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PMG Chapter 2082: Decisive Battle

PMG Chapter 2082: Decisive Battle
Hu Yue was astonished, she hadn’t thought that little boy would become this strong. Back in the days, she was the one who had to protect him. She remembered back then when she used to take him to all her friends to teach. Back then, emperors could bully Lin Feng easily. Now, he was here and he had captured the Eighth Beast, just so the Animal District would release her!
“Little boy,” Hu Yue smiled. She had the impression she was in a dream. When the Seventh Beast had told her someone wanted to save her, she would have never thought it would be Lin Feng!
“Sister Hu Yue!” replied Lin Feng, smiling back at her in greeting.
At that moment, everybody was staring at Lin Feng. The atmosphere became oppressive.
“Lin Feng, he didn’t die back then during that battle.”
“No wonder he has become so much stronger. It’s Lin Feng. No wonder…”
“Back then, Lin Feng fought against eight geniuses, and killed five. Now, even though the Eighth Beast is much stronger than those people back then, he can still compete with him. It’s not surprising since it’s Lin Feng!”
The crowd was staring at him. Had the Animal District captured one of his women? But that woman had to be a beast!…
The Holy Emperors of the Qin Dynasty and the Ancient Jade Dynasty had all stood up. They released a terrifying Qi towards Lin Feng. He wasn’t dead yet!…
Back then, the Ancient Holy Clans and Dynasties wanted to kill Lin Feng and had joined hands, their eight geniuses had fought against him and failed. Now, Lin Feng was back and he had shown up without the slightest scruple.
“Lin Feng,” a strong cultivator from the Ancient Jade Dynasty spoke up. She asked icily, “You captured our Holy Princess, right?”
They immediately thought of Lin Feng. Lin Feng was wearing a mask just now, and he also used clones, he was extremely good at fighting, and he hated the holy princess; everything seemed to lead to Lin Feng.
“The Holy Jade Princess is so beautiful, after sleeping with her, I made her leave. Hasn’t she come back to the Ancient Jade Dynasty yet?” asked Lin Feng, smiling indifferently. When he said that, everybody was astonished. Lin Feng had raped the Holy Jade Princess?
The members of the Ancient Jade Dynasty all had unsightly expressions.
“All the Ancient Jade Dynasty’s beautiful women wanted to kill me back then. However, I don’t mind, I love beautiful women, I wish I could deflower all of you. I just had sex with her, anyway. I hope you don’t mind,” continued Lin Feng, smiling dismissively. The members of the Ancient Jade Dynasty were furious and released even more energies. But they couldn’t say anything; they had joined hands to fight against Lin Feng and they had failed. Now he was back and the Snow Clan wasn’t there to help, could they still kill him?
Lin Feng was backed up by Shi Jue Lao Xian. Lin Feng also controlled the Saint’s body, they couldn’t do anything to him. They hadn’t forgotten what Shi Jue Lao Xian had told them back then…
When the crowd remembered those things, they looked amused. Lin Feng could beat the Animal District’s strong cultivators, he had a powerful background, he was a good fighter, he could compete with the Eighth Beast and Ninth Beast. How strong was he in comparison with the other Young Beast Masters?
“You want your woman to die?” Ice-cold bestial Qi invaded the atmosphere and the Seventh Beast grabbed Hu Yue’s head.
Lin Feng punched out in the Eighth Beast’s direction and shouted explosively, “If you touch her again, I’ll kill him!”
“Will you dare!?” shouted someone from the Animal District icily.
“Of course I’ll dare!” replied Lin Feng. Bestial Qi surrounded Lin Feng, but he looked incongruently calm as he looked back at them. He said grimly, “If you don’t believe me, try and you’ll see!”
The members of the Animal District remained silent. A strong cultivator of the Animal District looked at Lin Feng calmly, and said to the Seventh Beast, “Release her.”
For the Animal District, Hu Yue’s life was far less important than the Eighth Beast’s. They had spent so many resources on these people. They had done all they could, using a special technique to raise them. Therefore, the thirteen young masters couldn’t die!
The Seventh Beast was speechless, but he released Hu Yue, sneering “Piss off!”
Hu Yue didn’t look at the Seventh Beast and flashed over to Lin Feng. However, Lin Feng was still holding the Eighth Beast.
