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PMG Chapter 2085: Animal District’s Announcement

PMG Chapter 2085: Animal District’s Announcement
Lin Feng had already had to deal with Saint Tianhun in the Saint’s world at the altar. He had used his soul strength to attack Lin Feng there. Now he had a new body, but still wanted Lin Feng’s body.
Venerable Sacrificial Soul Fire, Holy Technique strength, this guy controlled so many Saint’s spells, skills, and techniques. Even the Qin Dynasty didn’t have such things. He was definitely a Saint!
When the crowd heard Lin Feng, they looked at Saint Tianhun sharply. A Saint?
In the crowd, apart from Holy Emperors, nobody knew the truth so they were astonished, especially since Saint Tianhun had just tried to steal Lin Feng’s body. It meant that it was indeed possible. When stealing someone’s body, it was impossible to recover one’s own strength completely, so the best thing was still to grow up and become stronger step by step. Therefore, unless they had been killed, cultivators never tried to steal people’s bodies. And on top of that, only extremely strong cultivators usually learned the technique. This guy who was extremely strong wanted to give up his body to steal Lin Feng’s, it probably meant that the body he had wasn’t his own body!
“I don’t know what you mean,” replied Saint Tianhun. He naturally wasn’t going to admit Lin Feng was right. He hadn’t thought that someone would be able to compete with him at the same cultivation level after coming back to life. Perhaps his cultivation level hadn’t completely stabilized, otherwise, nobody would have been able to compete with him, including Lin Feng.
“Back then in the Spirit World, you wanted to steal my body. Now the Qin Dynasty hid you and helped you come back to life. But you haven’t changed, because you’re still not satisfied. Master Tianhun, for my body, you’re really ready to do anything!” spat Lin Feng icily. He was quite strong and still Saint Tianhun had posed a threat to him. At the same cultivation level, a Saint who had come back to life was stronger than anyone else with a few exceptions, especially if the body he had captured wasn’t powerful enough. He needed time to become really strong again.
“I’ll be merciful this time,” said Saint Tianhun, staring at Lin Feng. Lin Feng was really strong, killing him was difficult, his soul and his new body had to fuse together better for him to be strong enough. He needed to become stronger, then he’d be able to burn Lin Feng’s soul with his Venerable Sacrificial Soul Fire and be able to capture his body.
Saint Tianhun jumped off the Qi Tian Battle Stage, he had used too much strength against Lin Feng, and couldn’t continue fighting. He was a Saint, his goal wasn’t to defeat the Animal District’s cultivators, but to become stronger and then become one of the strongest cultivators of the Continent of the Nine Clouds once again. He was convinced that the members of the Animal District had the same goal.
Lin Feng ignored Saint Tianhun. Since he was a Saint who had come back to life, Lin Feng couldn’t kill him easily, he felt under pressure though, the Saint would progress quickly, and the Saint’s memories were precious treasures.
At that moment, Lin Feng nodded at Wu Jue, he smiled and said, “Why did you help me?”
“I helped you?” replied Wu Jue airily, which naturally made Lin Feng smile. He didn’t say anything else. Wu Jue was an interesting guy and a strong fighter.
Lin Feng looked at the Seventh Beast and said indifferently, “You’re still not strong enough.”
He jumped off the Qi Tian Battle Stage. Like Saint Tianhun, he had used too much strength and felt tired. That soul fire technique was too powerful, he was injured.
“Everybody, come back.” said a strong cultivator of the Animal District calmly. The three Young Beast Masters also withdrew.
“Thousands of years have passed, there are still some geniuses in Qi Tian Holy Town. However, they are disappointing. Almost nobody has the potential to become a peerless cultivator someday,” said the strong cultivator of the Animal District calmly. He remained seated. Lin Feng and the two others were exceptions, they were geniuses and it was normal, but that one who was staying with the members of the Qi Tian Holy Town was a Saint, so he didn’t even count if that was the case.
When the crowd heard him, they were speechless. The Animal District had come back to life and those battles were a way to show it to everyone.
At that moment, a strong wind started blowing. The crowd saw a Young Beast Master rise up in the air. It was the first one, a great emperor.
He glanced at all the strong cultivators of Qi Tian Holy Town. Suddenly, he waved his hands, and in a flash, bestial Qi rose up in the air. A dragon, a unicorn, a turtle, and a wind beast streaked across the sky and two gigantic words appeared in the sky: ANIMAL DISTRICT.
Then, the first beast master said indifferently, “From today, humans are prohibited from going to the Animal District in a circumference of three thousand li. The Animal District is back in town.”
Then, he returned to his place. People’s hearts started pounding violently, the first Young Beast Master was terrifyingly strong. They hadn’t seen how strong he was but he was probably as strong as Xue Ao from the Snow Clan.
Lin Feng went back to the group of people from the Holy Spirit Dynasty and looked at the two gigantic words in the sky. He was impressed. The Animal District had just come back to life, and they were astonishingly strong.
At that moment, Lin Feng realized that he didn’t belong to the same world as before anymore. He was already starting to fight against the strongest cultivators of his generation. He had started in a small world, then he had gone to the nine great celestial castles, traveled around in the great world, gone to the Vast Celestial Ancient City, then to the Holy City and Qi Tian Holy Town, and now his activities involved the whole Dark Night Region.
It all would have been unthinkable many years before. Hu Yue would have never thought it was possible for him to progress so fast, for example. Lin Feng was so strong that almost no emperor could fight against him anymore.
Hu Yue understood that there was a huge difference between people who had reached the top of the Huang Qi layer, and people who had the potential to become peerless cultivators and were at the top of the Huang Qi layer. Many people could reach the top of the Huang Qi layer, but few people had the potential to become peerless cultivators someday. Someday, they’d have no enemies at all.
At that moment, the strong cultivators of the Animal District stood up and left without saying any more. Their bestial Qi dispersed as they disappeared from people’s field of vision.
“The Animal District has announced they have come back. In the future, they’ll probably become the strongest cultivators in town,” someone murmured. They were worried.
“Everybody, go back,” said Qin Gan indifferently after standing up. Everybody remained silent. This battle had been too shocking, and the Dynasties had lost face.
“Lin Feng.” said someone from the Ancient Jade Dynasty’s side, “Where’s the Holy Jade Princess?”
“Maybe that she didn’t want to go back to the Ancient Jade Dynasty after we had sex. How could I know where she is or what she thinks? Go and ask her,” replied Lin Feng, waving his hand dismissively.
Would the Ancient Jade Dynasty have to choose a new Holy Woman? The Ancient Jade Dynasty had no solution.
After the crowd left, the battle stage was still floating in the air. It had witnessed countless battles in history.
Now the Animal District had oppressed all the Dynasties on it and they had announced nobody could go into their territory anymore.
Perhaps other beasts would come to Qi Tian Holy Town to join them in the future. From one day to the next, things had changed in Qi Tian Holy Town…
After that, Lin Feng waited outside the Holy Spirit Dynasty and received some guests, mostly Tiantai’s strong cultivators: Hou Qing Lin, Tian Chi, Ruo Xie, Tantai, Huang Fu Long, and the others. They had all come. There were many other cultivators from Tiantai, including people who had joined after them. Lin Feng was happy to see them.
“Holy Dynasty Prince!” They walked on the Holy Dynasty Prince’s territory and realized everyone was bowing before Lin Feng respectfully. He was their Holy Dynasty Prince. Lin Feng had been one of three people who had been able to compete with the beast masters of the Animal District. The Holy Spirit Dynasty was quite happy about that.
Lin Feng nodded at everyone. Tantai smiled, “Lin Feng, you have a high position here.”
“The Holy Spirit Dynasty and I have excellent relations. Why did you come here, guys?” asked Lin Feng to his friends.
“We need to travel to become stronger at our cultivation level. Many people from Tiantai are already high-level emperors. We want to travel in the Dark Night Region. We want to try and become great emperors!” said Hou Qing Lin calmly.
Lin Feng nodded agreement. Traveling and seeing many strong cultivators was a good way to become stronger.

