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PMG Chapter 2083: Venerable Sacrificial Soul Fire

PMG Chapter 2083: Venerable Sacrificial Soul Fire
Lin Feng and the Seventh Beast fought for the second time. The ocean of blood kept rolling and splashing around them. However, Lin Feng condensed ancient imprints, ancient words appeared around him, resonating with the earth and sky. At the same time, he also released sword energies to surround his body. The sword curtain and the earth and sky became one, and everything in their way broke apart, the ocean of blood turning into endless tiny drops. The Seventh Beast, who had turned into a blood light, withdrew quickly.
He looked at Lin Feng ferociously. The Seventh Beast’s eyes were so bloodshot, it was like wanted to stab Lin Feng with them. He was excited, he had thought he’d kill Lin Feng easily after the sacrifice, but realizing it wasn’t the case made him happy. He still had a rictus grin warping one side of his face.
At the same time, the Eighth Beast and Wu Jue were fighting, and the Ninth Beast and Saint Tianhun were dueling. The battles were dreadful. The three beasts had similar attacks: explosive, brutal, violent. Wu Jue condensed all sorts of strength in his punches, they seemed indestructible.
The Ninth Beast and Saint Tianhun’s battle looked less violent and brutal than the two other groups’. However, the Ninth Beast felt different, he was astonished at the Saint’s strength. It was like Saint Tianhun wanted to absorb his soul!
Everybody was astonished and blankly staring at the battle. Those three Young Beast Masters were dreadful foes. They could compete with all the geniuses of Qi Tian Holy Town, no wonder they had challenged everyone. But now there were three people who could match them!
At that moment, the Seventh Beast stretched out his hands and a gigantic weapon appeared. Those watching shuddered with dread. There were bestial marks on it, and its Qi was ominous!
“Animal World Brutal Weapon, Bestial Marks Ax.” Some strong cultivators’ eyes glittered when they saw it. That weapon was extremely rare. Ordinary beasts couldn’t use and control such weapons. It required many beasts to be sealed inside it, the more beasts the more explosive the weapon was. The Seventh Beast had probably sacrificed many beasts to create that weapon!
“The bestial marks ax is terrifying. Lin Feng is extremely strong, but it’s getting dangerous for him, can he compete with the Seventh Beast?” someone wondered aloud.
The Seventh Beast roared in a thundering rage and jumped forwards, “You’re quite talented, but now I’m going to offer your blood to my weapon!”
The Seventh Beast’s ax descended from the sky, fissures in space following it. A terrifying amount of strength fell on Lin Feng. It felt like millions of bloodthirsty beasts were attacking him. Even his godly awareness shook!
Lin Feng had a hallucination that he really was surrounded by millions of beasts.
Lin Feng raised his hands and condensed more ancient imprints as quickly as possible. The words of his incantation all appeared and surrounded him as he steadfastly stood his ground. At the same time, a Holy Spirit appeared around him, a demon king or god of death surrounded by death Qi. Everything began to rot around him.
Lin Feng ran towards the Seventh Beast, the words from the incantation rotating around him like dark hymns. At the same time, his blood was boiling as he turned into a gigantic ax. Strength pulsed all around him.
The bestial axe was a beast’s weapon, aggressive and explosive. Swords were sharp and swift. Axes were heavy, so Lin Feng couldn’t really use a sword to destroy that axe, so in the end he also used an axe. It was heavier and more aggressive, more appropriate.
Lin Feng the axe charged to meet his enemy’s weapon. Both were releasing terrifying amounts of Qi. They were both using their blood spirit strength, that’s how these weapons were made.
A terrifying Qi bore down on the Seventh Beast. The Seventh Beast had the impression he was going to be crushed!
The Seventh Beast raised his axe higher up, strength condensing. The earth and sky kept shaking violently. His blood strength was rising with the beast axe to an astonishing level.
The axe tore apart the air, Qi filled the air above the Qi Tian Battle Stage. Axes were explosive weapons, and the Seventh Beast attacked nine times in a row, each time shaking the earth and sky. The strength of the axe was monstrous as it collided with Lin Feng’s!
Dreadful energies exploded unceasingly and made the Qi Tian Battle Stage shake violently. Crackling sounds sounded as the bestial axe began to crack. It was going to break apart! Lin Feng’s gigantic axe relentlessly pressed forwards, and the Seventh Beast felt pressured.
The Seventh Beast spat out blood. He turned into a red beam of light and retreated as fast as he could. The gigantic axe turned back into Lin Feng.
“Saint’s technique: Ancient Holy Technique. It can oppress anything, as expected. Even the Seventh Beast was forced to move away. However, he’s really extremely strong. He managed to protect himself, and probably wants to continue fighting.” murmured the crowd when they saw that. Lin Feng was terrifying, but the Young Beast Masters were also fearsome, especially as they became stronger.
On the other side, the battle between the Eighth Beast and Wu Jue was also becoming more and more dangerous, explosions ringing out about them. Saint Tianhun, at that moment, was surrounded by eighty-one flames. The Ninth Beast was astonished at the sight.
The Seventh Beast attacked again, too. He flew towards Lin Feng at full speed, but Lin Feng was charging him, too. Aggressive demon energies swept out. Dozens of swords kept appearing behind him, Lin Feng pointed his finger at the Seventh Beast and a sword shot out.
Saint Tianhun also moved, turning into a shadow, his silhouette becoming blurry. The Ninth Beast looked ready to battle. However, at that moment, Lin Feng frowned and suddenly turned around. He saw a silhouette moving towards him. The eighty-one flames were attacking him!
Everybody was completely astonished. That person, who had come with the members of the Qin Dynasty, was attacking Lin Feng! Even the beasts of the Animal District were astonished. The Ninth Beast released even more Qi and ran towards Lin Feng.

