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PMG Chapter 2099: Jing Xiao Yue

PMG Chapter 2099: Jing Xiao Yue
Yu Xin was stupefied. She hadn’t cast that deployment spell. It had come from behind her.
“I’m sure we’ll meet again!” said Jing Ran before leaving. Under his feet, more deployment lights appeared, and he flashed away. The members of the Yu Clan didn’t bother chasing him. Their silhouettes flickered, and they appeared around Yu Xin.
“Yu Xin, your deployment spell was so powerful!” said an old man to Yu Xin.
“Yes, even though it wasn’t distinct, it blocked Jing Ran’s attack, how strong! Yu Xin, we haven’t spent too much time raising you and you practiced really hard to become stronger. In the future, we’ll give you even more help!” said someone else. Yu Xin felt nervous and was surprised. She didn’t understand what was going on.
“But Jing Ran is extremely strong. If the Jing Clan focuses on us, it’ll be difficult.”
“Indeed. Jing Yan is also studying at the Celestial Remarkable Deployment Ministry. Even though we invited Su Mu to come, we can’t be sure that the Jing Clan hasn’t invited anyone, either. It’ll be difficult.”
The people of the Yu Clan looked nervous and under pressure. They were nervous that the Jing Clan was going to focus on them.
“Should we change the rules of the competition for the deployment mines? Battles of five people! That way, we’ll have more chances to oppress the Jing Clan. If they focus on us, we’ll be able to use our full strength. If we join hands with the two other clans, we’ll be able to oppress them!” said Yu Lin audaciously. Everybody shivered. Changing the rules? That was audacious… but it was a good solution.
“We’ll have to talk to the two other clans. We’ll have to become closely related and mutually dependent. If we don’t join hands and the Jing Clan destroys us, the next ones will be them,” said a member of the Yu Clan. Everybody nodded and they quickly broke up.
Yu Ye glanced at Lin Feng and Yu Xin before leaving. Lin Feng was not essential to the Yu Clan. They respected him, so if Lin Feng’s teacher came, they’d be able to benefit from him. If his teacher didn’t come, it didn’t matter.

Yu Xin turned around and looked at Lin Feng, her eyes twinkled as she said, “Was it you just now?”
“Yes,” Lin Feng nodded. He didn’t hide the truth. If the Yu Clan couldn’t rely on themselves to oppress the Jing Clan, Lin Feng was willing to help. At least, he wanted to oppress the Jing Clan as much as he could.
When Yu Xin saw him nod, she smiled and said, “Your deployment spells are so powerful?”
“I said I was alright,” Lin Feng shrugged. He didn’t really consider it important.
“It’s not only alright, why didn’t you tell them? They would respect you a bit more,” said Yu Xin smiled.
“Why would I need them to be even more polite to me? I would feel uneasy,” Lin Feng smiled, “You don’t need to tell them for now. If they want to give you resources, you can take them, and if they know in the future that it wasn’t you, you can tell them I told you to say so, so they won’t be able to take them back.”
“You’re a funny guy!” Yu Xin smiled at Lin Feng, “But now, I finally believe you when you said you didn’t care about Yu Ye going out with Su Mu. You really didn’t take it to heart.”
Lin Feng smiled calmly and said, “Let’s go back, too.”
“Alright.” Yu Xin nodded and they left the deployment mine.

