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PMG Chapter 2101: One Sword

PMG Chapter 2101: One Sword
The Fast Sword of Qing Shan was a young man known to be the fastest sword cultivator of his generation. People didn’t recall his name anymore, they just called him The Fast Sword of Qing Shan. When they saw him, they all felt oppressed. People looked at the members of the Feng Clan with compassion. Unfortunately for them, the Fast Sword of Qing Shan was merciless and emotionless. He liked to kill.
“The Fast Sword of Qing Shan?” Lin Feng looked interested when he heard that name. Unfortunately, Jian Mang wasn’t there, or this guy would have seen an even faster sword.
Of course, could Ruo Xie’s swords be slower?
“Who do you think will win?” Yu Xin asked when she saw Lin Feng’s broad smile.
“The Fast Sword of Qing Shan will lose,” Lin Feng declared firmly. Yu Xin looked at him strangely, giggling, not believing him at all. The Fast Sword of Qing Shan was famous! In terms of basic cultivation, not deployment spells, he was even stronger than Yu Lin, and now Lin Feng was saying that The Fast Sword of Qing Shan was going to lose?
The two fighters remained silent on the ground of the deployment mine. They were staring at one another.
A cold wind brushed against them. Sword intent rose up, sharp and cold. The Fast Sword of Qing Shan started moving towards Ruo Xie. He wasn’t that fast, but he was stable. There was a seemingly ordinary sword in his hand. Real sword cultivators used rather plain swords.
When he used his sword, there weren’t dazzling lights, it didn’t make the earth and sky shake either. Sword cultivators had just one thing in mind: to kill their opponent as fast as possible!
Ruo Xie was the same, and fought the same way. His sword attacks were fast and he wanted to kill his opponents as quickly as possible.
The atmosphere became oppressive. People gulped down when they saw the two fighters start moving, staring at the two of them.
The members of the Feng Clan were very nervous. When the Fast Sword of Qing Shan appeared, they understood that the Jing Clan was truly sly and evil. They didn’t intend to take only the Yu Clan’s deployment mine, otherwise, the Fast Sword of Qing Shan wouldn’t have appeared here!
The Feng Clan couldn’t lose this battle. However, could Ruo Xie win?
The Fast Sword of Qing Shan finally attacked, dazzling lights appearing. He wasn’t running fast, but his sword was quick. A light beam of cosmic energy appeared, people couldn’t follow it with their eyes.
Ruo Xie’s sword also appeared. It looked slower than his opponent’s, especially at the time of unsheathing. The crowd could already imagine the Fast Sword of Qing Shan’s cutting apart Ruo Xie.
Ruo Xie’s sword looked slower because the Fast Sword of Qing Shan released his really fast. In the blink of an eye, two light beams appeared between them. They were both standing there motionless. There was no blood. The crowd didn’t even see the sword energies.
Some people frowned.
A cold wind soughed, a silhouette suddenly turned to dust and vanished. People’s hearts suddenly started pounding.
“How was that possible…!
The Fast Sword of Qing Shan had lost. Not only had he lost, but he had also died!
The opponent who was wearing a simple grey cloak slowly turned around and went back to the group of people from the Feng Clan. The crowd came back to their senses and realized what had happened.
“Pfew…” The strong cultivators of the Feng Clan all took deep breaths.
“Good, Ruo Xie is extremely strong.”
Many strong cultivators from the Feng Clan stood up, looking pleasantly surprised. They knew that Ruo Xie was extremely strong, but they had not thought he was THAT strong. He had killed the Fast Sword of Qing Shan in the blink of an eye, and everybody knew how strong that guy was. If he hadn’t died, then Ruo Xie would have died. That was the normal result of a battle between two sword cultivators: death!
Many people from the Jing Clan had long faces. They had thought they’d definitely win, but in the end the Fast Sword of Qing Shan had been crushed. It meant that the Feng Clan could now choose their fighters according to which fighter the Jing Clan would choose.
“The Fast Sword of Qing Shan surprisingly lost. Who was that guy?” Many people from the Yu Clan were staring at Ruo Xie. Surprisingly, the Feng Clan had such a terrifying cultivator?
Yu Xin looked at Lin Feng strangely. She couldn’t believe her eyes.
