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PMG Chapter 2089: Immortal Body

PMG Chapter 2089: Immortal Body
Most people didn’t bid when they heard the woman. It was just a Great Imperial Talisman, only deployment spell casters could benefit from it. The price was already too high for them.
However, it was a priceless item for strong deployment spell casters. As it contained deployment spell traces, it was very helpful for an army, as it could also be used as a body protection deployment spell. It was a priceless treasure!
“Great imperial scriptures, Indestructible Mountains and Rivers-like Body Imprints Technique, perfect for gold cultivators, it allows a cultivator to have an indestructible golden body. It’s powerful,” spoke up an old man calmly. The crowd looked at him, a Great Emperor wearing an ordinary grey robe. He looked like a deployment spell caster, actually.
“I’ll add a level two Great Imperial Weapon,” said the woman calmly, without turning around. She was from a powerful deployment spell caster family. She had come precisely to find items related to deployment spells.
The old man frowned when he heard the woman and said, “I’ll also add a level two Great Imperial Weapon.”
Great Imperial Weapons and Imperial weapons were divided into nine levels. Great Imperial Weapons were much more difficult to make than Imperial weapons, however!
“I’ll add a level three Great Imperial Weapon,” said the woman calmly. The great emperor was stupefied, a level three Great Imperial Weapon? Level three Great Imperial Weapons were priceless. Even level four Great Imperial Weapons were strong enough to fight against Celestial Emperors. He couldn’t trade any, he had only one and it was too important to him.
“She’s from a rich family, she can afford it,” whispered the crowd. The old man sighed. Even though he was from a good family, he was old, his clan didn’t spend resources on him anymore, powerful groups spent time and resources on young people. Old people had to rely on themselves!
The price was too high, it seemed nobody wanted to get the item for such a price.
“Great imperial scriptures, Mountain and River Illusion, when you practice it, a million illusionary clones appear, but they look real. You can trick the enemy. It’s from the Ancient Jade Dynasty in Qi Tian Holy Town. Besides, I’ll also add some more Great imperial scriptures, the Seven Deep Abstruse Dao technique, you can attack seven times with it, the attacks are powerful. It is also from the Ancient Jade Dynasty, but it is a little bit less powerful than the Great Deep Abstruse Dao,” Lin Feng spoke up evenly at that moment.
Everybody was astonished. This guy was wealthy!
“That guy has so many rare Great imperial scriptures! He even has Great imperial scriptures from the Ancient Jade Dynasty? Was he from the Ancient Jade Dynasty? But the Ancient Jade Dynasty only recruits women!” people whispered curiously.
The woman next to Lin Feng looked at him, her beautiful eyes glittered. She smiled indifferently, “For ordinary people, that talisman is useless. Why do you want it?”
The woman thought Lin Feng was trying to provoke her. He was very young, he couldn’t be an incredible deployment spell caster. Why did he want that talisman?
Lin Feng looked at her, he knew she thought he was trying to provoke her. He didn’t have time to waste doing such things though, so he didn’t explain anything, he just smiled thinly without saying anything.
The woman looked at Lin Feng and smiled, “Since you like it, you can have it. You won’t have it easy, though.”
She stopped bidding and nobody else rose to contest him. Lin Feng obtained the talisman. He gave the two books from the Ancient Jade Dynasty in exchange. If the members of the Ancient Jade Dynasty had known about that, they would have been furious.
After that, more treasures were traded, Great imperial scriptures, Great Imperial Weapons, pellets; some people also sold items they had to other people in the crowd directly. Lin Feng had many Great imperial scriptures, but he didn’t need all of them, so he could sell them to other people.
Many people were there only for ship tickets.
Lin Feng didn’t participate in the auctions for a few rounds, and finally the first ticket appeared. It was for the boat a month from now. Lin Feng gave up, he couldn’t wait for one month. When he saw the price for which it was sold, he was astonished. Many strong cultivators had come for the Meeting of the Continent of the Nine Clouds!
