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PMG Chapter 2094: Deployment Spell Family

PMG Chapter 2094: Deployment Spell Family
Yu Kun focused and put his godly awareness in the talisman and inspected the marks, asking, “Did you get this from that little boy?”
“Indeed. Miss Yu hasn’t woken up yet. Maybe they know one another, but we took the ring anyway,” replied the other one.
“When Yu Ye wakes up, tell her to come to me,” said Yu Kun.
As he was talking, the group of people had already landed out of the palace and a voice came to his ears, “Father!”
“Oh, I was just talking about you, and now you’re here!” Yu Kun smiled. He looked out of the window and saw them come.
“Deployment talisman.” Yu Ye looked at the deployment talisman in Yu Kun’s hand.
“Hey, Little Ye, look,” said Yu Kun giving the talisman to Yu Ye. Yu Ye took it and put her godly awareness inside, her expression changing.
She said, “Those deployment marks are so complex. The one who carved that talisman is extremely strong. Did you do that?”
Yu Kun shook his head and looked at Lin Feng, he asked, “Little boy, are you from a clan or sect of deployment spell casters?”
Lin Feng’s hair bristled. These people were shameless. They had inspected his rings and taken things out. Luckily, he hadn’t put anything too important inside, but there were many Ancient scriptures within them.
“It’s him,” said Yu Ye pointing at Lin Feng. Then, she remembered something and said, “Is that the talisman you got at the auction house? You just polished it a little bit, right? The essence was already very thick inside, right?”
Yu Ye was convinced that Lin Feng had no knowledge of deployment spells. She was from a family of deployment spell casters, they were extremely strong, yet many of their people couldn’t carve such good deployment talismans. Even her father, who was a Great Scholar, couldn’t carve such perfect talismans. It was extremely difficult.
“Kind of, maybe,” replied Lin Feng evenly, before asking, “Will you give me back my things?”
“I don’t care about your items, but first tell me who helped you carve that talisman. The essence was useless, it was like blank paper. The one who carved the talisman is incredible,” said Yu Kun calmly.
Lin Feng’s eyes glittered. If he told them the truth, they weren’t going to let him go. He replied, “My teacher helped me.”
“Your teacher.” Yu Kun’s eyes twinkled. He had guessed so.
“Did your teacher come with you on the ship?” Yu Kun asked Lin Feng politely. Lin Feng was some Great Scholar’s disciple, they could establish good relations!
“It was difficult to get ship tickets. I just bought one. My teacher got one, but for a different date, he should be here too now,” replied Lin Feng.
“I see. What’s your name?” asked Yu Kun, smiling at Lin Feng politely.
“Lin Feng.”
“Oh, Lin Feng, please be our guest. When your teacher comes, he should come here,” said Yu Kun amiably, and then glanced at Yu Ye. “Little Ye, be nice to Lin Feng.”
Yu Ye looked surprised. Her father wanted to invite Lin Feng and his teacher, she had underestimated him. From what her father had just said, no matter what Lin Feng had said or done to her before, it wasn’t important. The most important thing was to get to know him and be friends with him!
“Alright, father,” said Yu Ye glancing at Lin Feng. She remembered that Lin Feng had so many Ancient scriptures. He had bought so many things in the auction house. So initially his teacher was a Great Scholar, no wonder he was so rich. Deployment spell casters could sell things to others and obtain great items. Buying things was easy for someone wealthy. She was from a clan of deployment spell casters, so she understood the principle.
“Lin Feng, take your rings. Little Ye, give the talisman back to Lin Feng,” ordered Yu Kun, returning Lin Feng’s rings to him. Lin Feng took them and reestablished a connection to them. Then he put all his other rings in one ring.
“Lin Feng, let’s go,” said Yu Ye to Lin Feng. She had a strange feeling, but she controlled herself and didn’t mention it. After all, Lin Feng’s teacher had to be a Great Scholar in the field of deployment spells!
“Alright.” Lin Feng wanted to leave too. Now, nobody was going to stop him. He was happy. However, those next to Yu Ye were furious. This guy was surprisingly from a clan of deployment spell casters, they couldn’t do anything to him?
If they knew that Lin Feng had made the talisman himself, how would these people have reacted?
“I want to go out,” said Lin Feng to Yu Ye after they left the palace.
“Alright, I’ll take you out.” Yu Ye rose up into the air and glanced around, then she pointed out to Lin Feng, “This is my clan’s territory, the Yu Clan. We are one of the two strongest clans in Qing Shan City. We are a clan of deployment spell casters. We’ve existed for ten thousand years. Apart from our  territory, we have many deployment mines.”
“Deployment mines?” Lin Feng didn’t understand. What was a deployment mine?
“You’ve never heard of deployment mines in the Dark Night Region?” asked Yu Ye, curious.
“I haven’t!” said Lin Feng.
“I’ll take you to see one when we have time,” Yu Ye smiled. After a short time, they had left the Yu Ministry area.
Lin Feng said to Yu Ye, “I want to go out on my own.”
Yu Ye was surprised, but she smiled and nodded, “Alright… If you need anything, come to our clan. Here, this is my jade talisman.”
“Alright.” Lin Feng nodded and took it. They exchanged their godly awareness talismans and then Lin Feng departed.

