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PMG Chapter 2095: Tower of Torture

PMG Chapter 2095: Tower of Torture
Hou Qing Lin and the others departed quickly. The men from the tower didn’t try to ask them anything else. After all, Lin Feng and the others’ Qi looked extraordinary. They might have a powerful background…
After leaving, Lin Feng and the others finally let their fury show.
“Brother, are you sure Mu Chen is in that black tower?” asked Ruo Xie coolly.
“If the signal of the Soul Locking Bells is right, then he should be in there. He’s probably imprisoned,” Hou Qing Lin replied grimly.
“Let’s go. Let’s investigate first. Since he’s been imprisoned by a powerful group, maybe some people know about him in the region,” suggested Tian Chi. He was trying to control himself.
Everybody nodded agreement. Then, they descended from the sky and found a pub with many people. They all decided to sit down at different tables where there were people already.
Lin Feng found a table and asked to those who were seated there, “Can I sit here?”
That person looked at Lin Feng, smiled and said, “Please do.”
Lin Feng sat down and glanced around. Then, he whispered, “I came to Qing Shan City because I want to learn more about this place. There is an imposing and magnificent mansion house over there, whose house is it?”
Lin Feng pointed at the black tower in the horizon out of the window.
Lin Feng’s interlocutor smiled and said, “My boy, it definitely is your first time in Qing Shan City, it’s the Jing Clan.”
“Is the Jing Clan very strong?” asked Lin Feng.
“Of course! Qing Shan City is an ordinary city in Godly Clouds, there are only a few powerful clans here, but the Jing Clan and the Yu Clan are the strongest clans in town. They are both families of deployment spell casters. And let me tell you, in the last hundred years, the Jing Clan had become much stronger than the Yu Clan, there’s now a huge gap between them. If the descendants of the Yu Clan don’t make efforts, the Jing Clan will crush them someday,” whispered that person. Even though everybody knew that in Qing Shan City, saying that loudly could make others unhappy…
“Yu Clan, deployment spell caster.” Lin Feng was stupefied. The Yu Clan was precisely Yu Ye’s clan. Lin Feng actually knew them.
“Does the Jing Clan have Saint Emperors?” asked Lin Feng.
“Naturally. According to legends, there are six Saint Emperors in Qing Shan City, spread over four clans. The Jing Clan and the Yu Clan have two Saint Emperors each, the two others clans a Saint Emperor each. Maybe there are some others, but that I don’t know about them.” said Lin Feng’s informant happily. He was happy to chat with someone, and this kind of stuff was hardly secret anyway.
Lin Feng could evaluate the situation approximately. Two Saint Emperors each, so he had to use the power of a Saint, Tiantai’s disciples couldn’t rescue Mu Chen. Lin Feng didn’t know if he could fight using Qin Shan’s body again. If he did, it meant taking the risk of destroying Qin Shan’s consciousness and body, as well as his own.
In the worst case, Mu Chen is imprisoned by the Jing Clan and they are not willing to release him, in which case I’d have to use the Saint’s power…, thought Lin Feng. He asked, “Have you ever heard of Mu Chen?”
“Mu Chen.” When he heard Lin Feng’s question, the other man’s expression changed in a strange way, especially since Lin Feng had asked him whether the Jing Clan was strong or not.
“Do you know Mu Chen?” asked that person.
“I don’t know him. I’ve heard many people talk about the Jing Clan and Mu Chen. I was wondering who he was?” asked Lin Feng, trying to remain composed, he even smiled indifferently. He wanted to see the man’s reaction.
“Hehe, Mu Chen is a little bit famous in Qing Shan City, so it’s normal that people are talking about him. I guess I can tell you about him,” the other man smiled.
“Thank you very much!” Lin Feng said politely.
“To be honest, we have to admit that Mu Chen is incredible. He’s not a young man, but he’s a high-level emperor already, and his fighting abilities are incredible, his soul strength is terrifyingly powerful. But there are many strong people in Qing Shan City. When talking about Mu Chen, you have to mention someone else: Jing Xiao Yue! She’s well-mannered, pretty, and polished, as well as elegant and free from vulgarity. She’s also extremely strong and talented, especially when it comes to deployment spells. Also, she’s not even forty yet, and is at her prime. Many people wish they could get married to her.
“However, she surprisingly fell in love with Mu Chen, which perplexes everyone despite much thought. Even though cultivators can live for a very long time and age doesn’t matter in terms of love, those two really don’t belong to the same world, so it’s strange for them to be in a relationship. Don’t you think?” explained the man.
