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PMG Chapter 21: Questioning an Elder

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In order not to draw other people’s attention and to remain discreet, Protector Bei had decided to make Lin Feng move to another room which was also designed for Ordinary disciples, but it was situated in the forest, far away from many disciples.

Lin Feng could not wait and started heading towards Han Man. When he passed his new training room, he didn’t even give it a glance and continued forward.

”Lin Feng.”

Lin Feng turned around and saw a disciple who was surprisingly waiting at the door of his training room.

Lin Feng was annoyed because that room was supposed to be kept secret. It was disciple’s sacred training place. Lin Feng wasn’t expecting anyone, so how did they know where to look for him.  The disciple had even taken the liberty to open the door and look inside. What if there were private or even secret things within that room?

“You know about the Sect’s rules, you are not allowed to enter other disciple’s rooms.” Lin Feng said as his anger was building. He knew that disciple, his name was Hou Qing. He was ranked within the top 10 ordinary disciples of the Sect. He was also in charge of making sure that the rules of the Sect were respected by the Ordinary disciples. Lin Feng knew him because of the status he held within the Sect. Besides, he also knew Lin Feng.

In the Yun Hai Sect, Mo Cang Lan was one of the great Elders. He enjoyed a high status. He was also responsible for making sure that the rules of the Sect were being respected by everyone. In the Yun Hai Sect the people in charge of making sure that the rules of the Sect were being respected were numerous. There were some who had to watch the Ordinary disciples and others who had to watch the Elite disciples.

Hou Qing often abused the power he had as a disciple in charge of maintaining the rules of the Sect. However Lin Feng had not expected him to dare break one of the most sacred rules within the sect.

“Of course I know that rule. But such a rule doesn’t need to be applied when it comes to you, piece of trash.” Hou Qing looked sluggish. He wasn’t looking straight into Lin Feng’s eyes. In his thoughts, Lin Feng was still the piece of trash he used to be when he was at the fifth Qi layer.

“Follow me.” Said Hou Qing.

“I have no time.” Lin Feng started walking again. Han Man was still injured and was waiting for his pills. Why would he give Hou Qing face when he had better things to do with his time.

“Huh?” Hou Qing was stunned when he saw that Lin Feng was ignoring him. He was furious and his figure suddenly vanished.

A madly strong wind started blowing and a silhouette appeared in front of Lin Feng. It was Hou Qing.

Hou Qing was very proud of his Agility Technique as he knew how strong it was, especially when he saw Lin Feng was frowning. The piece of trash was obviously shocked by such great skills.

“One of the Elders of the Sect wants to see you. Are you not going?” said Hou Qing in a mocking tone, as if Lin Feng had been making a fool of himself.

“One of the Elders wants to meet me?” said Lin Feng who was surprised. Was it because of the Life or Death Arena killing? Impossible, he had killed everyone who had known his true identity. Was it because of what had happened at the Precipice of Zhangu? Impossible, Protector Kong didn’t want that news to spread within the Sect, Protector Bei wouldn’t want that either. They definitely wouldn’t let Hou Qing know about it or send him to pick up Lin Feng. They also knew he would have business with Han Man.

One of the Elders surprisingly wanted to meet Lin Feng and there was no reason to refuse.

“Wait for me for a little while, I’ll be right back.” Said Lin Feng to Hou Qing and walked away, which left Hou Qing stunned once again. That guy had learnt that an Elder wanted to see him and he dared make one of the sect elders wait. Hou Qing was furious but he then remembered that Lin Feng was going to have to face the reality later anyway, so it was only a matter of time.

Lin Feng went to Han Man’s room as quickly as he could and he gave him three pills. Han Man gladly accepted them and swallowed them immediately. Lin Feng had given him three of his priceless profound healing pills to make sure there was nothing left unhealed within his friend. He made sure to sit next to the bed waiting for his recovery.

“Lin Feng, did you go to the Precipice of the Abyss?” Jing Yun asked uncertain while looking at Lin Feng.

Lin Feng nodded. He would not lie to Han Man or to Jing Yun but when he remembered the words of the protectors; he could only nod without making a sound.

Jing Yun already knew that he had been successful when she saw Lin Feng’s expression. Jing Yun somehow knew that he had gone to the Precipice of the Abyss, taken some pills and come back. She also knew that if anyone could pass the exam it would be Lin Feng.

Han Man had the sensation of waves that were flowing in his body from an unknown source. He opened his eyes and looked at Lin Feng in astonishment. He didn’t say anything but he felt thankful to have such an amazing friend. He could feel countless warm waves of healing energy were flowing into his body without stopping.

“Lin Feng. Thank you” said Han Man. During the short time he spent with Lin Feng there was already no doubt about them being true friends. Han Man would always remember the name of such a friend in his heart. If the heavens ever threatened to punish Lin Feng then they would first have to punish Han Man in his place.

What a true friend! He had killed Jing Feng and wanted to bear the consequences alone, he had shared precious items with them even though he had killed the ferocious wild beasts on his own, he was also able to kill Jiang Huai and Jing Hao by himself and then he was also able to go to the Precipice of the Abyss and pass the exam only to save his friend Han Man. In this world it would be hard to find someone who would do so much for someone they had known for such a short time. Lin Feng truly valued all of his friendships and the people he would call friends.