“We released her already. What are you waiting for?” demanded the Seventh Beast icily.
“Patience, my friend,” said Lin Feng smiling. He said to Hu Yue, “Sister Hu Yue, follow me.”
Lin Feng grabbed her and flew over to the Holy Spirit Dynasty’s Holy Emperor and said to the Eighth Beast, “You go back.”
A strong wind crashed onto the Eighth Beast and flung him away.
The Seventh Beast jumped up to catch the Eighth Beast and glared at Lin Feng icily. However, Lin Feng was looking at Hu Yue and asked, “Sister Hu Yue, they didn’t do anything to you, right?”
“They didn’t. Little boy, you progressed so quickly,” answered Hu Yue. She still looked sexy in her red robe, and put her arms around him, smiling.
“Sister Hu Yue, you haven’t changed.” said Lin Feng, smiling wryly. Hu Yue was so close to him, her beautiful eyes kept twinkling. “I saw you grow up, you don’t need to hide anything from me,” said Lin Feng, shrugging. He smiled and said, “Anyway, I need to solve this issue.”
Hu Yue looked at the members of the Animal District and then let go of Lin Feng. Lin Feng looked at the Seventh Beast and Eighth Beast, they also looked back at him ferociously.
“You want to play so bad?” Lin Feng looked at the two Young Beast Masters, he wanted to fight. These Young Beast Masters were terrifyingly strong. They wanted to show everyone how strong they were.
“Of course, we all do!” Wu Jue jumped up, his face surrounded by a halo. In his white robe, he looked elegant, confident, and at ease. He smiled at Lin Feng, “I would have never thought you were Lin Feng. You captured the Holy Jade Princess and raped her, you’re really audacious.”
“You’re as brave as me, if not moreso!” Lin Feng replied to Wu Jue. Wu Jue had provoked the Holy Jade Princess and Yi Tian Jiao at the same time! He was as strong as he was audacious.
“Therefore, together!” said Wu Jue with a smile. He slowly walked up to the Qi Tian Battle Stage, the one on the battle stage was still the Ninth Beast.
“Since you want to play, I’ll play with you,” said the Ninth Beast scornfully.
“Since you want to play, all together,” said Wu Jue indifferently. The Eighth Beast and Seventh Beast’s bodies turned into red light beams. They both jumped onto the Qi Tian Battle Stage at the same time and released bestial Qi.
“If you want to fight, I’d love to!” said Lin Feng indifferently. He also jumped onto the Qi Tian Battle Stage, five incredible emperors on the battle stage at the same time.
“Who else wants to play?” Wu Jue looked at the people from the Dynasties and the Holy Clans. Actually, he was mainly looking at Saint Tianhun, who was with the members of the Qin Dynasty. A moment before, he had been the only one, along with Lin Feng who had managed to compete with the Eighth Beast. He was very strong.
Saint Tianhun’s eyes glittered darkly. After that, he slowly stood up, moving as if he had had no bones, and quickly landed on the Qi Tian Battle Stage. There were now six people on the battle stage, all geniuses among emperors; ordinary emperors couldn’t compete with such people. Only people who were extremely talented, good at fighting, and determined could normally become like that… but there were exceptions: Saint Tianhun the body-stealer, and the thirteen Young Beast Masters!
“Die!” shouted the beasts as they released bestial Qi, bursting into motion. The Seventh Beast threw himself at Lin Feng. The Eighth Beast attacked Wu Jue. The Ninth Beast charged Saint Tianhun. The three beasts had a single common point: their bestial Qi was explosive!
“A bunch of deadly fighters!” murmured those watching. No wonder that only three people could compete with those beasts. But what about the ten other beasts? How strong were they?
The Seventh Beast turned into a terrifying red beam of light. It was like an ocean of blood was flooding towards Lin Feng. That blood contained endless skeletons who wanted to eat Lin Feng alive!
The terrifying ocean surged closer to Lin Feng. Lin Feng could tell the ocean of blood was much more powerful than his previous opponent’s energies. Lin Feng stretched out his hands, fissures appeared, and the ocean of blood divided into two. At the same time, he ran forwards as soundwaves destroyed the skeletons in the ocean of blood.

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