At that moment, outside of the Yu Clan’s deployment mine, there was a woman calmly standing there and looking at the mine.
The woman was wearing simple white clothes, which were fluttering in the wind. She looked simple and elegant, and quite beautiful. She definitely stood out.
That girl looks extraordinary, thought Lin Feng when he saw her. Yu Xin stopped. Lin Feng and Tantai stopped, too.
“What’s wrong?” Lin Feng asked her.
“You know who she is?” Yu Xin asked, smiling at Lin Feng.
“Is she very famous?” said Lin Feng.
“She’s recently become famous. I admire her. She’s talented and beautiful, but she’s also a loving woman. She promised her clan that she was going to invade our deployment mine. I know what she’s thinking,” Yu Xin smiled.
Lin Feng was startled as he thought of someone. “Jing Xiao Yue?” he asked.
“You know her, too?” asked Yu Xin, surprised at him. She knew that Lin Feng was from the Dark Night Region, how did he know so much about Qing Shan City?
As expected!, thought Lin Feng. Jing Xiao Yue was the woman Mu Chen had fallen in love with. Because of her, Mu Chen was imprisoned in the black tower. Did she know that…? If she knew…
A strong wind started blowing and suddenly Lin Feng’s silhouette disappeared. Yu Xin was shocked. Lin Feng appeared in front Jing Xiao Yue in the distance.
Jing Xiao Yue raised her head and looked at Lin Feng calmly. Her white clothes still fluttered in the wind. She looked expressionless.
“Jing Xiao Yue?” asked Lin Feng slowly.
Jing Xiao Yue took a step forwards and said, “Move away!”
Lin Feng smiled, but he didn’t move, he just stood there calmly.
Jing Xiao Yue rose off the ground as it shook violently. The whole mine trembled. Threads of strength emerged from the ground and filled the air.
“Be careful!” shouted Yu Xin to Lin Feng. Jing Xiao Yue was a genius from the Jing Clan, and extremely strong. Even if she wasn’t as strong as Jing Yan, who studied at the Celestial Remarkable Deployment Ministry, she wasn’t much weaker than him.
“Don’t worry, Lin Feng will not hurt her,” whispered Tantai to Yu Xin.
“Eh…” Yu Xin’s beautiful eyes twinkled. She looked at Tantai and frowned. She wasn’t worried that Lin Feng was going to hurt her
Had Yu Xin underestimated Lin Feng? His deployment spells were powerful, but was he also an amazing fighter?
Jing Xiao Yue flitted away as a gigantic cage appeared around Lin Feng. Jing Xiao Yue moved again as destructive strength suddenly emerged from the ground.
Lin Feng rose up into the air as a spear appeared and shot towards him.
Lin Feng shifted forwards and released cosmic energies, bearing down on everything. At the same time, Lin Feng struck the cage with a punch and it was instantly destroyed.
Lin Feng jumped towards Jing Xiao Yue. In response, Jing Xiao Yue released a powerful strength. At the same time, fearsome deployment lights condensed.
“Milky Way Lacerating Technique!” Yu Xin was stupefied. Jing Xiao Yue moved towards Lin Feng. Both were getting closer and closer to one another. Destructive strength kept gathering to them. Jing Xiao Yue’s hand streaked across the sky and a galaxy appeared, cutting the sky in two!
Lin Feng released Holy Spirit Swords. The swords rotating in the sky and suddenly sliced through everything. The galaxy was sliced apart and disappeared. Lin Feng was now holding a sword which absorbed strength.
Yu Xin’s heart was pounding. How strong! Lin Feng’s fighting abilities were incredible! He might be able to even defeat Yu Lin. Lin Feng’s fighting abilities allowed him to compete with the strongest young person of the Yu Clan!
“Who are you?” asked Jing Xiao Yue, staring at Lin Feng. She noticed that Lin Feng was extremely strong…
“You want to invade the Yu Clan’s deployment mine?” Lin Feng asked Jing Xiao Yue.
Jing Xiao Yue frowned and said, “Indeed! I will, definitely!”
“Mu Chen won’t show up. The Jing Clan doesn’t need you,” said Lin Feng indifferently.
Jing Xiao Yue frowned and looked nervous. “Mu Chen will show up! Even if I fight to death, so what?”
“You don’t understand! Go now,” said Lin Feng said calmly. He was happy, Jing Xiao Yue didn’t know anything and she was still ready to fight to the death.
Jing Xiao Yue stared at Lin Feng and asked, “You will stop me?”
“Indeed!” Lin Feng nodded. He was going to stop the Jing Clan, of course!
Jing Xiao Yue pulled a long face as Lin Feng said, “No matter who from the Jing Clan attacks, they won’t manage to get the Yu Clan’s deployment mine. Mu Chen won’t show up, either. Leave now.”
“What if he shows up?” said Jing Xiao Yue icily.
“If he shows up, I’ll help the Jing Clan steal the deployment mine,” said Lin Feng indifferently. “Go and tell the Jing Clan that if he doesn’t show up, not only won’t they manage to steal the Yu Clan’s deployment mine, but they won’t be able to protect their own, either.”
When Jing Xiao Yue heard Lin Feng, she didn’t understand because she didn’t know who Lin Feng was. She also didn’t know that Lin Feng and Mu Chen knew one another. Why would he help the Jing Clan if Mu Chen showed up? And why would he steal the Jing Clan’s deployment mine if Mu Chen didn’t appear?
Jing Xiao Yue didn’t understand. Yu Xin didn’t understand either!

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