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PMG Chapter 2093: Qing Shan City

PMG Chapter 2093: Qing Shan City
“Does anyone know him?” asked that strong cultivator. Everybody shook their heads, they looked furious.
“Uncle, should we kill him?” asked someone.
Their leader muttered to himself irresolutely and said, “We don’t know if he knows Miss Ye, let’s bring him back.”
“Alright.” the crowd nodded and started picking up things from the ship. The captain of the ship and some great emperors started waking up. The others were either dead or injured. Lin Feng was lucky, he was injured, but not dead due to his incredibly powerful soul and body.
Godly Clouds was in the very center of the Continent of the Nine Clouds. It had a border with the eight other regions of the continent. It was also the widest and strongest region. All sorts of cultivators gathered there. Their battles were magnificent and explosive. Great Scholars, doctors, deployment spell casters, and people who had special powers dwelled there.
In the central part of Godly Clouds were many powerful cities. They all had their own rules. Some of them had Holy Clans, some of them had universities, some of them had sects, some of them were like Hell, where a central government ruled over the city.
In Qing Shan City, ancient families were extremely powerful, or in other words, were Ancient Clans. Two families were particularly strong: the Jing Clan and the Yu Clan. They were both families of deployment spell casters, and extremely powerful.
The Jing Clan was gaining strength, especially their young people. They seemed stronger than the Yu Clan. However, recently, a scandal had struck the Jing Clan, as one of their descendants, Jing Xiao Yue, had fallen in love with someone she shouldn’t have. Many people still talked about it. The Jing Clan could go and kill him, but Jing Xiao Yue threatened to kill herself if they did.
That scandal spread all around Qing Shan City. Everybody was talking about it. Some people had compassion for Jing Xiao Yue. In the cultivation world, few people ever knew what real love was. She had found someone she loved, but unfortunately, he was already hundreds of years old, and even though he was strong, his potential had limits and the Jing Clan didn’t want her to get married to such a person.
In a dark tower of the Jing Clan…
A man was chained up, screws stuck into him, looking extremely weak. Two flames kept flickering as he suffered from unspeakable pains.
Someone came to him and smiled evilly, “If you tell Xiao Yue you deceived her on a stage in front of everyone, you’ll be freed.”
The man raised his head and smiled at him mockingly, replying icily, “Hundreds of years passed and I thought I’d never find love again. However, I met Xiao Yue. Even if you kill me, I will never say that! My disciples will help avenge me if you kill me. My fellow disciple is with them. If I can’t be with her in a relationship, then you can just kill me!” He smiled broadly.
“You want to die?” his torturer smiled pitilessly. “Since you don’t agree, you’ll stay here forever and suffer unbearably. Xiao Yue doesn’t know we captured you. She will slowly forget about you, find someone else and fall in love with them.”
“We set a date. If she doesn’t see me on that day, she’ll know the truth. She knows I would never abandon her,” said the man indifferently.
“You’re wrong. We’ve already told her that you wanted to use her to join our the Jing Clan. If you don’t show up, she’ll know you just wanted to deceive her,” said that person emotionlessly, and then he disappeared down a dark corridor, following the faint torches on the walls.
The man sighed. He remembered back then when he had fallen in love. He remembered they were incredible cultivators in his world. Then, he had joined hands with his friends to leave that sealed world to come to the great world, which had always been a dream of theirs, and now he was in such a situation because of love.
Since he was imprisoned, he thought about his disciples all the time. Some of them had already become high-level emperors. He was convinced that some of them would become terrifying cultivators someday. He had met Xiao Yue by a lucky coincidence, she was so similar to the woman he had loved. He had noticed some things were different, but it hadn’t prevented him from loving her. However, the cultivation world was cruel. If you weren’t strong enough, it could be a nightmare!
High-level emperors were incredible cultivators in their previous world, but in this new world, they were extremely weak!
In a room in the Yu Clan…
Lin Feng opened his eyes. He was still in pain.
I’m still alive!, thought Lin Feng, taking a deep breath. That strength in the tunnel was too terrifying, even a great emperor could have died in there. He remembered thinking he was going to die.
He struggled to stand up, it was so painful. His body and soul were both sore. He had the impression his body weighed hundreds of kilos, or as if his body wasn’t his own anymore.
Where am I?, he wondered. He realized some of his rings had disappeared. Even though he had put the most important things in his spirit’s world, he still used rings, and had hidden many things in them. Someone had stolen his rings…
He slowly finished standing up and walked up to the door. He opened it and saw a courtyard beyond, with some guards stationed there. When they saw him, one of the guards said, “You’re awake, you should rest for now.”
“Where are we?” asked Lin Feng.
“Yu Ministry Buildings, Miss Yu’s residence,” said the guard calmly. A lady’s residence, there was only an ordinary guard, and on top of that he told Lin Feng to rest.
“I’m going out,” said Lin Feng calmly, continuing forwards.
However, the guard blocked him and said icily, “Before Miss Yu wakes up, you’re staying here.”
Lin Feng frowned. He remembered that he had taken a woman in his arms just before losing consciousness. She had something to protect herself, so he had used her item and jumped into the lights. Was the guard talking about that woman?
“Are we in Godly Clouds?” asked Lin Feng. Even though he knew it, he wanted to make sure.
“Godly Clouds, Qing Shan City,” answered the guard.
“I’m in Godly Clouds!” Lin Feng’s eyes twinkled. He had to find a way to leave, to go find Mu Chen.
“Stay here!” When the guard saw that Lin Feng wanted to leave, he looked angry.
Lin Feng grunted icily. He wanted to force his way through, but at that moment, there was a whistling of rapid movement. A group of people appeared. The woman was among them!
The woman landed in front of Lin Feng and ground her teeth. She said icily, “Shameless bastard!”
“I had no choice, otherwise I would have died. Please forgive me,” said Lin Feng. He had almost died, he hadn’t had time to think.
“Yu Ye, since you don’t know him, then…” a young man next to the young woman said icily. He wanted to kill Lin Feng.
However, Yu Ye ignored him and said to Lin Feng, “You can leave, but first give me the Great Imperial Talisman!”
Lin Feng looked unhappy and said, “Your friends took all my rings, and you want my Great Imperial Talisman?”
“Did that happen?” Yu Ye asked the young men next to her icily.
He replied, “Uncle took his rings. He was waiting for you to wake up to make a decision.”
“Let’s go and see my father,” said Yu Ye. She turned to Lin Feng and told him, “Come with me.”

The group of people headed towards a palace. A middle-aged man was within, looking at a deployment talisman. The one who had carved that talisman was extremely strong…
The talisman in front of him was the talisman Lin Feng had carved. He had found it by crushing one of Lin Feng’s rings after inspecting his memories. Lin Feng had to be a Great Scholar!

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    Also if things were that bad, why didn’t he just use his new Saint body? I bet he wouldn’t even have fainted. But then I guess there’s no way to draw agro onto the mc in the new location… Sigh.

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