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PMG Chapter 2081: Capturing a Beast

PMG Chapter 2081: Capturing a Beast
When Lin Feng heard the Seventh Beast, he remained silent and released even more terrifying energies. His Qi began to spread out slowly, but it was explosive. His Qi had completely changed. He looked like an insane demon.
“Will you let her go?” repeated Lin Feng icily. He looked emotionless, like a waiting god of death.
“Is she your sweetheart?” spat the Seventh Beast, moving his claws closer to her face. His eyes were bloodshot and looked terrifying. At that moment, Lin Feng jumped forwards. He didn’t jump towards the Seventh Beast, however… he jumped towards the Eighth Beast!
The Eighth Beast smiled evilly as he and Lin Feng collided again. He wanted to see how strong Lin Feng was.
He stared at Lin Feng with his bloodthirsty eyes. Lin Feng saw a massacre in his brain and a terrifying strength started flowing throughout his mind. Lin Feng saw many bleeding beasts, his soul was being attacked.
The Eighth Beast was cruel, brutal, and violent. They had all come back to power after the sacrifices and they had become much stronger. Then they had received the Ancient Beast Saint’s legacy, and reached the top of their cultivation layer. Even Lin Feng, who had a powerful soul had the impression his soul was going to be crushed.
A golden palace appeared in Lin Feng’s mind and protected him. At the same time, his grey eyes became pitch-black, black water appeared in them and collided with the red lights of his enemy’s eyes, while in his black ocean, death strength emerged and protected his soul.
In the outside world, the Eighth Beast brandished his sharp claws, he wanted to cut Lin Feng apart!
Lin Feng’s expression didn’t change. He raised his fist and punched the claws, destroying them. Lin Feng then moved into the wind, the crowd could barely see him.
“Surprisingly, someone can resist the Eighth Beast, and he even took the initiative to fight against him. He’s terrifyingly strong. Where is that man from?” wondered everyone. The Eighth Beast had amazed everyone. He was aggressive and terrifying, killing cultivators from the Ancient Holy Clans and Dynasties a moment before. The strange person who was with the members of the Qin Dynasty and this person were the only ones who could resist the Eighth Beast.
“Hmph!” the Eighth Beast grunted icily. His bloodshot eyes glittered. Lin Feng started shaking violently as the air started to hum. He had the impression his body was going to explode. It wasn’t the Eighth Beast’s main attack though, he threw himself at Lin Feng and clawed at him again.
The Animal District didn’t focus on only one person, thought the crowd. They were astonished. However, Lin Feng just looked solemn and wary. Many invisible and intangible threads of sound energy appeared behind him.
The two fighters got closer and closer. However, at that moment, Lin Feng cloned himself, and a dozen Lin Fengs appeared all around and moved towards the Eighth Beast.
The terrifying invisible and intangible soundwave strength dispersed. The crowd was astonished as the buzzing sounds stopped.
“Soundwave attack, what a terrifying soundwave cosmic energy. Invisible and powerful. You can’t even hear it, but each soundwave is as sharp as a sword. How deadly!” someone blurted out. As expected, the Eighth Beast’s sharp claws collided with the soundwaves and a hurricane appeared.
At the same time, the crowd saw Lin Feng move his hand towards the Eighth Beast. The Eighth Beast had the impression a mountain had fallen onto his back. He released as much strength as he could, but he still felt oppressed. The two fighters were drawing closer and closer to one another…
“Die!” shouted the Eighth Beast furiously. His claws became dazzling and golden. They were great oriental greenfinch roc’s claws, but there were dragon scales on them, forming a terrifying defense. He was a mixed-breed!
Lin Feng’s clothes were ripped apart by the claws. The strength almost pierced through his skin, his hair bristled. The attack hadn’t even reached him, and he was already having a hard time…
However, at the same time, he condensed Demon Kalpa strength, then moved faster than they could see. Demon lights pulsed out. People’s hearts were pounding. Two of his clones also released strength. The Eighth Beast was stupefied, The clones also have strength?…
He didn’t have time to think too much. He attacked Lin Feng’s real body in front of him, the collision raising a strong wind. Red lights and demon lights exploded together. The two clones also attacked. The Eighth Beast shouted explosively as their energies collided explosively. He blocked one clone, but not the other one. At the same time, Lin Feng’s real body came back to him.
Lin Feng raised his demon hands, aimed  at the Eighth Beast’s head, and there was a crack of impact that astonished those watching. Blood splashed, but the Beast didn’t escape from Lin Feng!
“He resisted so many attacks!” murmured those watching. Their hearts twitched. He seemed like he wanted to capture the Eighth Beast?
“How strong.”
“Who is he?”
The crowd was astonished. Since when was there such a strong cultivator in the Holy Spirit Dynasty?
“Who are you?” asked someone at that moment. It was a member of the Ancient Jade Dynasty. She looked furious and she was staring at Lin Feng.
The members of the Tianci Dynasty also stood up. Their Holy Emperor even stood up and stared at Lin Feng. Everybody was staring at Lin Feng.
“Who am I?” repeated Lin Feng, smiling icily. He looked at the Seventh Beast and said icily, “Let her go.”
“Continue fighting. It’s not over,” replied the Seventh Beast disdainfully. He hadn’t used his full strength yet.
“I told you to release her,” said Lin Feng icily. He condensed strength in his hands again. Many strong cultivators of the Animal District finally stood up and pulled a long face. They had raised their thirteen geniuses, these people were the future of the Animal District. The Eighth Beast and Ninth Beast had already amazed everybody, but now that person had captured one of them!
They looked at the Seventh Beast as a sign he had to release that woman, her life couldn’t be compared with the Eighth Beast’s life.
Hu Yue looked at Lin Feng, her eyes twinkling. How strong! But why did he want to save her? Who was he?
The strong cultivators of the Ancient Jade Dynasty condensed their strength to bear down on Lin Feng, demanding icily, “Who are you?”
Lin Feng looked at them and smiled coldly, “What do you think?”
He took off his mask and his real face appeared, with a dark smile on his face. “I’m Lin Feng!”
When he said that, everybody went silent.
Hu Yue was astonished. Suddenly, she smiled broadly, like she had in the past.
So that little boy had finally grown up and could take care of his sister!

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