“How did you know?” asked Yu Xin.
“I can’t say it in front of everyone,” said Lin Feng, smiling mysteriously. Yu Xin felt even more curious. Couldn’t he tell her telepathically? Why did he need to be so vague? But she had no choice but to accept it.
Lin Feng whispered in Yu Xin’s ears, “Because he’s my fellow disciple.”
Yu Xin was stupefied. She looked at Lin Feng meaningfully, This guy is so strong, how many secrets does he have?
She remembered what Lin Feng had said. If Mu Chen showed up, he’d help the Jing Clan; if Mu Chen didn’t show up, he’d help the others take the Jing Clan’s deployment mines. Did he really mean it?
“Now, four battles are left. The Feng Clan will be able to choose their fighter according to which fighter the Jing Clan is going to choose. The Feng Clan could possibly win this battle,” Yu Kun said calmly. Everybody nodded in agreement. The Feng Clan wasn’t as strong as the Jing Clan or the Yu Clan, but they were a powerful clan after all, and also had some terrifyingly strong young people. If the Jing Clan didn’t select their strongest fighters, the Feng Clan could definitely win. Since they had won the first battle, they had an even better chance to win the second one.
“The Jing Clan chose Jing Qiong, he is only inferior to Jing Xiao Yue. With his deployment spells, he’s extremely strong,” the crowd murmured when they saw the second fighter chosen by the Jing Clan. When they saw the fighter chosen by the Feng Clan, they all came to the same conclusion: the result of the battle was already sure. The Feng Clan chose their strongest genius: Feng Ye. They had to win!
As the crowd had expected, the Feng Clan won the second battle. The Jing Clan had already lost two battles!
The Feng Clan had been sure to win with Feng Ye.
“Since the Jing Clan can’t choose their fighters first anymore, they have lost the game,” was the general consensus. Those who won the first battle gained the initiative in such battles, so the first battle was decisive. If the Jing Clan had won the first battle, they would have been able to choose anyone for the second battle. Even if they lost, it wouldn’t have mattered, they could have won the third one easily.
But everything depended on the first battle.
The Jing Clan randomly selected a fighter for the third battle, they had already given up on the Feng Clan’s deployment mine. They needed to keep their strongest cultivators back, they’d try to get the Wen Clan’s mine.
“We won!” The members of the Feng Clan were relieved. The reason why they had chosen Feng Ye for the second battle was that they still had Hou Qing Lin behind him, and he was Ruo Xie’s fellow disciple. It seemed that Ruo Xie respected Hou Qing Lin a lot, which meant that Hou Qing Lin was probably as strong or even stronger than him!
It seemed that they had already won, but they remained vigilant anyway.
“Brother Hou, Brother Ruo Xie, thank you very much. In the future, if you need anything, please ask us!” a strong Feng Clan cultivator said to Hou Qing Lin and Ruo Xie, bowing and smiling. When they had seen the Fast Sword of Qing Shan come out, they had felt great pressure. Luckily, Ruo Xie had won. The Jing Clan had lost three times in a row and had decided to give up on their territory.
Now that the Feng Clan had won, the Wen Clan was under pressure. The Jing Clan was also determined to take their territory!
The Jing Clan had chosen the Fast Sword of Qing Shan for their first battle and had lost, but it made them even more determined to win. The strongest cultivators they had kept for the Feng Clan hadn’t fought in the end, so they had kept those strong cultivators back for the Wen Clan. The Wen Clan was now under pressure. Many people looked at Tian Chi and the others. They hoped they’d help, like Ruo Xie had done for the Feng Clan.
The members of the Jing Clan rose up into the air and headed towards the Wen Clan. They hadn’t managed to take the Feng Clan’s deployment mine; would they manage to take the Wen Clan’s?
The Jing Clan had lost control, the Wen Clan didn’t control events anymore, either. Nobody knew that a mysterious young man who had spent time in the Yu Clan had plotted against the Jing Clan.
From Tiantai, only Ruo Xie had fought already. Hou Qing Lin hadn’t even needed to fight. The Wen Clan felt pressured, and Tiantai’s disciples knew that the pressure was present, but they were also convinced that protecting the three deployment mines would be no problem at all!

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