“I’ll take Hou Qing Lin out and then we’ll look for Mu Chen.” Lin Feng glanced around and then flitted away. He found a place with nobody around quickly enough, and then Hou Qing Lin and the others appeared around him.
“Lin Feng.” Hou Qing Lin looked to him and asked, “Are we in Godly Clouds?”
“Yes, Godly Clouds, Qing Shan City. Where’s Mu Chen?” asked Lin Feng urgently.
Hou Qing Lin nodded and took out the Soul Locking Bells, rising up into the air. The bells rang and the sound spread out softly.
“That way! I don’t know how far though!” stated Hou Qing Lin. A boat appeared and Lin Feng and his friends hopped aboard, following the signal of the Soul Locking Bells. Lin Feng didn’t intend to go back to the Yu Clan, he just wanted to find Mu Chen!
The air whistled past them as the ship streaked across the sky of Qing Shan City. The Soul Locking Bells rang louder and louder. Hou Qing Lin was startled, as in front of them, a vast palace appeared. It was a rich clan’s mansion house!
“Lin Feng, stop!” Hou Qing Lin said suddenly. His eyebrows looked as sharp as swords.
Lin Feng sensed something and stopped quickly. The bells were ringing louder and louder. The signal pointed to the mansion house in front of them!
“Go.” Hou Qing Lin threw out the Soul Locking Bells, which turned into a beam of light. Lin Feng and the others stared after them. Very quickly, the bells entered the mansion house. Lin Feng and the others followed the bells. In order not to draw people’s attention, they were flying up in the clouds.
Hou Qing Lin and Lin Feng remained silent. They had the feeling that Mu Chen was in the mansion!
As expected, the bells entered a black tower. The bells were ringing so loud that it made their souls shake.
“Black tower, Mu Chen.” Hou Qing Lin was grim as he said, “Mu Chen is in the black tower!”
Lin Feng and the others shivered. At that moment, a group of strong cultivators started chasing the Soul Locking Bells. Lin Feng said, “Brother, recall the Soul Locking Bells!”
“Alright.” Hou Qing Lin nodded and recalled the Soul Locking Bells. The strong cultivators followed them. The Soul Locking Bells returned to Hou Qing Lin, and the strong cultivators noticed them.
“Who are you?” the leader of the group asked Lin Feng and the others icily.
“We’re just passengers. We didn’t want to disturb you. Sorry,” replied Hou Qing Lin, looking calm and composed. These men were all great emperors.
“What was that thing?” asked that person icily.
“An ordinary toy we were playing with. Sorry for having disturbed you. We’re leaving!” said Hou Qing Lin with a courteous wave, and then he ordered, “Let’s go!”
They left, but they were furious. They wanted to go into the tower and force the way, but it was too risky!

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