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PMG Chapter 210: Annihilate the army

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The troops from both countries were engaged in a fearsome battle. The battlefield was covered with the corpses of soldiers. The Mo Yue troops had rushed from the city to fight against the Xue Yue troops.

The Mo Yue troops constituted a powerful army and their spears glowed through the dark night with fearsome killing. The broken weapons on the ground emitted quiet metallic clangs from their movements.

On both sides of the city, the Chi Xie troops gathered into one location on the battlefield, they then fired another volley of arrows towards the Mo Yue army. The fire was still raging and the heat from the fire was growing more intense with every passing moment. The Mo Yue troops didn’t know how to react. At the same time, amongst the Mo Yue troops, a sword glowed with a radiant light and released a terrifying deadly Qi. The sword slashed in a circle at full speed which created a terrifying pressure which killed hundreds of soldiers. It was Lin Feng.

After that sword attack, the other Chi Xie elites who had infiltrated the enemy’s army also started to mercilessly slaughter the unguarded troops around them. It created chaos throughout the enemy army. However they continued to follow orders and did not attach a great importance to their own lives.

Fighting at that moment was an army of two hundred and fifty thousand Mo Yue troops while the Xue Yue troops were composed of less than one hundred thousand troops. Mo Yue while suffering heavy losses within the city, still held the advantage in numbers.

However, sooner or later, the other Xue Yue troops would have a direct confrontation with the enemy army, they just had to wait until the Mo Yue troops moved closer. In the time it would take for the Mo Yue army to reach them, how many arrows could they fire? But they had already killed half of the Mo Yue army and had caused chaos within the army. Considering the fact that they still had the Chi Xie troops ready to fight and Lin Feng’s group of elites inside the enemy army causing chaos, it was safe to say that they had complete control over the situation.

When fighting the enemies in a head on battle, who would have the bravest soldiers? Which side would win?

Lin Feng was moving through the army. Anyone who tried to block Lin Feng turned into another corpse on the ground.

Lin Feng wasn’t alone though, he was surrounded by the group of elites accompanying him.

The battle between Mo Yue and Xue Yue was a battle of victory or death. Retreating wasn’t an option. Lin Feng had no choice. He needed to go and save Princess Duan Xin Ye. Duan Xian Ye had been kidnapped while he was protecting her, if something happened to her, Lin Feng would not only suffer a death sentence but it was also mean punishment for Liu Can Lan. Lin Feng had to rescue Duan Xin Ye.

To Lin Feng’s left, a sword was also unceasingly glowing and every time it moved someone was killed, making its owner look like a reaper of death.

His sword was moving much faster than that of Lin Feng’s sword, each of its blows were not only faster but also much more powerful. The deadly Qi it was releasing was several times heavier than that released by Lin Feng. It was clear that the owner of this sword had been through countless bloodbaths.

Lin Feng turned around and saw the young man cutting down his enemies and was shocked. Currently the young man’s face was not like that of a beautiful girl. At that moment, he looked ice-cold and emotionless.

He was wearing pure white robes, but he looked like a death god. It was obviously Wen Ao Xue. No wonder he was so respected and revered at the Celestial Academy. Wen Ao Xue’s beautiful eyes were as sharp as the god of death’s sword.

On the horizon, a beautiful light started to fill the sky. Day was starting to break.

Outside of Duan Ren City, the sea of broken weapons had also turned into a sea of blood and corpses.

These corpses were still fresh and blood continued to pour from the bodies to create a sea of blood.

Lin Feng rushed forwards and with a single deadly sword he killed a dozen soldiers in his path. However, Lin Feng wasn’t excited at all. He looked at all the countless corpses covering the battlefield. His heart felt saddened. This was war and their lives didn’t matter much on the battlefield, but to someone they mattered.

A rumble spread through the atmosphere and was coming from a distant place on the horizon. It was a crash of lightning as if the heavens were descending with their wrath.

The entire crowd couldn’t help but shiver from head to toe. Everybody slowly raised their head and looked to the horizon.

On the horizon where the sun had started to rise there was now a sea of black clouds. It seemed like a human shape had appeared within them, but it quickly disappeared. Darkness filled the battlefield once again as the sky was covered by these clouds.

It looked like a completely black creature who looked down on humans with disdain from the sky.

