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PMG Chapter 2098: Deployment Battle

PMG Chapter 2098: Deployment Battle
In Qing Shan City, there were four big deployment mines. The two biggest ones were the Jing Clan’s and the Yu Clan’s. Many deployment stones were dug out of there. Sometimes, there were even some very strange deployment stones.
Deployment mines were extremely important to the families of deployment spell casters. Therefore, they did all they could to protect them. The Yu Clan was no exception.
Lin Feng followed Yu Xin, and they eventually arrived in front of a gigantic mine. There were all kinds of strange stone formations formed into hills. Lin Feng realized how vast a deployment mine could be. It was basically a precious mountain range. Even though strong cultivators protected it, some people still managed to sneak in and steal stones sometimes. To such thieves, the Yu Clan was ruthless!
Lin Feng was standing before a mountain of stones, and reached out to touch them. Some stones had marks, some of them seemed like they were alive. Cosmic energy kept filtering down, and that was with only ten percent of the stones being empowered!
“How strange. How are they formed?” sighed Lin Feng.
“There are many precious resources in the continent, such as celestial medicinal herbs. These stones aren’t that strange, they’re quite natural. Of course, many of these stones are useless. Only ten percent of them are useful!” replied Yu Xin.
“Indeed. They’re natural and some of them even have innate deployment marks. Even the impure ones seem to have deployment essence, so it’s easy to carve deployment marks on them,” Lin Feng said slowly.
Yu Xin smiled, “Yes, many people from my clan come to practice cultivation here and study deployment spells. At the same time, they use those impure stones to improve their skills!”
“Lin Feng, I’ll take you to the purest deployment mine!” Yu Xin smiled. She grabbed Lin Feng’s hand and rose up into the air.

