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PMG Chapter 2087: Judgement Day City

PMG Chapter 2087: Judgement Day City
The members of Tiantai remained silent for a few seconds and then nodded, “Tiantai’s disciples, all like brothers and sisters!”
“Even if we find Godly Clouds, how will we find our brother?” asked Lin Feng. They had to find him quickly, but it was easier said than done.
“The Ancestors of the university can help, they prepared some Great Imperial Weapons for us, including some Soul Locking Bells. Emperor Yu put Mu Chen’s soul thread in the Soul Locking Bells, it can help us find him. Therefore, if we find Godly Clouds, we can find where he is. Of course, as long as…” Hou Qing Lin trailed off. Mu Chen wasn’t dead yet, but his talisman was cracked.
“The matter should not be delayed. Let’s get ready to leave!” said Lin Feng. They had to rescue Mu Chen! Lin Feng revered his dear teacher Mu Chen!
“Alright, good! We have a map. The border city between Godly Clouds and the Dark Night Region is Judgement Day City. It’s also one of the eighteen main cities of the region, it’s on the edge of the region. We should go to Judgement Day City first and then we’ll use an empty space tunnel to travel to Godly Clouds.”
Judgement Day City was the most special town in the Dark Night Region, due to its location as a border city with Godly Clouds. Some extremely strong cultivators sometimes used the empty space tunnel and went there. It was quite chaotic there sometimes. Sometimes extremely strong cultivators killed people to steal their treasures. Hence the name: Judgement Day City.
“I need to go and see my son first,” said Lin Feng to Hou Qing Lin. Hou Qing Lin and the others were astonished, child?
“Lin Feng, you…”
Lin Feng smiled and said, “You don’t know yet, right? I have a son in the Holy Spirit Dynasty too, his name is Lin Qiong Sheng.”
“Is it Meng Qing’s-”
“No.” Lin Feng interrupted him and said, “Come with me.”