After a short time, Han Man could feel that his body had almost completely recovered. He could feel that his body was still recovering. There was no longer any pain just the sensation of pins prickling his skin. He has shockingly recovered so fast.

Jing Yun saw how quickly Han Man was recovering and that the bruises on his face had disappeared. She was amazed at how quickly the profound healing pills affected the body and how strong they were.

“These pills are very useful, as expected from the protectors” Lin Feng thought when he saw how quickly Han Man was recovering. Lin Feng was smiling and had finally started to relax.

“Han Man since you are recovering so quickly. I can no longer stay with you as I have something I must attend.”

Before leaving Lin Feng took three pills out of the jar and gave them to Jing Yun. He said: “Jing Yun, If his injuries don’t completely recover then you must immediately give him these three profound healing pills. I am relying on you for this task.”

“Lin Feng, don’t worry, I will do as you say.” Jing Yun took the three profound healing pills and then watched as Lin Feng left.

Lin Feng was following Hou Qing as they were going towards the Stormy Gorge and more precisely towards the Life or Death Arena. Lin Feng saw that there were many disciples gathered around the arena. He had no idea what could have happened and why they were all gathered at such a place when there were no sounds of battle.

More importantly he was wondering which Elder wanted to see him and for what reason.

“Patriarch, Elder Mo, I brought Lin Feng.” Hou Qing said respectfully taking Lin Feng to the Life or Death Arena.

“This is our Yun Hai Sect’s Patriarch Nan Gong Ling and Great Elder Mo Cang Lan.”

Lin Feng’s jaw had almost hit the ground upon those words. He didn’t expect to meet such important people and they had directly called for him. He looked around and saw Chu Zhan Peng and Lin Qian. Lin Qian looked at him with a cold smile on her face.

“What is she doing here?”

“Lin Feng, do you know the crimes you have committed?” Mo Xie asked Lin Feng with a sinister and dark look in his eyes.

“Elder, I don’t understand.” Said Lin Feng shaking his head and feeling cold sweat dripping down his back. Mo Xie was an esteemed Elder within the sect. Lin Feng felt that something really bad was about to happen.

“You don’t understand? You are a disciple and you don’t understand your elders, you hurt your brothers and sisters, insult your elders and your betters. You are the shame of the Yun Hai Sect. You are a disgrace. You are trash.” Mo Xie had made sure to embellish the charges and even made sure to humiliate him because of the agreement he had made with Chu Zhan Peng to save face. Because Lin Feng was a mere Ordinary disciple, nobody would question Chu Zhan Peng on how he had intended to dispose of him. Nobody wanted the patriarch of the Yun Hai Sect to be alarmed.

He had embellished all these accusations in front of everyone and intended to have Lin Feng expelled from the Yun Hai Sect. He had made sure to apply as much pressure as possible so a mere ordinary disciple could not rebuke his accusations.

“Disgrace, Trash, making the Yun Hai Sect lose face?” Lin Feng’s eyes looked perplex and then he looked at Lin Qian and understood what was going on. He couldn’t understand Elder Mo Xie though and why he would stand on Lin Qian’s side. Even though Lin Feng wasn’t a famous disciple, he was still a disciple of the Sect.

“Why are you not talking? You can all see how guilty he is simply by his unwillingness to defend from these accusations?” Mo Xie said coldly looking at Lin Feng who remained silent.

“Elder, you listed many of the charges against me without evidence. I am just an ordinary disciple and apparently the words of the little people do not matter much to the almighty esteemed elders of the Yun Hai Sect. Even if I proved my innocence, I am already deemed guilty by such a wise all knowing and all seeing Elder. Do I need to say anything?”

“How impudent” shouted Mo Xie who didn’t expect such sharp words from Lin Feng. Lin Feng had indeed made a reference to how lowly ordinary disciples were treated and how the elders could accuse anyone of anything without even needing proof of their accusations.

“How dare you speak back to me! I’m one of the Elders of the Sect, My duty within the sect is to questions disciples on their crimes. Do you even realize speaking back to an Elder of the sect is a crime itself?”

“If I don’t say a word then you take it as me admitting my guilt to all of your accusations. However when I choose to speak, you accuse me of going against an elder who is performing his duties. I, Lin Feng, would like to ask such a biased Elder, who exactly are you working for? Surely the master could not have wandered far from his obedient lap dog?” shouted Lin Feng.

When he came to accuse Lin Fen, Mo Xie was already convinced of the crimes that he had committed as if he had witnessed them. Nothing could change his mind. He thought Lin Feng was guilty of bringing shame to the sect. He treated Lin Feng like an animal. Lin Feng knew that Mo Xie would make things difficult for him no matter what he did. Not saying a word would be a crime, but arguing would be a crime as well. Why would he need to restrain his actions when he was already guilty either way?

In front of the entire crowd, all members of the Sect, Lin Feng looked down on Mo Xie and was not frightened at all.

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