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PMG Chapter 2092: Deadly Tunnel

PMG Chapter 2092: Deadly Tunnel
Time passed quickly without Lin Feng realizing it. He still hadn’t managed to control the Saint’s body, but it was time to go to the empty space tunnel.
The tunnel was a golden gate. It contained a deadly golden wind, strong enough to easily defeat a cultivator. Nature’s strength could be dreadful sometimes, especially in the empty space tunnels which connected the different parts of the continent.
A ship had stopped at the gateway. It looked like a gigantic and terrifying warship, and seemed to be made of pure gold.
“That kind of empty space ship can easily cross the empty space tunnel. It’s not actually made of gold, powerful cultivators make them using cosmic energies. There are dangerous marks on it, and Dao essence.” Lin Feng shivered when he saw the ship, wondering at the cost. Even though the ship was gigantic, there weren’t many seats in it, because most of the ship components were there for defensive purposes to cross the empty space tunnels.
It was said that Saints could cross the tunnels relying on their own strength. Great emperors, however, could not.
The alliance who controlled the empty space tunnels was very strict when it came to migration flows. There were many strong cultivators at the entrance who checked everyone. There was even a terrifying cultivator in charge of the team. They had to guarantee proper operation of the ships or their business could crash.
There were many people there today. They were walking up the flight of stairs which led to the ship. Lin Feng gave his ticket to the guards and entered the ship. There were many people already present. The crew made full use of the ship, it was packed with a hundred people, the maximum number of people who could be accommodated.
The ship was surrounded by a curtain of dazzling lights, but one could still see the landscape outside. In the distance, was the deadly golden wind. Lin Feng couldn’t imagine what would happen if someone went into it. He remembered back when in the small world when he had fallen into fissures and had ended up in the terrifying passage. The empty space tunnel was even scarier…
“It’s you!” said someone. Lin Feng turned around and saw the woman he had seen the other day at the auction house.
Lin Feng smiled indifferently and answered, “It’s me.”
The woman smiled too and looked him over. “You’re strong. You used a special method to escape!”
Lin Feng shrugged, but didn’t say much. He just sat down. He only wanted to get to Godly Clouds.
Finally, the hundred ticket-holders had arrived and the gigantic ship started moving. It was still surrounded by formidable golden lights, and a very powerful cultivator was driving the ship. When the ship left, there was a boom of imploding air, and then the ship disappeared into the distance.
What a terrifying speed. Are we traveling through time?, thought Lin Feng, gasping with amazement. The landscape through the windows was incredible, it was like a golden ocean.
Suddenly, some people fell down as an incredible gravitational pressure slammed down on Lin Feng. He had the impression his body was going to be crushed. The air was vibrating from the pressure!
“What kind of strength is this?” wondered Lin Feng. He had the impression he was going to suffocate, the air felt too heavy to breathe. The vibration in the air was making his blood bubble. Lin Feng was shocked and sat down carefully again. What kind of strength was this?
Something rang in the air. The terrifying strength kept pressing down on the crowd. Many people coughed up blood. Lin Feng groaned with pain. The golden strength was too brutal!
“Miss, the turbulences are terrifying today,” one of her guards said to the woman, pulling a long face.
“It happens sometimes. I hope it’ll get better later,” she murmured back. She looked at Lin Feng and said, “Is this the first time you’ve taken the empty space tunnel?”
Lin Feng nodded.
“The most terrifying kinds of strength of the earth and sky are condensed inside the empty space tunnel. Only Saints can cross it freely. Sometimes, the strength in the empty space tunnel has the power of a Saint. The ship is hard, but it can’t stop all the threads of strength. If the strength in the tunnel is too powerful, then it spreads to the passengers, the ship can’t take all the damage. Some people can die,” said the woman.
Lin Feng nodded. He hadn’t thought it would be like this…
“Therefore, you have to be at least a high-level emperor to take it, weaker people will get crushed instantly.”
Lin Feng nodded again. He looked at the beautiful golden landscape passing by on both sides of the ship. He couldn’t imagine how fast they were traveling. He had the impression they were traveling sideways through time. The strength wasn’t destructive, it was oppressive and made Lin Feng’s blood boil.
Some time passed, people’s faces stayed red. The atmosphere was so still, it was almost scary. Everybody remained silent. Time seemed to be passing very slowly.
Even after a very long time, everybody still felt uncomfortable…
Suddenly, the atmosphere became dark. People’s faces changed drastically, some of the passengers turned deathly pale, like sheets of paper.
“Oh no.”
“Deadly tunnel. How can we cross the deadly tunnel?”
“Deadly tunnel?” Lin Feng didn’t understand and looked at the dark hurricane outside. The atmosphere became even more oppressive.
The strong cultivator who was outside leading the ship came into the ship, a grimace on his face.
“Master?” the woman asked the strong cultivator. Her face turned deathly pale. She had come to the Dark Night Region because she had heard that a collection of great deployment spells illustrative plates had been sold to the Doomsday Auction House. Her clan had sent her there hoping she could buy it. However, they hadn’t thought she’d run into a dark death tunnel.
“Nobody can predict a death tunnel. I hope it won’t be too scary, otherwise, the ship will not be able to endure it and we will all die. That would be horrible, especially since we’re almost there,” said the strong cultivator glumly. “Everybody, release your strength! Rely on yourselves to survive!”
Then, the man closed his eyes, looking ready to do battle. Nobody knew how strong the destructive death tunnel strength would be. Were they going to be lucky or not?
Lin Feng pulled a long face. The captain looked extremely strong, but at that moment he was talking in a grave and solemn way, which meant the situation was really dangerous!
Demon and earth Dao strength surrounded his body, everybody was releasing energies to protect themselves at that moment. Nobody could care about others.
When the strength collided with the ship, it shook violently. Some people’s defensive energies crackled, was this their Judgement Day? Lin Feng kept releasing life cosmic energies.
“There.” Lin Feng saw the woman, dazzling lights were surrounding her and her people.
Lin Feng suddenly jumped forwards as the ship shook even more violently. Many people could barely stand steadily.
A terrifying strength streaked across the sky again. Lin Feng ran towards the woman and took her in his arms. She frowned darkly, but did nothing. She couldn’t take care of herself, so she couldn’t take care of anything else.
Lin Feng lost consciousness…
Godly Clouds, Feng Zhou City, exit of the empty space tunnel…
The waiting crowd saw a ship come out. When they saw all those people lying down on the ship, they were astonished. They had probably run into a death tunnel.
“Many people are dead or injured.” someone’s eyes twinkled, he got closer, there were many corpses on the ship. Since they were dead already, their items weren’t theirs anymore…
“Move away!” ordered someone icily. A group of strong cultivators arrived in front of the ship.
“Miss is there!” said someone. The group of strong cultivators all grimaced. Surprisingly, so many people were dead!
“She still has Qi!” Someone slowly walked up to her. A young man was holding her in his arms. When they crowd saw that, they looked at him icily, especially the young men around.

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    Thank you!!!

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    Why did he ran towards the girl and took her in his arms??

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      to share some Life cosmic energy with her

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    1. the descriptions prior to departing makes me feel it was the Desolate Sea before Ba Huang. “oh only so and so cultivation level can cross it” and ” the ship is protected by a certain energy to cross…: and also the same scene of something happening in the middle of the journey AND LF saved a girl. what’s next? he followed her to her home hoping to be friend but got dissed and then her brother and his friends gonna challenge him and try to kill him but all got killed instead?
    2. they were bombarded with death energy. strange why would LF be afraid of that, he walks the path of life and DEATH, no?

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    Lin Feng is very unlucky when travelling through deadly tunnels.

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