His friends followed him to a courtyard. You You was playing with Lin Qiong Sheng, and when the child saw those people, he was curious.
“Brothers, that’s my wife, Tang You You,” said Lin Feng, pointing at Tang You You. Hou Qing Lin and the others were astonished. They had all heard Tantai talk about that battle when all the Dynasties had surrounded Lin Feng back then, a beautiful woman had almost died in Lin Feng’s arms, that had been Tang You You. They hadn’t thought Lin Feng would have a child with her.
“Qiong Sheng, come, greet your uncles and aunts,” said Lin Feng, grabbing Lin Qiong Sheng’s hand.
The little boy looked at the crowd and said, “Uncles and Aunties!”
“Good little boy. He is already a Tian level cultivator!” Hou Qing Lin hugged Lin Qiong Sheng and lifted him, smiling and saying, “Lin Feng, that little boy is already much stronger than us back in the days, he’s growing up in an adequate environment.”
“Indeed. When he’s older, we’ll make him go through some hardships!” said Lin Feng smiled. Cultivation couldn’t be easy!
“Lin Feng, you should bring him to my tribe, but as a Tian level cultivator, it’s already a pity,” said Tantai looking at the child. Lin Feng rolled his eyes; Tantai’s tribe raised young people differently. They didn’t let them break through too quickly, they suddenly became much stronger after many years.
“You You, I’m going to Godly Clouds with my friends. Please stay here,” Lin Feng said to Tang You You.
“I’ll come with you. The Holy Spirit Dynasty will take care of Qiong Sheng,” Tang You You said to Lin Feng.
“Alright, you can stay in that world then,” said Lin Feng, caressing Tang You You’s cheeks. She understood and nodded.
“How cool!” said Tantai. Everybody burst into laughter. Lin Feng turned around and punched Tantai’s shoulder.
Lin Feng prepared some things for the trip. He also said goodbye to the Holy Spirit Dynasty’s cultivators, they weren’t going to prevent You You and him from leaving. As long as Lin Qiong Sheng stayed with them, it was fine.
Lin Feng and the others left for Judgement Day City.
On the same day, thirteen cultivators from the Animal Dynasty left, as well. When the strong cultivators of the different Dynasties saw them, they were startled. The thirteen strong cultivators were going to try their luck abroad. These days, the Animal District had proved they were stable and extremely strong, nobody would dare attack them. The thirteen strong cultivators had to rise.
In Wu Jue’s Holy Palace, Wu Jue was lying in bed with a beautiful woman and said, “Wait for me, I’ll come back.”
Yi Tian Jiao looked at him furiously, wanting to kill him. Her lips bled. She still had mixed feelings. Wu Jue was a bastard, but he had managed to bring her back to have a child.
“I know you’ll miss me,” said Wu Jue smiling. He kissed her on the lips and said, “I’ll come back as a hero and we’ll have a real wedding ceremony!”
“You think I’ll raise your child?” spat Yi Tian Jiao icily.
“We’ve been together for a few days already, why act like that? Wait for me, I’ll come back.”
Wu Jue caressed her cheeks and left. Then, he rose up in the air and left, he looked confident and at ease. Yi Tian Jiao’s face was deathly pale, she was furious: that bastard!
During those days, another group of strong cultivators, including Saint Tianhun, left. There were many people from different Dynasties, including a lot of great emperors.
They all had one goal: Judgement Day City!
Every hundred years, Judgement Day City hosted many strong cultivators. It was a very ancient city. Every hundred years, the atmosphere became chaotic. The price to go to Godly Clouds was more expensive each time, the people who controlled the empty space tunnel kept increasing the price. Because of that, many people killed other people to steal their treasures to pay for the trip.
Many strong cultivators from remote places went there and realized that they still didn’t have enough precious items to pay for a trip even though some of them took everything their family owned.  Most grew desperate. Going to Godly Clouds wasn’t easy!
Apart from that, the economic competition was also fierce, but doing business in Judgement Day City was a flourishing activity since it was a border city. Besides, every hundred years, many people also realized, when arriving, that the tickets for the empty space tunnel were sold out, fully booked. However, some people who had bought them in advance sold them at terrifying prices.
The people who controlled the empty space tunnel formed an alliance. Seven Ancient Holy Clans had joined hands to control it, and had a great deal of power in Judgement Day City. Nobody dared attack them, so they were very rich. Otherwise, people would have destroyed them, they owned such a terrifyingly profitable business.
At that moment, outside of the station, Lin Feng and the others asked some people about how to go to Godly Clouds. They were stunned. They learned that special boats were required to use the empty space tunnel, and they were extremely rare. Only one boat left every three months, and a boat could only accommodate a hundred people, it was far from enough. Therefore, people were sometimes here for years before going to Godly Clouds. Now, even though they were near Godly Clouds, it would be difficult for them to get tickets, especially since it was a peak period.
“What bastards. There aren’t any tickets left for the boat in three months, and since you can buy tickets for a later date, because of them, we can’t go to Godly Clouds,” swore Tantai angrily. He was even wondering whether they were doing such a thing on purpose.
“It’s normal. That way, if you really want to buy a ticket, you must buy it at ten times the price!” said Hou Qing Lin. He remained calm. They needed to find another way and in any case, Hou Qing Lin would have bought tickets if possible and sold them at a much higher price. He would have been a good businessman.
“So should we wait for three months?” asked Tantai.
“You can’t get a ticket even if you wait, you’ll just wait in vain, you won’t get a ticket,” said Lin Feng, “We need to find another way to get tickets.”
“Alright, let’s go and see the auction house,” said Hou Qing Lin. The group had heard that Doomsday Auction House was the biggest auction house of Judgement Day City. Three tickets were sold there everyday.
Lin Feng and the others were furious. Who would wait for so long? There were more and more people everyday in Judgement Day City, which meant that if you waited, it got more and more difficult to get a ticket. For example, on the first day, there were a thousand people for three tickets, on the second day, there were two thousand people for three tickets and so on.
How cruel! Apart from Doomsday Auction House, the other auction houses had even less tickets, one every day. Getting tickets wasn’t easy at all!

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