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PMG Chapter 2084: Battle to Death?

PMG Chapter 2084: Battle to Death?
“He practices soul cultivation and he has studied some Saint’s techniques.” It was the first time Lin Feng had to deal with such terrifying cultivators. People who practiced soul cultivation were rare. The first person he had met who did was Mu Chen, and the second one was this opponent. His attack was some kind of sacrificial fire.
Apparently, the Ninth Beast wasn’t his main target, his main target was Lin Feng. He wanted Lin Feng’s soul! If this man managed to succeed, Lin Feng guessed the consequences would be horrible. Lin Feng couldn’t let him win! He had to kill him
Lin Feng suddenly sat down cross-legged and dozens of gigantic swords rotated around him and protected him. The crowd was astonished. Lin Feng surprisingly sat down cross-legged before his enemy. Lin Feng had no choice but to use his full strength to protect himself.
The Ninth Beast stopped, wiping off the blood at the corner of his mouth. The Seventh Beast also looked at Lin Feng, a red light emerging from his third eye and shooting towards Lin Feng. But when it penetrated into Lin Feng’s third eye, he was stupefied and his face stiffened. Dazzling lights flashed in his eyes and he looked at Saint Tianhun deeply. What a powerful soul attack! His thread of soul had been instantly destroyed!
Some people practice soul cultivation, I understand why they are considered terrifying now, sighed the Seventh Beast. He didn’t continue attacking Lin Feng. Even Wu Jue and the Eighth Beast stopped fighting. Wu Jue’s silhouette flickered, he landed next to Lin Feng and looked at him. Then he looked at Saint Tianhun, who was seated cross-legged as well. He was using his Venerable Sacrificial Soul Fire attack, he had to use his full strength to succeed, otherwise, stealing Lin Feng’s soul wouldn’t be easy at all.
The previous time, he had failed to steal Lin Feng’s body, but now he had another opportunity and he couldn’t let it slip. Lin Feng had the Qin Saint’s body, but Saint Tianhun didn’t care as without a soul, Lin Feng wouldn’t be able to use it anymore.
He was a soul cultivator, Saint Tianhun understood how Lin Feng controlled the Saint’s body better than anyone. Of course, he wasn’t going to tell anyone else about those things.
At that moment, Lin Feng used all the Wisdom Kings to protect himself. He had to destroy that damn fire. However, the eighty-one flames surrounded the five Wisdom Kings, they were about to collapse. However, they managed to destroy the flames. One flame was left, but instantly eighty-one flames appeared again, as long as one flame was left, the other flames could reappear. It was extremely dangerous.
Lin Feng’s soul suddenly turned into a sharp black sword, it was dark. It emerged from his third eye, and the eighty-one flames followed as well. At the same time, on the Qi Tian Battle Stage, Lin Feng’s sword and the Venerable Sacrificial Soul Fire appeared outside above the Qi Tian Battle Stage. The darkness of the sword made everything look pale on the Qi Tian Battle Stage below. Lin Feng also released glittering Deva-Mara Kalpa strength. Lin Feng’s soul had been cleansed by Deva-Mara Kalpa strength many times.
The eighty-one flames looked pure and pale. It had been purified many times. Tianhun had used it to burn millions of souls in his life and carry out sacrifices.
Then, apart from his soul sword, Lin Feng also released a golden palace, it was dazzling. There were millions of marks on it, marks of the great Dao.
Then, the palace surrounded the soul sword.
“The sword is made of Lin Feng’s soul, the palace is made of his godly awareness palace, Lin Feng is worried!” those watching could see. The terrifying eighty-one flames oppressed Lin Feng’s soul. At that moment, Lin Feng’s body was just a shell, his psychic essences were outside.
At the same time, a grey strength emerged from Saint Tianhun and moved towards Lin Feng. It turned into a grey cloud. At the same time, in front of the grey cloud, a pitch-black light appeared and condensed into a long spear which thrust out towards Lin Feng at full speed. However, Saint Tianhun’s real body was still seated cross-legged.
“He wants Lin Feng’s physical body?”
“Body Capture?”
