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PMG Chapter 2086: Mu Chen’s News

PMG Chapter 2086: Mu Chen’s News
Lin Feng took them to a palace, Holy Emperor Ling welcomed them personally. He smiled at Lin Feng and said, “Lin Feng, these young people are all outstanding, are they our friends?”
“They’re all from Champion University, and some of them come from the small world like me. We’re like brothers and sisters,” Lin Feng said to Holy Emperor Ling.
Holy Emperor Ling nodded and smiled. “Your friends are outstanding and extraordinary. In a few years, they’ll amaze the whole region.”
“Naturally. I hope they will all reach the maximum level on the path of cultivation and become peerless cultivators,” Lin Feng said calmly. He sounded incredibly confident. He had faith in himself, but also in Hou Qing Lin and the others. They had all received the Celestial Evolution Holy Scriptures, as well as many other precious treasures. If they were determined enough, they could all become peerless cultivators. They just needed to practice, to be determined, and to give all they could.
Back then, Hou Qing Lin and Jian Mang had tried to go onto the Holy Way Stage. Two more steps… their blood and body as well as potential needed to be improved, but their determination was not a problem at all. Lin Feng’s Kalpa Indestructible Deva-Mara skill and his Deva-Mara Kalpa strength cleansing technique were perfect for him so in terms of body, there was no problem, but might not be good enough for them.
When Holy Emperor Ling heard Lin Feng, he smiled to himself. Lin Feng was young and arrogant sometimes, but he could be that way because he was strong enough. When the beast masters had shown up, Lin Feng had remained fearless. He had even made the Seventh Beast flinch. The Saint had even attacked him by surprise, but had failed. Holy Emperor Ling was convinced that if Lin Feng didn’t die, he’d become a peerless cultivator sooner or later.
“Since they’re your friends, they can come in,” Holy Emperor Ling said cheerfully, nodding at everyone.