He didn’t understand what was going on. However, Lin Feng shivered. Mu Chen had fallen in love with someone again. She was probably extremely beautiful. However, people in the cultivation world were often extremely parochial.
Mu Chen had charisma. It wasn’t surprising that a woman had fallen in love with him. Lin Feng and the other disciples respected him regardless.
“What happened after that?” asked Lin Feng.
“After that, many things happened. Mu Chen killed many members of the Jing Clan. They were furious and wanted to kill Mu Chen. They injured him, but then Jing Xiao Yue threatened to kill herself if they killed him. The Jing Clan didn’t dare kill him, as Jing Xiao Yue holds a special position in her clan. She’s extremely strong and her close relatives, such as her brothers and her father, are all extraordinary. She’s important to her clan. She can’t die, so Mu Chen can’t die either.”
“So they imprisoned him?” Lin Feng was furious and blurted that out unthinkingly.
However, his interlocutor was surprised and said, “Imprisoned? I don’t think so. I think they gave Jing Xiao Yue and Mu Chen an opportunity.”
“What opportunity?” asked Lin Feng.
“To fight over a deployment mine,” said that person, “In Qing Shan City, there are some very important deployment mines which are very useful for clans of deployment spell casters. Therefore, there are four clans which keep competing over them, especially the Jing Clan and the Yu Clan. The competition between them is fierce, each time many people die when they fight over them. Right now, the Jing Clan is the strongest clan. They are slowly dominating the Yu Clan. Therefore, the Jing Clan wants to gain control of the four major deployment mines. Right now, each of the four clans guard one deployment mine.”
“The Jing Clan wants to get the deployment mines of the three other clans, but they naturally don’t agree, right?” said Lin Feng. He wasn’t worried about the deployment mines, he was worried about Mu Chen.
“Indeed, the three clans are all angry at the Jing Clan. They have fought many times. However, they have not managed to prevent the Jing Clan from expanding. Eventually they agreed on something: using young people to determine to whom the deployment mines belong. If anyone loses, they must give up their deployment mine, including the Jing Clan.”
“So the Jing Clan can’t use the same batch of people?” asked Lin Feng. If using the same batch of people was possible, the Jing Clan could use their strongest cultivators and steal all the deployment mines. After all, according to what this guy had said, the Jing Clan had the advantage.
“Indeed, the four clans protect their own deployment mine. If they are strong enough, they can also steal the Jing Clan’s deployment mine, which is also the best one,” replied his informant.
“The Jing Clan wants Mu Chen to help them steal a deployment mine?”
“Indeed, the Jing Clan and Mu Chen agreed that if he could help steal the Yu Clan’s deployment mine, they would accept his relationship with Jing Xiao Yue. But Mu Chen might die there. The Yu Clan isn’t ready to give up, maybe they won’t try to steal the Jing Clan’s deployment mine, but at least they’ll do all they can to keep their own. The two others are the same. They all invited some extremely strong young people to help them out.”
Lin Feng pulled a long face. The Jing Clan wanted Mu Chen to help them, but he was imprisoned, what was that supposed to mean? Lin Feng’s interlocutor didn’t seem to know that Mu Chen was in the Jing Clan, it probably proved that he was imprisoned.
“Can other people still participate and help the clans fight for the deployment mines?”
“I think so. The Jing Clan is the most powerful clan of deployment spell casters. They want to expand more anyway,” replied the fellow.
“I understand. Thank you very much for all those pieces of information, brother. Oh, do you know what the Jing Clan’s black tower is?” asked Lin Feng.
“You mean the black tower in which they torture people? People who are imprisoned there never come out,” replied his interlocutor. Lin Feng frowned and his eyes glittered icily. The Jing Clan didn’t intend to let Mu Chen participate in the competition for the deployment mines, it was just an excuse. He was in the black tower which nobody ever came out of!

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  1. Alex September 13, 2018 at 2:49 am - Reply

    What do you mean by “Mu Chen had fallen in love with someone AGAIN.”?
    Havent read anywhere in previous chapters about Mu Chen having any love relationship at all, except for this promiscuous polygamous LF.

    • Ezura December 11, 2018 at 2:02 am - Reply

      Nope, Emperor Yu mentioned he had a love affair with a girl on their small world but she died I think? It was ages ago though.

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