After a short time, they arrived in a part of the mine where the cosmic energies were extremely rich and thick. There were all sorts of deployment stones here. Some of them even seemed alive and had a rich vitality, with innate marks on some of them. Some of them had better deployment marks than a Great Scholar could carve!
“There are many strange things in the world of cultivation,” mused Lin Feng. He walked up to a gigantic black stone with sharp spear marks on it. It contained intense dark cosmic energies, which oozed into the air around it. The spear was covered with deployment marks, it looked alive and real. It was ready to use to study deployment spells.
“How awesome!” Tantai touched the deployment stone. Yu Xin kept giggling. She put her hand on it also, and cosmic energies pulsed out. A terrifying sharp Qi welled up instantly. It felt like the deployment stone could explode at any time!
“How strong! I guess the Yu Clan is ready to do anything to protect the deployment mine!” said Lin Feng.
“Indeed. It is extremely important. Otherwise, my clan wouldn’t have called Yu Lin back. They also wanted him to bring a friend back. The Jing Clan can’t win!” replied Yu Xin.
Lin Feng nodded when he heard her. He would have more chances to join them and make the Jing Clan release Mu Chen this way…
“Lin Feng, your teacher is a Great Scholar, you must be good at casting deployment spells, right?” asked Yu Xin, smiling at Lin Feng. She was curious.
“I’m alright,” said Lin Feng smiling and shrugging.
Yu Xin pursed her lips and asked, “What does ‘I’m alright’ mean?”
As they were talking, suddenly, the whistling of wind-cutting came to their ears. Lin Feng, Tantai and Yu Xin turned gazed into the distance. A deadly energy dashed to the skies, as if a battle was happening.
“Some people are trying to plunder the mine!” Yu Xin was suddenly enlightened and started running. “Come, let’s go and see!”
Lin Feng and the two others started running in the direction of the whistling. Many people were in the mine. Two people were having an explosive battle at that moment.
“Yu Lin?” Lin Feng was stupefied. He was also in the deployment mine.
“Who’s fighting against Yu Lin?”
“Jing Ran, an extremely strong young man from the Jing Clan. He’s an expert in deployment spells and he’s also from the Celestial Remarkable Deployment Ministry.” Yu Xin’s beautiful eyes were twinkling as she stared at the battle. The two cultivators were fighting indirectly, both standing away from one another and using deployment spells to fight!
Jing Ran took a step forwards and some parts of the deployment mine exploded. Then, he moved his hands rapidly, it looked like he was dancing. He kept carving things in the air with his five fingers. Some terrifyingly sharp Qi streaked across the sky, the sword Qi emitted whistling sounds and shot at Yu Lin. The earth and sky shook violently.
Yu Lin grunted icily. He moved his hands and carved a great protection deployment spell. There was a crash and rumbling explosion as their forces met. More pieces of stones exploded and floated around in the air.
“Haha, Brother Yu Lin is extremely strong, as expected!” said Jing Ran, laughing heroically and loudly. He jumped around insanely and deployment stones kept exploding. Deployment marks kept intertwining with another around him.
“Die!” shouted Yu Lin explosively. The deployment mine kept exploding. Dust kept rising to the skies. A cloud of dust surrounded Yu Lin.
Yu Lin looked at Jing Ran icily. A gigantic golden sword appeared and absorbed Qi as Yu Lin shouted furiously. The gigantic sword absorbed what seemed like oceans of energies. Explosions began to erupt for it as it condensed power.
The Celestial Remarkable Deployment Ministry really creates terrifying deployment spell casters, thought Lin Feng when he saw those two people fight. Their deployment spells were really impressive. It was like they weren’t even using their own strength, because they were in a deployment mine. It was a perfect environment to fight using deployment spells.
The battle was getting fiercer and fiercer. Lin Feng watched the battle with admiration. He thought, I also study deployment spells. Deployment cultivation is about deployment spells. However, I can’t use deployment spells like they can. They make their deployment spells evolve to become direct attacks. They can also carry out various attacks using deployment spells. Of course, all sorts of deployment methods show homology and the energies show isology. If I studied and tried to make my godly awareness correspond to the cultivation of deployment spells, I would be able to do the same thing and cast deployment spells in the blink of an eye…
Watching them battle made him understand lots of things. He also knew how to cast deployment spells, but it was different from these people. These people were also cultivators, but they practiced cultivation in a different tradition.
Deployment spells and cultivation were fundamentally the same thing. Lin Feng had the sensation that if he managed to understand Celestial Deployment spells, he would also be able to become a Great Deployment Master, which came down to being a Saint on the path of deployment casting!
“Is Jing Ran the strongest young man of the Jing Clan?” asked Lin Feng. He had the impression that Jing Ran was extremely strong, but that he was still weaker than Yu Lin.
“He’s not. Yu Lin can easily oppress Jing Ran. However, the Jing Clan does have a terrifying cultivator: Jing Yan. He can easily oppress Yu Lin. Jing Ran and Jing Yan are both members of the Celestial Remarkable Deployment Ministry. They are the two strongest cultivators of the Jing Clan. Also, Jing Xiao Yue and the others are also extremely strong. That’s why the Jing Clan is rising in Qing Shan City and wants to invade all the deployment mines,” replied Yu Xin seriously.
Lin Feng nodded his understanding. No wonder. The Jing Clan also had some extremely strong cultivators in the Celestial Remarkable Deployment Ministry. Those people were experts in terms of deployment spells, even stronger than he was. They could resort to all kinds of strange tactics to battle.
“Alright, done for today. We’ll exchange views soon again, Brother Yu Lin!” said Jing Ran at that moment, and then he went winging off like a great roc.
Jing Ran flew extremely fast, but he saw Lin Feng and the two others, he smiled opportunistically. He stretched out his hand which crashed into a wall of the deployment mine. Explosions rang out and rock crackled as he made the whole mine shake.
“Hmph!” Tantai shouted icily and jumped forwards.
However, Yu Xin’s expression changed drastically. “He didn’t use his own strength, he used deployment spells! I’ll go!” Yu Xin jumped in front of Lin Feng and Tantai. She raised her hands and carved out deployment spells. Even though her deployment spells weren’t as good as Jing Ran’s, she wasn’t a disgrace to the Yu Clan.
Jing Ran flitted away, and a gigantic spear shot towards her. It contained wind strength which darkened everything around it as it came at her.
Yu Xin pulled a long face. She condensed some defensive strength to carve out a deployment spell. However, at the same time, Lin Feng carved fearsome intertwining deployment marks in front of her. Lin Feng sensed the strength of the deployment mine, it was a perfect place to cast deployment spells using the deployment essence of the mine.
An explosive strength charged towards Yu Xin. Her defensive deployment spell blocked the attack, but it broke apart at the same time. At the same time, Jing Ran suddenly rose up into the air as strength emerged from the ground under his feet.
Jing Ran looked at Lin Feng deeply. Even though Lin Feng was behind Yu Xin, Jing Ran knew that he had just intervened. Since when did the Yu Clan have such a strong cultivator?
Some other people from the Yu Clan were astonished. How strong! How come Yu Xin’s deployment spells were so powerful?

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