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PMG Chapter 2088: Auctions

PMG Chapter 2088: Auctions
The Doomsday Auction House was an imposing auction house. Nobody had the advantage there, everybody was treated equally.
When Lin Feng and the others arrived, they were stunned and speechless. It was incredible, there were so many people, if someone obtained a precious treasure in front of everyone, wouldn’t the strongest cultivators want to steal it from them?
Lin Feng and the others didn’t know what to think.
At that moment, there were many people already. They had been waiting since the beginning. Lin Feng and the others joined the crowd and sat down high up in the bleachers. Since there were only three tickets every day, they wanted to obtain the first one at least. They couldn’t waste time.
“Brother, you have the Soul Locking Bells, how’s Mu Chen?” asked Lin Feng to Hou Qing Lin.
“He must be fine. We need to hurry,” said Hou Qing Lin, nodding while inspecting the Soul Locking Bells.
“Yes, I’ll sit elsewhere, we can’t show everyone we know one another, it’s safer,” said Lin Feng. He stood up and went down the bleachers.
After a short time, Lin Feng arrived at the front lines, he saw a row where only one woman was seated. Some people waved at Lin Feng and said, “Your Excellency, please go elsewhere.”
“Are there private rows in the auction house?” asked Lin Feng with a caustic smile, but he didn’t insist. He just sat down in the third row, the auctions were going to start.
That woman is protected by great emperors, she must be from an ancient clan, thought Lin Feng. He didn’t mind though. He didn’t need to.
Hou Qing Lin and the others didn’t show they knew Lin Feng. If Lin Feng got a ticket, it wouldn’t be easy to find him, one person was more difficult to find than a group of people.
More and more people arrived. The place was vast, but it was comparatively silent. Nobody talked, and when they did, they just whispered.

Finally, some people from the auction house appeared at the same time. They carried all sorts of boxes and chests. They didn’t put anything in rings.
The manager was a middle-aged man. He had an imposing appearance, and was a great emperor.
“Same old rules, offer a good price, there is no base price,” said the middle-aged man, showing off a box. Everybody heard him clearly.
“We have to choose without seeing the item?” Lin Feng was stupefied. The Doomsday Auction House was strange.
Someone next to Lin Feng whispered, “Doomsday Auction House’s rules, you can’t see the first three items, it’s all luck.”
“What if it’s a bad item? asked Lin Feng.
“Well then, you have no choice but to accept your fate.” replied the person. Lin Feng was speechless. Then the person continued, “Of course, sometimes items are sold at a very low price and in the end were very precious, in which case many people regret not having bought it.”
“Of course, the auctions are about luck too, you can’t get all the items, there are so many people.” Lin Feng understood. Only big auction houses could do such a thing because they constantly had many people. Maybe it was good, maybe not.
“So the first three items always belong to the Doomsday Auction House?”
“Wrong. All the items belong to them. If you want to sell your things here, you can’t. If you want to sell something here, they buy it from you at a price which corresponds to your expectations and their calculations, and then when its theirs, they sell it. Of course, if your item is incredible, the Doomsday Auction House will be fair. The price at which they sell items you sold them has nothing to do with you anymore, even if they get an incredible price for it.”
“Interesting.” Lin Feng smiled. Many people started shouting prices. They didn’t know what the item was, so nobody proposed a terrifying price. Most people were proposing Imperial weapons or ordinary scriptures, and sometimes some strange things.
“Great imperial scriptures, Rotten Hell Ocean, rotting strength, it makes people’s blood rot instantly, it’s perfect for people who control death cosmic energies,” said Lin Feng calmly at that moment. Instantly, many people looked at him: Great imperial scriptures? And it was a very rare book! For an unknown item, it was a bit too much.
The middle-aged man on stage looked at Lin Feng and smiled indifferently, “Anyone else?”
Nobody said anything. Rare Great imperial scriptures were already too much.
“Alright, congratulations, you obtained the first item. When the third item is sold, you can come and pick up your item,” said the middle-aged man, nodding calmly. He took out a second box and lifted it without saying anything. He had nothing to say so he remained silent. It seemed even more mysterious.
“Yellow Spirits Great imperial scriptures, they teach you how to condense yellow springs in your fingers and kill people, it makes them fall into the yellow springs,” said Lin Feng again. The crowd frowned. An eerie silence took over.
However, at that moment, Lin Feng looked calm and serene as if he hadn’t been proposing Great imperial scriptures. Lin Feng had spent much time in the Celestial Country, and had killed so many people, obtaining many ancient scriptures. All the books he had obtained were perfect for people who controlled death strength. He had obtained so many Great imperial scriptures from Hell. He had lots of books and all of them were precious, why not exchange them if he didn’t need them?
Nobody tried to get the second item. When the man took out the third box, and Lin Feng proposed another Great imperial scripture from Hell, everyone was staring at him That guy had so many Ancient scriptures. He had just decided to exchange three Great imperial scriptures against three unknown items!
For Lin Feng, it didn’t matter, he didn’t care about those Great imperial scriptures. He hoped he’d get something great, though.
“Your Excellency, please come and get your items,” said the middle-aged man nodding at Lin Feng. Lin Feng rose up in the air, however, at that moment, people in front of him suddenly turned around and shouted furiously, “How insolent! Get down to go out!”
If Lin Feng wanted to fly, he had to fly above that woman’s head…
He glanced at them unhappily. They had prevented him from sitting where he wanted and now they didn’t want to let him fly, what was wrong with them? Who was being insolent?
Lin Feng ignored them and continued flying forwards. He looked at the woman and said, “Miss!”
The woman looked wealthy and noble. She just waved at Lin Feng. Lin Feng had just obtained three precious treasures, but she didn’t even look at him.
Lin Feng exchanged his scriptures against the three items, then he looked at the woman and said, “You want me to fly or walk?”
“Sit here,” said the woman, pointing at the seat next to her and smiling.
Lin Feng was surprised and nodded, “If they hadn’t stopped me, I would have sat here with you earlier.” He calmly sat down next to her. Her guards looked at him icily.
The middle-aged man of the auction house looked at Lin Feng in a strange way, but quickly returned to normal and smiled, “Alright, the next item is a Great Imperial Talisman. It doesn’t contain a deployment spell anymore, but there are still traces inside. Powerful deployment spell casters can benefit from it because it’ll be easier to carve great imperial deployment spells on it, and you can use it several times. Please bid.”
Lin Feng’s heart twitched. He had carved many deployment talismans before coming to Judgement Day City. He hadn’t thought he’d see a Great Imperial Talisman here. He really wanted to obtain it.
“Great imperial scriptures, Huge Vigorous Lion Qi, extremely powerful, increases a cultivator’s strength, gives a cultivator the power of a great imperial beast, one roar can crush a cultivator’s heart,” said the woman next to Lin Feng calmly. She immediately proposed Great imperial scriptures!

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