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PMG Chapter 2100: The Fast Sword of Qing Shan

PMG Chapter 2100: The Fast Sword of Qing Shan
Jing Xiao Yue left. She had come to the Yu Clan’s deployment mine hoping to see Mu Chen. However, she didn’t bump into Mu Chen, but bumped into a strange person, Lin Feng!
On her way back to the Jing Clan, Jing Xiao Yue kept thinking about what Lin Feng had told her. What did it mean? If Mu Chen showed up, he’d help the Jing Clan; if he didn’t, he’d help the others steal the Jing Clan’s deployment mine?
“Xiao Yue,” a middle-aged man spoke up at that moment. He looked at Jing Xiao Yue gently. However, Jing Xiao Yue looked back at him in icy anger.
“Xiao Yue, don’t worry. Mu Chen isn’t a good match for you. He won’t dare show up. The Yu Clan will kill the people who try to steal their deployment mine,” the middle-aged man said calmly.
However, Jing Xiao Yue just looked at him icily. “Today, I went to the Yu Clan and I ran into someone. A strange person,” said Jing Xiao Yue emotionlessly to the middle-aged man. “A young man, he was very strange. He told me to tell the Jing Clan that on the day of the deployment mine competition, if Mu Chen showed up, he’d help the Jing Clan steal the deployment mine, and if Mu Chen didn’t show up, he’d help the others steal the Jing Clan’s deployment mine.”
When the middle-aged man heard that, he frowned angrily and said, “Who was that person?”
“I don’t know him. He’s extremely strong. I hope there aren’t implications…!” said Jing Xiao Yue icily before she left.
The middle-aged man looked furious, blade-sharp lights flashed in his eyes as he whispered, “Does the Yu Clan think they can still prevent us from taking their deployment mine?”
In the eyes of the Jing Clan, the Yu Clan’s deployment mine was already theirs.
After Jing Xiao Yue left, Lin Feng and Yu Xin left too. Yu Xin was still astonished. She glanced at Lin Feng secretly now and then.
“Why are you looking at me?” Lin Feng smiled.
“The more I look at you, the less I understand you. Tantai was right. I will soon understand,” Yu Xin smiled. “Jing Xiao Yue is a genius of the Jing Clan, and extremely strong. However, in front of you, she didn’t look strong. If you fight against her on the day of the deployment mine competition, I’m sure you could easily steal theirs. And did you really mean what you said to Jing Xiao Yue?”
“What then?” asked Lin Feng smiling.
“If Mu Chen shows up, will you really help the Jing Clan against the three clans?”
“I will,” said Lin Feng nodding.
“Well then, I hope Mu Chen won’t show up!” Yu Xin smiled cheerfully.
Lin Feng looked at her strangely. “Do you really believe I will help the Jing Clan steal the three other clans’ deployment mines?”
“Tantai said I’d understand you sooner or later! Maybe I will!” said Yu Xin, giving a noncommittal reply with a cheeky grin.
Lin Feng, Tantai, and Yu Xin went back to Yu Clan. The Yu Clan was as before, getting ready for the deployment mine competition. The three clans of Qing Shan City had had several occasions to act, but in the end they had come to a compromise: the competition. At each competition, there would be five battles. When there were three winners, they won the deployment mine. People who had fought already couldn’t fight again.
That was good for the Yu Clan, as even though the Jing Clan was strong, they didn’t have that many geniuses.
The day of the competition for the deployment mines finally arrived. The location was where the four deployment mines were. The winners would take control over the loser’s mine.
The Yu Clan’s strong cultivators had gathered together. Yu Lin and Su Mu were at the head of the group. This battle was too important for the Yu Clan; if they lost, they would lose their deployment mine and the Jing Clan would take control of it!
“Yu Lin, Su Mu, you are the two most important elements of this battle,” a group of old men said to Su Mu and Yu Lin.
“We will definitely win this battle,” Yu Lin nodded.
“Alright, let’s go. The first battle of the Jing Clan is over the deployment mine of the Feng Clan. Let’s go to the Feng Clan to see first,” said an elder. The group of people rose up into the air, the crowd looking at Yu Lin, Su Mu, and Yu Ye. They were mounted on unicorns and looked majestic!