“Initially, he was fighting against the Ninth Beast and suddenly he attacked Lin Feng, is it because of his body?”
At that moment, the crowd remembered that Lin Feng had an incredible body. He had been on the Holy Way Stage and had many secrets. He also had possession of a Saint’s body. However, this guy wanted to steal Lin Feng’s body? What about his current body? Wasn’t it his?
When the crowd thought about that, they shivered. The Animal District had come back to life and now a terrifying cultivator had appeared!
Wu Jue moved in front of Lin Feng and looked at the spear moving towards him. Wu Jue looked confident and at ease. This was a soul attack! Ancient imprints emerged from his third eye and turned into a destructive punch. Rumbling sounds spread in the air, the long spear broke apart. However, the grey Qi penetrated into Lin Feng’s third eye. People’s faces stiffened.
“Lin Feng’s soul is still there, it hasn’t been destroyed, and that guy is trying to steal Lin Feng’s body anyway, which means that he perfectly controls his soul strength.”
The crowd was staring at Lin Feng, the Animal District’s strong cultivators just watched, including the three Young Beast Masters, they had retreated to the edge of the battle stage and were watching.
“Lin Feng.” Hu Yue looked extremely nervous. Saint Tianhun was evil and cruel! Lin Feng was in danger!
At that moment, a terrifying sword determination exploded, grey Qi splashed out of Lin Feng’s third eye.
“Dual soul.”
The grey Qi hurriedly retreated to Saint Tianhun’s third eye. He opened his eyes and looked at the sword spirit in disbelief. What kind of spell had Lin Feng learned? Surprisingly, he had two souls, and one of them was indestructible!
“Soul sacrifice.” Saint Tianhun raised a finger and the Venerable Sacrificial Soul Fire moved towards Lin Feng’s godly awareness palace. However, the godly awareness palace became dazzling and turned into a hall, Lin Feng’s soul strength was being cleansed. He was using lots of godly awareness strength, but Saint Tianhun was still astonished, Lin Feng’s defenses were astonishing.
Tianhun made some hand seals, white flames appeared that seemed like they could destroy anything. The air above the Qi Tian Battle Stage turned white with heat, that fire was astonishing.
The godly awareness palace was burning. The flames then started attacking Lin Feng’s soul sword. The sword of darkness kept glittering, and Demon Kalpa strength destroyed the fire. The white fire and the darkness kept intertwining, everybody understood that this was a battle to the death.
“Lin Feng might get killed. Even if he has two souls, if his soul sword is destroyed, he’ll die.” The crowd looked at Lin Feng, who was bleeding. He was having a hard time. Of course, Saint Tianhun was also sweating, his soul strength pulsing around him. He would have never thought an emperor could be so strong. He had done so much to become so strong, and now it had become difficult…
Lin Feng released cosmic energies which turned into a sharp sword, and then multiplied. They started fusing together, his body changing, and people’s hearts started pounding. Everybody’s expressions changed as they stared at Lin Feng.
“He can still move?” Wu Jue was amazed. Lin Feng released ancient imprints, a word appeared, and he used the power of his incantation. When he used his incantation attack, his strength became explosive. His real body turned into a sharp sword and streaked across the sky, shooting towards Saint Tianhun.
Saint Tianhun’s face turned deathly pale as he grimaced. He had thought he had almost succeeded, and yet Lin Feng still had strength to counterattack, he had been waiting for such a moment the whole time! Saint Tianhun was also exhausted, he had done all he could using the Venerable Sacrificial Soul Fire!
Saint Tianhun waved his hand and many spears shot towards Lin Feng’s gigantic sword, exploding against it. At the same time, he looked unhappy and recalled his fire. The eighty-one flames moved back into his third eye. A gigantic black fist appeared in the air and blocked the gigantic sword and pushed it away.
“Pfew…” Saint Tianhun opened his eyes, he was shaking. He didn’t look calm and poised anymore. Lin Feng’s real body reappeared, his face deathly pale. Nobody could imagine how he felt, but the pressure was incredible.
“You’re that damn Saint,” said Lin Feng to Saint Tianhun icily. Everybody’s heart started pounding again… a Saint?!

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