“How terrifying.” thought Lin Feng. When he saw the sea of black clouds appear in the sky, his heart started pounding.

“A group of barbarians dare to fight against my Mo Yue.” A silhouette appeared in the middle of the sea of black clouds. Immediately after, the palm of his hand thrust out and a black seal appeared on the ground.

The seal was the shape of a castle. There was a thick black deadly Qi within which pounded into the ground and crushed anything in its way.

The ground was violently shaking. The hearts of the Xue Yue army were all trembling with fear.

That attack had just killed a thousand Xue Yue soldiers. One attack was enough to claim a thousand lives, these Xue Yue soldiers could barely see it coming before they had been crushed, without even the time to give a horrible shriek.

A gigantic black crater appeared in the ground from the attack, all the corpses of the Xue Yue troops had disappeared into that blackness.

Besides, those who were near the attack, men and horses were sent hurtling away.

The faces of Xue Yue army turned deathly pale. What kind of cultivator was that? Facing such a strong cultivator, they had lost all their courage to fight.

Everybody had stopped moving. The Xue Yue army had come to a halt, the Mo Yue army had stopped too. They had all raised their heads and were blankly staring at that black silhouette in the sky.

“YEAAAHHHHHHH….” a short moment after, the Mo Yue troops gave a furious shout which made the ground shake.

That was an extremely strong cultivator from Mo Yue. Alone, he could annihilate an entire army.

When Lin Feng heard that shout, his sword slightly trembled.

There was no room for strategy, he couldn’t bring about a radical change in this situation. In front of such a strong cultivator, who could influence the entire course of the war, there was nothing he could do.

He raised his left hand. Lin Feng hated his own weakness, he was not strong enough to protect himself and was not strong enough to influence the continent.

That black palm must have been genuine pure energy and the cultivator must be at the Xuan Qi layer. That pure energy was extremely brutal.

A cultivator of the Xuan Qi layer could rely on pure Qi and pure energy. Such a person could control the sky and eliminate his enemies with powerful attacks. He was clearly at the Xuan Qi layer and Chu Zhan Peng would be like an ant to be crushed under this cultivators shoes.

Someone who could control the sky and attack from the heavens was at least at the peak of the Xuan Qi Layer. Rumors said that the strongest cultivators could fly in the sky and kill millions of people as they wished. Those rumours were all true.

That was the world of cultivation. Strong cultivators could act as they pleased. Soldiers, emperors, rulers, as long as they were strong, they could destroy or save life as they saw fit.

Lin Feng also wanted to reach that point with his cultivation. He also hoped that he would be able to fly amongst the clouds someday. He was making great efforts to make that dream come true and he was unceasingly battling to gain enlightenment. His heart was filled with incredible ambitions and aspirations, he would grow to be as powerful as an unmovable mountain.

But to reach such a cultivation level, how much determination, experience and training was required? Nobody knew.

For example, the strong cultivator who was looking down on them from the clouds, could easily destroy the army of Xue Yue.

Could it be that the Xue Yue army was going to die?

“Liu Cang Lan, you’ve been resisting my army for a while now, I respect you. You are an outstanding person, therefore I will let you die with dignity, I will allow you to take your own life.” The black silhouette in the sky was looking at Liu Cang Lan and sounded like a majestic deity. In front of him, even the highest-ranking generals meant nothing.

Liu Cang Lan raised his head while looking calm and indifferent. He looked at that silhouette in the sky. He then looked at the Xue Yue army. It looked like he was lamenting.

“During a war between two countries, the strongest cultivators are not allowed to get involved, that is one of the rules that all countries respect but today you come and pressure my army,
have I tacitly consented?” Liu Cang Lan’s voice was filled with sorrow.

Mo Yue would respect the rule unless it really wanted to conquer Xue Yue. At that moment, no matter if it was Mo Yue or Xue Yue, at neither of them had the power to conquer the other. Therefore, that rule couldn’t be broken. Of course, there was one exception, if one side accepted the behaviour of the other side.

“I accept.” When the Xue Yue troops heard Liu Cang Lan, they were all filled with great sadness. Lin Feng was extremely saddened.

The princess had been kidnapped, and Duan Tian Lang had caused chaos within the army. Liu Cang Lan, at that moment, had agreed to take his own life… This war had caused chaos, nobody knew what would happen from that point.

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