Lin Feng, Tantai, and Yu Xin were following behind them. Yu Kun noticed Lin Feng and the others, his eyes twinkled and he smiled, “Lin Feng, little boy. You’re now used to staying in the Yu Clan. I hope Yu Xin is taking good care of you?”
“Yes, Yu Xin is great!” said Lin Feng, smiling and nodding.
“Very good. You’ve been here for so many days. Has your teacher been looking for you?” asked Yu Kun.
“Soon. I’m sure that you will see him soon,” replied Lin Feng.
“Very good. I hope he can teach us some things. Besides, you know that today is the deployment mine competition, the four big clans are going to fight. So today you can watch and learn,” said Yu Kun politely. He didn’t disdain Lin Feng, but the competition was between four powerful groups, so he was convinced that Lin Feng, who knew a few deployment spells, would learn some things.
“That’s what I thought!” replied Lin Feng. Yu Kun didn’t say much and left with the others for the Feng Clan.
At the Feng Clan’s deployment mine, there were many nervous people. The members of the Jing Clan had arrived already. Apart from people of the Feng Clan, there were observers from all four powerful clans. The second deployment mine the Jing Clan wanted was that of the Wen Clan. They wanted the deployment mines of all other three clans!
Apart from the Clans, there were many strong cultivators from Qing Shan City who had come to watch. This competition would determine the fate of Qing Shan City.
Hou Qing Lin and his group were with the group of people from the Feng Clan. The members of the Feng Clan were very polite to Hou Qing Lin and the others. After all, they were willing to help them protect their deployment mine!
At that moment, the strong cultivators of the Feng Clan walked forwards. Some illusion marks appeared around them.
“Welcome to the Feng Clan’s deployment mine. Please be seated,” waved a strong cultivator of the Feng Clan. Seats rose up into the air and moved around in a perfect formation for people to sit. Apart from their own strength, they could also use the power of the deployment mines!
“After today, the deployment mine might not belong to the Feng Clan anymore,” a strong cultivator of the Jing Clan said provocatively at that moment.
“Who will the five fighters of the Jing Clan be?” asked the strong cultivator of the Feng Clan.
“According to the rules, since we made a concession, you have to choose first,” said the strong cultivator of the Jing Clan slowly. Five battles, they weren’t going to say who was going to fight. The Feng Clan needed to select their fighters first. It was going to be difficult for them. The Jing Clan could choose their fighters depending on the fighters chosen by the Feng Clan.
“Jing Yan, Jing Ran, and Jing Xiao Yue haven’t shown up. They won’t fight here. They don’t care about the Feng Clan. The pressure is all on us,” said Yu Kun to Yu Lin and the others.
Yu Lin nodded and said, “Uncle Kun, if Jing Yan and the others show up on our battlefield, it’ll be difficult, we’ll have to give up our deployment mine and try to steal theirs.”
“I think so, too. The Jing Clan invited many extremely strong people. They are willing to do all they can for the Jing Clan. It will be difficult for the Feng Clan to protect their deployment mine as well,” said Yu Kun calmly. He glanced at the members of the Jing Clan, they looked calm and collected, as if they had everything under control.
From this day on, there would be tremendous changes in Qing Shan City!
Everybody looked at the Feng Clan’s members, wondering who they were going to choose.
At that moment, a young man came out, wearing grey clothes and with a sword in his back. He looked simple and clean. However, he looked as sharp as a sword, as if nobody could stop him.
“Who’s that person? I’ve never seen him,” whispered some people in the crowd. The man was a stranger.
Some members of the Jing Clan frowned. They had seen that person before, but they didn’t remember where. The Jing Clan had to win the first battle!
The Jing Clan sent out a strong cultivator wearing a bamboo hat who slowly walked out of the crowd. He landed on the deployment mine’s ground, looking mysterious. He raised his hand and took off his hat, revealing his deathly pale face.
“The Fast Sword of Qing Shan!” When the crowd saw him, they frowned. That really pale young man was a hero in town, a terrifying sword cultivator!
The Fast Sword of Qing Shan was a feared sword cultivator in Qing Shan City. His sword attacks were unprecedentedly fast. Very few people could invite him, but the Jing Clan had managed to.
When the members of the Feng Clan saw him, they frowned nervously. Was the Jing Clan’s goal really the Yu Clan?…

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