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PMG Chapter 2091: Another Saint’s Body

PMG Chapter 2091: Another Saint’s Body
“He’s gone?” The woman was also stupefied when she arrived. She smiled thinly, “No wonder he dared act so insolently. He had a way to escape.”
As Lin Feng had moved through the wind, he had actually changed his mask and clothes. When the crowd penetrated into the wind, he left the strong wind, and that wind had moved forwards, taking his clones along. At that moment, Lin Feng was back with Hou Qing Lin and the others. They were calmly watching the scene.
“Let’s go,” said Lin Feng and they got up to leave.
“Brothers, we are many people, even if we get as many tickets, we also need to get tickets for the same day and that will be very difficult, we’ll need too much time,” Lin Feng said to Hou Qing Lin. After all, they couldn’t get many tickets for the ship which was five days later. There were many auction houses but for a dozen people, it would still be difficult to get so many tickets.
“So what do you want to do?” asked Hou Qing Lin to Lin Feng.
“I can bring everyone along, but the problem is you won’t be able to enjoy and learn from the empty space tunnel,” explained Lin Feng.
“Learning from the empty space tunnel is less important than gaining time to find Mu Chen. When we come back from Godly Clouds, we’ll all be able to learn from it,” replied Hou Qing Lin. Lin Feng nodded and said, “Alright! In five days, we will go to Godly Clouds. Let’s relax for the next few days. Don’t offend anyone. When we come back, we’ll enjoy ourselves a bit here.”
Everybody understood, they were in a rush. Mu Chen used to be a friend and a teacher, so if Lin Feng could take them along ‘for free’, it was the best solution. Everybody cared about Mu Chen greatly!
As Lin Feng had said, the best thing to do was not to offend anyone and relax for a few days. Lin Feng found a tranquil place and took out his new talisman. He opened the talisman and a beam of light emerged from it. Lin Feng put his godly awareness inside and sensed some deployment spell essence. This kind of talisman was perfect for carving deployment spells.
“Even though I am strong in comparison to people of the same cultivation level, I can’t compete with great emperors. If I carve some great deployment spells inside this talisman, I will be able to use it if I face a great danger. That way, I won’t need to use the Saint’s body,” he said to himself. He extended his hand out and condensed all sorts of cosmic energies. At the same time, his Heavenly Grace Godly Wood appeared indistinctly behind his body, a hurricane made of cosmic energies gathering around it. Then, those cosmic energies condensed down into his finger.
He couldn’t use such powerful cosmic energies on an ordinary talisman, or it would break!
Lin Feng started carving on the Great Imperial Talisman. Cosmic strength spread around him. Lin Feng hadn’t carved deployment spells this seriously for a long time, and was extremely focused. The deployment marks were being carved with single-hearted devotion and without distracting thoughts, glittering as they formed.
After a long time, Lin Feng finished carving the deployment marks and put his talisman away. He was happy and smiled. He took out the three boxes he had obtained without knowing what they were.
“Two ordinary Great Imperial Weapons and an Imperial weapon, I lost.” Lin Feng smiled, he didn’t mind. The Ancient scriptures he had traded weren’t useful to him. As long as he had the ship ticket, he was satisfied.
After that, Lin Feng went into his spirit’s world. The Saint’s body was there, dead and inert. No Qi emerged from it. Lin Feng walked over to Qin Shan and put his soul strength into Qin Shan’s brain. After a short time, Lin Feng’s soul arrived in front of a dazzling light. Qin Shan was awake already, but he hadn’t recovered, he still needed godly medicine to recover.
“Master, can you help me check that body?” asked Lin Feng to the Saint.
“Saint’s body!” declared Qin Shan. Lin Feng’s shivered. It was really a Saint’s body! Why didn’t it have Qi though? Even the strong cultivators of the Doomsday Auction House couldn’t use it, so they had sold it.
“Make it fuse together with my consciousness and I’ll see whether it still has a thread of consciousness or not.” said Qin Shan. Lin Feng fused his soul together with the Saint’s consciousness. Qin Shan walked over to the Saint and his eyes twinkled.
Dazzling lights emerged from the Qin Shan’s eyes and penetrated into the Saint’s body. However, Lin Feng saw no consciousness at all, as if the Saint was really dead.
Lin Feng and Qin Shan’s consciousness flew throughout that body. They realized that some kind of strength was blocking them, as they couldn’t explore the Saint’s body thoroughly.
Qin Shan used more of his will to pierce through the strength and penetrate into the body thoroughly. Lin Feng saw a golden empty space world within, but it seemed broken.
A terrifying strength flowed towards them from the body. Qin Shan sensed a terrible power collide with his own. Golden lights bombarded his body with a crash and explosion of force. The Saint was propelled away a thousand meters and crashed onto the ground.
He recalled his consciousness. Lin Feng was astonished. That body which hadn’t moved for a very long time had attacked Qin Shan!
“What’s that?” a voice resonated inside Qin Shan’s body and made him shake.
“Master, his body, that’s…” Lin Feng was shaking.
“Even though it’s golden, it doesn’t have any cosmic energy inside. It’s as if his own strength has been broken, a golden empty space, a broken world. It’s definitely a Saint, but something catastrophic must have happened to him.”
Lin Feng and Qin Shan’s consciousness had fused together. They could communicate directly without speaking.
“But he attacked our power?”
“For him, everybody else is a nobody, an insignificant tiny little insect. He despises Heaven and Earth,” murmured Qin Shan. He was a Saint too, but he had never seen such a Saint’s body.
“That obstructive strength is formidable, it could destroy my consciousness. However, why could my consciousness pierce through the obstructive energy and penetrate into his body?” wondered Qin Shan, seemingly talking to himself.
“Master,” said Lin Feng at that moment.
“My soul can get into it.” whispered Lin Feng. Qin Shan remained silent for a few seconds. If he had a real body, it would have been perfect.
“I’ll transmit an ancient technique to you, try and control that body,” said Qin Shan after remaining silent for a few seconds. He relayed an ancient technique to Lin Feng, and their minds separated.
Lin Feng recalled his soul strength and studied the ancient technique. After a short time, he opened his eyes with a glitter. He stared at the Saint’s body as his soul came out of his body and moved into the Saint’s Body. He inspected that broken golden world, with neither strength nor Qi in it. Lin Feng had the impression that he was back in Hell, it was the same kind of feeling.
After a long time, the body finally moved and opened his eyes.
“It works!” Lin Feng was stupefied. It was starting to work. Then, Lin Feng moved his arm, and then his legs.
After a very long time, the body stood up.
“Master.” Lin Feng took a deep breath. He was moving, could he really control this body?
“Don’t get too excited. You’ve just started. It’s a dead body, you can control it, but because it’s a Saint’s body, it’s not that easy either, as you can’t use a Saint’s strength. In that body, there is absolutely no thread of consciousness. So you can use the body, but regarding the strength you can deploy with it, I guess it depends on how familiar you are with it,” Qin Shan said to Lin Feng.
Lin Feng nodded and said, “I understand. It’s a dead body. I can control it, but it has no strength. But this body, as a shell, is quite powerful. I’ll do all I can to practice the ancient technique you transmitted to me.”
Then, Lin Feng started walking around with a body that wasn’t his own.
At Lin Feng’s cultivation level, his soul could easily move away from his body. Controlling a dead body wasn’t difficult. The real difficulty was in controlling a dead Saint’s body. Even thought it was just a shell, not everyone could easily defeat such a body!

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