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PMG Chapter 2096: Celestial Remarkable Deployment Ministry

PMG Chapter 2096: Celestial Remarkable Deployment Ministry
Lin Feng and Tiantai’s people left the restaurant. They exchanged the pieces of information they had obtained in there. The gossipers hadn’t lied, it would have been pointless. Everybody knew about what was going on in Qing Shan City, only strangers like them didn’t.
The case was actually quite simple: the Jing Clan had deceived Jing Xiao Yue and imprisoned Mu Chen. They were lying and saying that Mu Chen was going to participate to the deployment mine competition, they made it seem like a perfect opportunity for Mu Chen. But actually, they didn’t intend to release Mu Chen at all. He was in the black tower, doomed to never see the sky again.
“A bunch of bastards. What should we do?” asked Tantai, righteously indignant. His eyes were gleaming; even though he had never seen Mu Chen, Tiantai’s disciples all respected him as a founder, just like Emperor Yu. Mu Chen was one of the two founders of Tiantai, and they were all descendants!
“Brothers, do you know the four clans?” Lin Feng asked everyone.
“Of course. The Jing Clan imprisoned Mu Chen. They are the strongest clan, having surpassed the Yu Clan. The two other clans, the Luo Clan and the Hong Clan, have joined hands. Lin Feng, what do you think?” Hou Qing Lin said to Lin Feng.
“Hou Qing Lin, bring some people to the Luo Clan. Ruo Xie, bring some people to the Hong Clan. Tantai and I will go to the Yu Clan and we’ll help them. Hou Qing Ling, if possible, don’t attack. Bring Ruo Xie, and after the competition, we’ll go to the Jing Clan’s deployment mine and put pressure on them,” Lin Feng said slowly.
Everybody was startled at his idea. Ruo Xie said, “Will it not produce the opposite of the desired result if we collaborate with the Jing Clan? How can we save Mu Chen that way?”
“The four clans want to protect their deployment mines. If we help them, they’ll be happy. At that moment, when we steal the deployment mine from the Jing Clan, the Jing Clan will release him and we’ll stop. The other three clans won’t mind. If they don’t, we’ll keep the deployment mine and they won’t be happy. If the Jing Clan doesn’t respect the agreement, the three other clans will start fighting against them and then we’ll have the opportunity to rescue Mu Chen using other methods!” said Lin Feng calmly.
“If we help the Jing Clan steal all the deployment mines, will they release Mu Chen?” asked Ban Ruo.
“They won’t. The Jing Clan think the three other clans are weak and stupid. We just want to help them to make things look perfect. The Jing Clan is strong, so if we help them win, they won’t be touched, and the teams we’ve just agreed to are just temporary, they may change at some point,” said Lin Feng.
Everybody nodded.
The Jing Clan was powerful and extremely conceited. If they provided the Jing Clan with timely help and jumped on the bandwagon, the Jing Clan wouldn’t care, they’d just use them temporarily.
“Since it’s that way, let’s separate. Keep in touch using jade talismans.” said Hou Qing Lin.
They all separated in teams and moved in different directions. Lin Feng and Tantai left together and headed back to the Yu Clan. He hadn’t thought he return at all…
“Tantai, how strong are you now?” asked Lin Feng to Tantai. He hadn’t seen Tantai for a few years, he hadn’t had time to chat with his friends as much. He didn’t even know how strong they had become. Lin Feng had to understand that to assess the situation.
“Hehe.” When Tantai heard Lin Feng, he smiled. He looked particularly self-confident. He said, “The Celestial Evolution Holy Scriptures are extremely powerful. I used to think I wasn’t strong enough, but after studying the Celestial Evolution Holy Scriptures, my physical strength suddenly started changing. I can make strength condense in a perfect way and my strength is now explosive. Besides, you know what kind of Dao I understand now, Strength Dao. Maybe I’m not fast enough, but I’m monstrously strong physically,” Tantai said confidently.
Grand talents matured slowly among his people. After meeting Lin Feng and the others, he had started becoming much stronger. Because he had the impression it was never enough, he kept studying hard, step by step.
Lin Feng nodded. He knew Tantai was an expert when it came to physical strength. With his Strength Dao power, his attacks were probably exceedingly dangerous. Lin Feng had no doubts about that. He had transmitted the Ancient Holy Techniques to his friends as well. Even though they hadn’t received them directly from the Saints, it was still better than nothing.
When they arrived back at the Yu Clan, Lin Feng went to find Yu Ye. When she saw Tantai, Yu Ye was surprised. How come Lin Feng had a new friend? She had noticed he was alone on the ship.