Finally, the first ticket was exchanged against some powerful Great imperial scriptures and a level four Great Imperial Weapon. It was very expensive. In normal times, a ship ticket could be sold for one level one Great Imperial Weapon or some powerful Great imperial scriptures, especially for a boat which was a month from now.
The second ticket was for fifteen days from now, Lin Feng’s heart twitched. How could he obtain more tickets? He didn’t know, so he had to get that one. Not everyone would be able to get tickets, so how could they do it? Use their spirits?
Lin Feng really needed that one ticket.
Many people wanted it. Many of them were great emperors, even some Celestial Emperors tried to bid. Obtaining one ticket was extremely complicated.
Very quickly, the price of the second ticket exceeded that of the first one: someone proposed a level five Great Imperial Weapon. For a great emperor, that was a terrifying price. With such a weapon, they could pose a threat to a Celestial Emperor!
“Ancient Holy Scriptures from the Ancient Jade Dynasty, Great Deep Abstruse Dao, for two tickets,” said Lin Feng at that moment. Everybody suddenly became silent. He was trying to exchange Ancient Holy Scriptures against ship tickets? On top of that from the Ancient Jade Dynasty? The Great Deep Abstruse Dao? How crazy! If the Ancient Jade Dynasty knew about it, they would have tried to kill him instantly. Of course, Lin Feng didn’t mind, the Ancient Jade Dynasty already wanted to kill him!
The middle-aged man stared at Lin Feng and said indifferently, “It’s against the rules, you can only get that one first.”
“What’s the date of the second ticket?” asked Lin Feng.
“Which one do you want to buy?” asked the middle-aged man.
“If you can’t tell me the details, I’ll just cancel my offer and leave. I’m sure anyone else would be happy to obtain the Ancient Jade Dynasty’s Ancient Holy Scriptures against a ship ticket,” said Lin Feng calmly. The middle-aged man remained silent. How cunning!
“Alright, I’ll tell you now. The next one is for this month, thirteenth day, it’s in five days.”
“Will you give me the next ticket for the Great Deep Abstruse Dao?” asked Lin Feng calmly. The two other tickets’ date was too far away in time. Lin Feng needed to leave as soon as possible.
“Anyone else for that ticket then?” asked the middle-aged man glancing around. However, only people from terrifyingly powerful clans had Ancient Holy Scriptures, and they didn’t want to exchange them. Ancient scriptures were no problem, but not Ancient Holy Scriptures. Their families wouldn’t agree with that at all!
Besides, Lin Feng wanted the second ticket, he couldn’t possible exchange Ancient Holy Scriptures for the previous one.
“Alright, it’s a deal,” said the middle-aged man smiling indifferently. A ship ticket against Ancient Holy Scriptures, that was a very profitable deal for the auction house.
“I hope you didn’t make a mistake,” said the middle-aged man calmly. That person was trading the Ancient Jade Dynasty’s Ancient Holy Scriptures against ship tickets, he probably had an extremely high social status.
“I hope you will be able to benefit from the Ancient Holy Scriptures,” Lin Feng smiled. If the Ancient Jade Dynasty learned about this, they might put pressure on the Doomsday Auction House, depending on their backing?
“Don’t worry about that,” replied the middle-aged man without talking too much, and went back to the second ticket.
The woman next to Lin Feng looked at him and said, “The Doomsday Auction House doesn’t protect people who buy here, you’re pretty audacious!”
An emperor was taking out Ancient Holy Scriptures in the open? Lin Feng’s ticket was for five days from now, and many people were now paying attention to him, he was pretty brave. Many people were already staring at him. However, he already knew things were going to happen that way, so he preferred doing it anyways.
The second ticket was finally sold for a level six Great Imperial Weapon. Lin Feng started thinking that the alliance who controlled the boat company probably cooperated with the auction house. It was logical, it was the best way for them to benefit and rip people off.
Then, the man took out a black box. It was pitch-black, as if a terrifying strength had been sealed inside. The middle-aged man said to the crowd with a smile, “It’s the last item, an immortal body.”

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