He organized a banquet for them, everyone sat down and Holy Emperor Ling asked, “Lin Feng, the Animal District came back, do you know why?”
“There’s something secret going on?” asked Lin Feng, intrigued.
“Maybe that they’re not only interested in Qi Tian Holy Town, maybe they want the beast masters to get ready for the Meeting of the Continent of the Nine Clouds,” proposed Holy Emperor Ling calmly. Lin Feng frowned, not understanding.
“The Continent of the Nine Clouds is divided into several regions: Godly Clouds, Dark Clouds, Green Jade Clouds, Red Clouds, Bright Clouds, Jade Clouds, Blue Pale Clouds, Purple Clouds, Supreme Clouds. People rarely travel between the different regions because there are only two ways of traveling between regions. The first one is to cross the Celestial Country, and the second way is to use an empty space tunnel. People who have the strength of the Huang Qi layer and under can cross the Celestial Country, but great emperors have no choice but to use an empty space tunnel. Therefore, people rarely have news about the other regions,” Holy Emperor Ling said calmly. He had lived for many years, and he had been to another region only once.
“Do cultivators practice cultivation the same way as we do in other regions?” Lin Feng asked him.
“We can all reach the same goal by different routes, all roads lead to the capital. They are cultivators like us, but they have different methods. I’ve heard that in Red Clouds, people are incredible doctors. I’ve heard that in Blue Pale Clouds, there are many terrifying sword cultivators. People practice cultivation differently depending on where they’re from. Godly Clouds is the central part of the Continent of the Nine Clouds, and it’s also the strongest region, all the schools of thought contend there. Many geniuses like you, who have the potential to become peerless cultivators, want to go there to see the strongest geniuses of the world.”
“What is that meeting of the Continent of the Nine Clouds? Where is it and who can go?” asked Lin Feng. He had heard of the regions of the Continent of the Nine Clouds; nine regions, one in the middle, eight around it. Godly Clouds was the only region which had a border with the other eight region; the other eight regions only had three borders with other regions, and they all shared a border with Godly Clouds.
“The Meeting of the Continent of the Nine Clouds takes place every one hundred years. The Shrines organize it. This time, I think Destiny Shrine is in charge of the next one. The different Shrines handle the event once every thousand years. This time, it’s Destiny Shrine’s turn again. I wonder who will be fortunate this time,” said Holy Emperor Ling. When Lin Feng heard that, his heart started pounding.
“So does that mean the Destiny Shrine will recruit people?” asked Hou Qing Lin, also remembering the Destiny Shrine, unable to restrain himself.
“Indeed, the Destiny Shrine will recruit people, the lucky ones will reach the apex in terms of power: a Shrine!” replied Holy Emperor Ling. The Shrines recruited people based on two kinds of circumstances: when they attached importance to someone they bumped into, mostly people who had king-type bodies, or people who proved they were strong during the Meeting of the Continent of the Nine Clouds.
Therefore, people who came from Shrines were all terrifyingly strong, and it was extremely beneficial for their families, like the He Clan from Tian Yuan Ancient City. They had some disciples in the Destiny Shrine. Because Godly Clouds was a region well connected to the Shrines, many people wanted to go there. It was also why Godly Clouds was the strongest region.
“So the Animal District raised those thirteen Young Beast Masters to enable them to go to Godly Clouds?” murmured Lin Feng.
Holy Emperor Ling nodded, “Indeed, they want their young masters to go to the Meeting of the Continent of the Nine Clouds. There are also ones who want to become the First Master of our region, the Dark Night Region. Wu Jue is an example, and that’s why the Wu Jue Holy Palace wants Wu Jue to have children before leaving. If Wu Jue dies abroad, then they won’t have any more descendants.”
When Lin Feng heard that, he smiled. Wu Jue really did want to have children with Yi Tian Jiao. The fact made Lin Feng laugh, he had thought the other was joking. Anyway, the strongest cultivators of the Continent of the Nine Clouds were progressing quickly. They had to, for the Meeting of the Continent of the Nine Clouds, and to be the foremost cultivators of the region, too. Who would come back safe and sound, though? Only the strongest cultivators!
“We don’t have geniuses in the Holy Spirit Dynasty. Lin Feng, don’t miss this opportunity. The Meeting of the Continent of the Nine Clouds is not just about being recruited as a disciple by a Shrine, it’s also an incredible opportunity to receive priceless treasures,” Holy Emperor Ling told Lin Feng. Lin Feng was only one step away from reaching the top of the Huang Qi layer. At that level, Lin Feng would become terrifyingly strong. Even though Lin Feng was still unable to dazzle at the Meeting of the Continent of the Nine Clouds, he had time to progress!
Lin Feng muttered to himself irresolutely, saying nothing. He didn’t want to miss the Meeting of the Continent of the Nine Clouds, obviously.
At that moment, Lin Feng looked over at Hou Qing Lin, they lowered their heads and remained silent, they looked unhappy.
“Second fellow disciple, third fellow disciple, Ruo Xie, Xing Zhan, Ban Ruo, didn’t you all come out just to practice cultivation?” Lin Feng’s eyes glittered. If they had just come out to practice, why would they stay in such a big group?
“Brother, has anything happened?” asked Lin Feng.
Hou Qing Lin was stupefied, he raised his head and looked at Lin Feng. Then, he looked at Holy Emperor Ling.
Holy Emperor Ling smiled and said, “I’m off. If you need me, please ask for me, all of you.”
The Holy Emperor left. Lin Feng was sure there was a problem now.
“Brother, what’s going on?” asked Lin Feng again.
Hou Qing Lin raised his head again, looked at Lin Feng, took a deep breath and said, “Brother, we have news from Mu Chen.”
“Mu Chen.” Lin Feng’s eyes glittered and he asked, “Where is he?”
“I didn’t want to tell you at first, but since you want to leave for Godly Clouds, I have no choice but to tell you. When we left the small world back then, Mu Chen and Emperor Yu were connected by a thread of soul, and they had also exchanged jade talismans. Mu Chen’s soul jade talisman is cracking.” said Hou Qing Lin.
Lin Feng’s heart twitched and his face turned deathly pale. He clenched his fists. “Is it broken?” he asked.
“It’s not. It’s strange. It’s all cracked, it looks like a spider web. But it’s not broken. He must be in danger. And Emperor Yu has received some news from him through a thread of soul.” said Hou Qing Lin. He looked extremely nervous as he ground his teeth. He continued, “He told Emperor Yu that if he reincarnated, they’d still be like brothers, he also said that Godly Clouds would be his burial site, and that he had had a worthy life, he doesn’t want his death to be avenged and he asked Emperor Yu not to tell us about it.”
“Mu Chen went to Godly Clouds.” Lin Feng’s face stiffened. In the Dark Night Region, it would have been okay, but Godly Clouds was another story. How could they find him there? And from the message he had passed on, he had encountered a terrifying enemy. Otherwise, he would have never told them not to avenge his death. But why is his talisman only fissured and not broken?
“Yes, we don’t know how, when or why, Emperor Yu wanted to go and find him alone, but we stopped him, then we decided to go and look for him ourselves, and asked the university to look after him.”
“Brother, how could you hide the truth from me?” shouted Lin Feng furiously. It was the first time he was angry at Hou Qing Lin. How could they want to go to Godly Clouds without him?!
“Lin Feng, Shi Jue Lao Xian, and you have an agreement. Meng Qing is pregnant, we wanted to protect you. And if anything happens to us in Godly Clouds, at least you’ll be able to avenge our deaths. After all, you are the most talented of all of us,” sighed Ruo Xie. “But since you also want to go to Godly Clouds, then we can go together.”
Lin Feng tried to calm down, but it was difficult. He said, “Tiantai’s Disciples, all like brothers and sisters!”

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