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PMG Chapter 2090: Who’s Stupid?

PMG Chapter 2090: Who’s Stupid?
“An immortal body?” The crowd was shocked. Emperors’ bodies could remain intact for many years, and great emperors’ bodies, when intact, never decomposed. Those were normal bodies, but what the Doomsday Auction House was proposing seemed like an extraordinary cultivator!
The crowd looked at the long box. The middle-aged man put it on the ground with the greatest care. A few ancient imprints appeared and the gigantic box slowly opened itself. The crowd saw the body within. It had no Qi, it just looked intact.
“What kind of body is that?” asked someone. Lin Feng was curious too. He had the Saint’s feet and he had sensed a terrifying strength emerge from them. However, that body just looked like an ordinary corpse.
“What a strange corpse.” It was the first time that the woman next to Lin Feng sounded surprised, she whispered, “It has no Qi at all, it’s like an ordinary body, but it’s immortal. What kind of cultivation level did that person have?”
Everybody was thinking the same. “This body has been checked, he was over a hundred thousand years old or more. It’s completely intact. It was a strong cultivator in the ancient times. However, it has no Qi at all, like an ordinary person,” said the middle-aged man when he saw everybody was curious.
A hundred thousand years old or more?
“Of course, if you don’t believe me, I can show you.” said the middle-aged man smiling. An ice-cold blade appeared, it contained gloomy Qi, everybody sensed it clearly. The middle-aged man’s hand streaked across the sky, people were all startled.
“What a terrifying blade, it’s a level four or more Great Imperial Weapon!”
A terrifying strength attacked the immortal body. The crowd’s face stiffened. There was a metallic clank, and everybody was astonished because the blade didn’t do anything to the corpse!
“This blade is extremely powerful, as everyone has seen, but nothing works on it. According to our quality testers, it might be a Saint’s body,” said the middle-aged man indifferently. The crowd burst into an uproar, others remained silent. A Saint’s body in an auction house?
“Maybe that you doubt about my words, but I can tell everyone that that body has no Qi and doesn’t deteriorate, it’s a terrifying physical body. Even though we think it’s a Saint, we can’t do much with it. We tried to modify it but we can’t. That’s why we’re selling it. Of course, if the price isn’t high enough, we won’t sell it either,” said the middle-aged calmly. The Doomsday Auction House was different from other auction houses. If they weren’t happy with the price, they kept the items.
“If you can’t use it, why could we?” said someone who didn’t intend to bid.
“Why don’t you tell us a base price then?” asked someone else.
The middle-aged man shook his head and smiled, “If you want to bid, just bid, otherwise, don’t bid.”
If they proposed a base price, people wouldn’t take any initiative.
Lin Feng shook his head, he wasn’t interested in a body he didn’t understand, but at that moment, his expression slightly changed. Something was telling him he had to obtain that body.
It was an indescribable feeling, as if he were possessed. Lin Feng was suddenly excited.
“A level two Great imperial scripture and one tome of Great imperial scriptures, what do you think, Your Excellency?” asked Lin Feng.
The middle-aged man just smiled and said nothing. Lin Feng’s price wasn’t enough.
“A level four Great Imperial Weapon for the body,” proposed a strong cultivator indifferently.
“Level five armor,” said the woman next to Lin Feng calmly. She looked interested now. Many people were surprised, a level five Great Imperial Item, even defensive, was expensive, she was definitely rich!
The woman ground her teeth too. She had proposed a high price, she only had one item like that, but a Great Imperial Item couldn’t be compared with a Saint’s body. If she managed to understand it, she’d probably become extremely powerful. She would be able to inspect it back in her clan.
“Since you don’t want to buy that weapon in front of everybody, I’ll tell you something personally,” said Lin Feng indifferently. He talked to the middle-aged man indifferently, the man was astonished and frowned. People were surprised, what had Lin Feng proposed? More Ancient Holy Scriptures?
“Deal!” said the middle-aged man without hesitating.
Lin Feng smiled and stood up. His silhouette flickered, he jumped onto the stage, said something to the man using his godly awareness, and took the immortal body.
“Who’s that guy? He bought so many things!” exclaimed quite a few people.
The woman next to Lin Feng was stupefied. She realized that this young man who hadn’t even reached the top of the Huang Qi layer had so many things. She found herself curious. Some clans loved ancient scriptures, that wasn’t surprising, especially scholars since they had studied at university.
However, this Lin Feng seemed stupid, he had shown too much, did he think he’d manage to leave safely? So many people were staring at him…
When Lin Feng came back, the woman stood up and said to Lin Feng, “When you leave, many people will surround you. The Doomsday Auction House won’t help you, they’re not responsible for you. Give me the talisman and I’ll help you. Otherwise, you will die before being able to go to Godly Clouds.”
“Thank you for proposing your help,” replied Lin Feng indifferently.
The woman frowned and asked, “Why? That talisman is useless for you. I’m a deployment spell caster. I really need it.”
“Miss, if you need…” said someone next to her at that moment, releasing icy energies.
“My ticket is for the boat in five days as well, that’s why I want to help you. I hope you understand,” said the woman to Lin Feng.
“Thank you very much, you’re too kind,” said Lin Feng, nodding to her, and then he ran into the crowd. Many people released Qi around Lin Feng. He frowned and accelerated.
When the woman saw Lin Feng, she frowned and stared at him.
The woman remained silent for a few seconds and shook her head, “He’s just stupid. Forget about it.”
Lin Feng was in the middle of the crowd and suddenly a strong wind brushed again him. Many people grunted icily.
Many people were propelled away. Some people staggered. The atmosphere suddenly became chaotic.
“Insolent!” shouted a strong cultivator furiously, before punching out. However, at that moment, the strong wind moved towards the clouds, many people chased him, but after a short time the wind disappeared. Lin Feng appeared and turned around, looking back at the crowd.
“You think you can just leave?” said an old man in grey clothes. He was the one who had wanted the talisman.
“Give me the item. You’re just an emperor. You’re acting recklessly.”
“I wonder where that moron studies.”
The crowd had just left the Doomsday Auction House and they were all baring their fangs. They were fearless and didn’t even try to hide their desire to steal his treasures.
“I haven’t seen someone so ridiculous in a long time,” said a young man with his arms crossed before his chest. Great emperors were at his sides protecting him.
Lin Feng didn’t continue running. He just stood there and said nothing. He smiled mockingly.
“A bunch of morons.” People’s expressions slightly changed. One of them realized something and punched at Lin Feng. Lin Feng didn’t dodge. There was a rumble and explosion. The body exploded and disappeared. When they thought about his mocking smile a moment ago, they all pulled long faces.
Who was a moron?
It was just a clone, Lin Feng had already left! But why hadn’t they been able to follow him with their godly awareness?

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