“Lin Feng, who is this?”
“A friend of mine. My teacher doesn’t have only one disciple,” Lin Feng smiled.
At the mention of his teacher, Yu Ye’s beautiful eyes twinkled, “So your teacher is in town, too?”
“He’s in Godly Clouds. If he wants to see me, he’ll find me,” replied Lin Feng.
“Lin Feng, little brother, don’t forget to tell your teacher about me.” At that moment, Yu Kun arrived and said happily.
“Of course,” Lin Feng said to Yu Kun. On his side, there were strong cultivators, including great emperors of different ages and talents. There could be huge age differences between great emperors.
“That’s the Great Scholar’s disciple?” asked a new person, looking at Lin Feng indifferently.
“Indeed. His teacher carved that talisman. It gave me cold sweats,” said Yu Kun smiled.
“How strong. So Lin Feng’s deployment spell abilities must be incredible too!” said that person, smiling politely at Lin Feng.
Tantai remained silent. He wasn’t like that in the past. Even though he was still impulsive, he had finally learned how to control himself. He just remained silent and smiled coldly on the inside. Lin Feng’s deployment spells were terrifying, and those people dared talk this way in front of him?
“I’m alright,” said Lin Feng, not minding them and smiling non-committedly.
“Okay, you’re a young and outstanding man, and a high-level emperor already. Your teacher must be really good,” another man smiled.
“And you, how good are you when it comes to deployment spells, in comparison with Yu Lin?” someone else asked in amusement.
“In comparison with Yu Lin?” Many of those around shook their heads, as if the answer were obvious.
“Let’s go. He’s almost here.”
“Yes. Little Ye, stay with Lin Feng,” Yu Kun said, nodding at Lin Feng. He left with the group of people.
“Yu Ye, let’s go and welcome him.” At that moment, a young man had arrived behind Yu Ye.
Yu Ye looked at Lin Feng and Lin Feng nodded, “Don’t worry about me.”
“It’s alright, Yu Lin is coming back today, we can go and see him too!” said Yu Ye, smiling at Lin Feng. Lin Feng was surprised. It seemed that this Yu Lin had a high social status within the Yu Clan. Even great emperors came to greet him!
They started walking as Yu Ye explained to Lin Feng, “Yu Lin is extremely strong. He’s the best deployment spell caster of the clan, very talented. He’s practicing cultivation in the Celestial Remarkable Deployment Ministry. If the Yu Clan wasn’t facing difficulties, he wouldn’t have come back.”
No wonder that the Yu Clan attaches importance to him, if he’s such a skilled deployment spell caster, thought Lin Feng.
“Lin Feng, you’re from the Dark Night Region, you have never heard of the Celestial Remarkable Deployment Ministry, I guess? The Celestial Remarkable Deployment Ministry has trained some people who have become Great Deployment Masters, who corresponds to Saints in terms of cultivation. To practice cultivation in the Celestial Remarkable Deployment Ministry, being a powerful cultivator isn’t enough, you must also be an incredible deployment spell caster,” she explained.
Lin Feng thought that it was no wonder that Godly Clouds was the center of the continent and that they were the strongest region, the Celestial Remarkable Deployment Ministry amazingly had Great Deployment Masters!
“Yu Lin is getting closer and closer to becoming a Great Scholar. But our clan has problems, so we asked the Celestial Remarkable Deployment Ministry to send him back to us temporarily. Yu Lin also brought back a friend with him, he’s also a strong person from the Celestial Remarkable Deployment Ministry. This way, nobody can pose a threat to us!” whispered Yu Ye.
Lin Feng understood that she was talking about the Jing Clan and the other two clans. Lin Feng now understood why Yu Kun and the great emperors had gone to greet them.
Yu Lin and his friend were probably extraordinary people!
But the Jing Clan was the most powerful clan, so at the same level, their young cultivators could defeat the young people of the Yu Clan. The Jing Clan probably had people like Yu Lin as well, or even stronger!
Godly Clouds has talented individuals in hiding, so at the Meeting of the Continent of the Nine Clouds, many vied for supremacy, many geniuses from everywhere in the Continent of the Nine Clouds gathered in Godly Clouds!
“Yu Lin is here!” said a young man next to Yu Ye at that moment. In the distant sky, two cultivators appeared riding beasts. The beasts were marvelous: rhinoceroses which had the blood of blood dragons, one could see they were incredibly powerful with just a glance. The two cultivators riding them looked astonishingly strong: they were precisely Yu Lin and his fellow disciple!

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