“Qin Gan!” Holy Emperor Ling suddenly stood up and shouted furiously, “Lin Feng and the two others are fighting against the Animal District and now your guest is backstabbing Lin Feng!”
“It’s the Qi Tian Battle Stage, anyone can fight against anyone as long as they agree,” said Qin Gan calmly. He didn’t control Saint Tianhun. He didn’t know why Saint Tianhun would suddenly attack Lin Feng, either. But when he saw that, he shuddered with fear, what did Saint Tianhun intend to do?
He felt responsible for both Lin Feng and Saint Tianhun. With the other Holy Emperors, he had managed to convince Saint Tianhun to join them, it was good for them, but they couldn’t control him. As for Lin Feng, he still had their Ancestor’s body.
The members of the Ancient Jade Dynasty and the Great Desert Dynasty remained silent too, naturally. They even looked amused. Even if Saint Tianhun failed, it didn’t have anything to do with them. They just knew that Saint Tianhun’s strength was terrifying. They couldn’t know what spells, techniques and skills he knew though, he was a Saint, after all.

Lin Feng sensed the eighty-one flames move towards him, his spirit shaking violently. He grimaced, knowing that fire was dangerous. It was a sacrificial fire, its purpose was to burn his soul!
He suddenly released even more death energies, he wanted to extinguish the fire, however, the fire seemed indestructible. Saint Tianhun said telepathically, “Venerable Sacrificial Soul Fire, you can’t destroy it!”
Then, the fire pierced through Lin Feng’s death Dao strength and shot towards his soul. Lin Feng’s face twisted. He hadn’t thought such a terrifying cultivator would attack him, it was definitely a Holy Technique!

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  1. MarkofWisdom September 10, 2018 at 2:57 pm - Reply

    Can we stop having Lin Feng sneak attacked by people much stronger than him? It’s gotten old

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      No we can’t, we’re not the writer. ???
      If you want another story than this, create your own.
      Thanks for the chapter! Good job guys!

  2. Alex September 11, 2018 at 3:06 am - Reply

    Fight fire with fire, he has black lotus flame that burns through everything and anything, why not use it? Or was it another occasion of author conveniently forgotten his own plot?

  3. Ezura December 10, 2018 at 8:53 am - Reply

    Honestly why did he announce his real identity?! As if fighting these beasts wasn’t hard enough he had to provoke all the human enemies. Mind boggling really… And it’s been mentioned how many times about his abnormally powerful soul because it’s got the original LF mixed in yet he doesn’t have an advantage when battling. Even in the championship event he almost had his soul destroyed by a few people. I know the author wants lots of drama but still, nerfing the mc so much makes one question why even bother with the whole transmigration part of the story in the first place? He’s less powerful than the majority of his peers but more lucky in his treasure hunting. So what was the point of him being from our planet?

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