningless despite themselves being meaningless to all those above THEM.
            If you find a kind, honest soul in the bunch they’re either a tragic figure stuck in an evil family, or they’re only ‘strong’ for a short while before they can no longer protect the main character and require the main character’s protection instead. And then they are moved past and forgotten because they are no longer of use to the main character.
            We see the same thing here in PMG cyclically, and we see it in almost any other Xianxia one can name. In Western terms this would be referred to as ‘Gary Stuism’, going beyond the well-named Main Character Syndrome trope. I’m unsure how society functions in a world where everyone of the slightest note can destroy entire landscapes with wave of their hand, snuff out armies with a thought, create whole worlds with some effort, and wield celestial bodies to fight with. Because no one EVER stays true to the rules, the rules which supposedly allow society to continue existing and not devolve into a savage free-for-all, winner is the last person alive on the rock type of situation.
            In PMG my main gripe is that everyone he meets is always about his age and just enough stronger than he is. They keep talking about how amazing he is yet there’s always someone his general age range and stronger. By now he should be stronger than anyone near his own generation and should be strong enough to face all these elders himself. Likewise the elders should be more experienced, have faced many geniuses with terrifying powers, and have unique and powerful skills and spells themselves. Instead they just ‘punch the air’ and scream and then someone explodes. Then the story tells us that it was noble and glorious and mysterious and such.

    • The Protector September 10, 2018 at 1:32 am - Reply

      Its because LF doesn’t have enough backing and the Animal District do, any single clan or dynasty cannot overpower the AD they all have to band together to overpower them and getting together just to kill the people of AD is totally BS just like many clan get together to kill LF when he suddenly has some backing but well i guess he is the MC so can’t help it

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    Do the 13 geniuses get great powers and talent by absorbing blood and souls but without any side effects?? There would be thousands of such cases if there were no side effects. The animal world did kill hundred thousands beasts but they all were at hung qi layer as stated. And they were also used to revive their ancient saints and other terrifying cultivators. So if doesn’t have any side effects then all dyansties can afford to kidnap a few hundred or thousand emperors for their successors to absorb and get saint level talents though. It is stated a thousand times now that cultivation world is cruel.

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    why is lin feng always making enemys and the enemys he makes always have uncles father&mother granpa&grandma greatgrandpa or greatgrandpa’s greatgrandpa?

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