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    • kid September 10, 2018 at 3:24 pm - Reply

      That going to be a side story or new story of Tang YouYou.. Not the main story of PMG
      Seriously, this novel is about Lin Feng, not about the side Characters.. If you guys wondering about it, just send email or something to the author, not the translator.
      Anyway, no offense yo..
      Btw, i can’t seem to reach 2086, is it a mistake in the title or is it something-something?

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      Iirc, they transferred something to her. I forgot what that is, but it was said on the previous chapters.

    • PMGfan September 10, 2018 at 3:35 pm - Reply

      She is a strong high level emperor. It was already mentioned how she had a power up.

    • Anythingwilldo September 10, 2018 at 11:22 pm - Reply

      They did a sacrificial thing with the dynasty’s previous protector because she was hurt in battle and it turned out that youyou was a like a descendant and so they chose her hence she cant leave the dynasty and they probably found her through fortune shrine with their divination technique

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      didnt a strong lady from the holy spirit dynasty fail to become stronger and transferred her powers to youyou before dying, making her indebted to said dynasty, making her unable to leave (because of her conscience) in order for her to repay their kindness, which is why she hid her face from LF because she didn’t know if she can refuse LF if he asked her to come with him? sorry for bad english.

      • TeamYouYou September 11, 2018 at 11:31 am - Reply

        They did say that, but why YouYou of all people? She was back in the small world last time we saw her, too, so how did that lady find her?
        Was YouYou the Watcher? If people can transfer strength so easily, why aren’t the Ancient Holy Clans chock full of super powerful cultivators?
        Finally, I doubt YouYou is just a high level emperor because they said she was stronger than LF while he was already a high level emperor. YouYou was good, but not that good or dominant against others of the same cultivation level. And she resisted multiple Saint/Great emperors attacking at the same time without insta-popping, which means she was just a bit weaker than them, like Crazy Bull vs. the 8th Beast.

        • Mang Kanor September 11, 2018 at 12:44 pm - Reply

          YouYou is probably stronger than crazy bull and 8th beast because they are still only high level emperors.
          YouYou is probably a Holy emperor or Saint emperor (not a Saint).
          The strong lady probably only transferred her powers to YouYou because she was dying.
          Strong people in this novel are selfish and will not sacrifice themselves for other people and are more likely to sacrifice the weak for them to become stronger hence, the Ancient Holy Clans not being chock full of super powerful cultivators.
          Besides even if a powerful cultivator can transfer his powers to another cultivator without dying, the number of strong cultivators will still be the same.
          Only my opinion tho…

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      The former Holy Princess that was a Saint Emperor gifted her cultivation to You You because she was dying and had no way of stopping it. She liked You You a lot and transferred most of her strength.

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