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PMG Chapter 2102: Desperation

PMG Chapter 2102: Desperation
The place for the second round of battles was the Wen Clan’s deployment mine. Once again, many people were watching in the distance.
The members of the Jing Clan looked sullen and angry. They had lost the first round, they had to win this time around!
“Who is sure to win the first battle?” a strong cultivator of the Jing Clan asked the people behind him.
“Wait and see. The Wen Clan will choose someone first, we’ll choose accordingly,” someone else responded.
“Alright, no matter what, we must obtain the Wen Clan’s deployment mine!”
As the members of the Jing Clan were talking, the members of the Wen Clan were also talking and planning. Finally, the first fighter they sent out was Wen Yi, one of the strongest young people of the Wen Clan.
However, when the members of the Jing Clan saw him, they smiled. The first battle was going to be easy for them. The Wen Clan was probably desperate, they were going to sacrifice one of their people to inspect how strong the Jing Clan’s cultivators were.
The Jing Clan chose someone wearing a plaited bamboo hat and a cloak. He jumped up onto the battle stage. People shivered, another mysterious strange cultivator! In the Feng Clan, nobody cared but now, the crowd understood that it was another cultivator the Jing Clan had invited.
It’s Prince Lu, when he uses his hook, he easily beheads people. Wen Yi is doomed, thought the crowd.
“Wen Yi, if you can’t win, get down off the battle stage!” shouted some strong cultivator from the Wen Clan. Wen Yi nodded. Prince Lu rose up into the air. A grinding vortex spun towards him. However, his hook spirit emerged from the vortex and shot towards Wen Yi’s head. At the same time, a pair of eyes appeared at the hook spirit.
Wen Yi retreated quickly. At the same time, he kept casting deployment spells to protect himself. He jumped off the battle stage very quickly, stopping the fight quickly. A defeat didn’t matter, his life was more important. The Jing Clan won this round.
The Wen Clan is under pressure, thought the crowd. The Jing Clan had the initiative. The Jing Clan had paid the price to win. They had invited some of the strongest cultivators available in the region. That way, they could keep back the strongest cultivators of the Jing Clan to fight against the members of the Yu Clan. Everybody knew that the Yu Clan was the Jing Clan’s main target. They really wanted the Yu Clan’s deployment mine, which was the second best after their own.
For the second battle, the Jing Clan sent out a cultivator of their own clan. The Wen Clan had to choose the second strongest cultivator of their clan.
Even if they lost that battle, the Jing Clan didn’t mind. As long as they managed to win three battles, it was enough to gain control over the deployment mine.
At that moment, they were waiting for the second fighter of the Wen Clan.
On the Wen Clan’s side, a Sadhu came out. He had a grounded and beneficent priestly demeanor about him.
“Who’s that?” thought many people. They had never seen this cultivator in Qing Shan City and the Wen Clan couldn’t possibly have Buddhist or Taoist cultivators.
“Did they keep their strongest cultivators for the last two battles?”
“The Jing Clan hasn’t used their trump cards yet. Even if the Wen Clan kept their strongest cultivators for the last two battle, the Jing Clan will still win.”
“Do you think the Wen Clan, like the Feng Clan, could have some unexpectedly strong cultivators and win the battle?”
People were gossiping. The Jing Clan was hesitant, who was the best cultivator they could choose for this battle?
“We can choose Jing Nan, Jing Bei, or him. He can’t fight before winning the second round, so Jing Bei and Jing Nan, get ready to fight,” ordered a middle-aged man of the Jing Clan.
The strongest cultivator of the Wen Clan hadn’t fought yet. Therefore, they couldn’t use their trump cards, otherwise nobody would be able to fight against the strongest cultivator of the Wen Clan. They didn’t know whether the Wen Clan had some secret strong cultivators left or not. They had to keep their trump cards just in case!
“I’ll go,” said Jing Nan calmly. “This fight is very important, I’ll go.”
“Alright, you go,” agreed the Jing Clan strong cultivator with a nod.
“It’s Jing Nan, can Ban Ruo win?” asked the strong cultivator of the Wen Clan nervously. If they lost, the Wen Clan would probably be in a difficult situation.
He didn’t know that Tian Chi and Jian Mang could easily protect their deployment mine.
Jing Nan and Ban Ruo were going to fight. Jing Nan controlled deployment spells and some special spells. He had terrifying fighting abilities. Ban Ruo hadn’t changed, his Buddha’s halo could illuminate all things, he could turn into a wrathful Buddha, and his body was as hard as diamond. At the same time, he also had a Blue Uptala Lotus which enabled him to purify the ten thousand things of creation, and he could punish people with his sword. He didn’t even need to move to purify and punish evil cultivators. He also knew the Sapta Atibuddha Karasaniya Dharani Mantra which resonated with the earth and sky.
After a short time, Jing Nan couldn’t handle him anymore, blood splashed and he was hurled away. He suffered a crushing defeat!
“Pfew, how strong!” The crowd was amazed. That Buddhist cultivator was extremely strong! Among people who didn’t understand Dao, few people could defeat him. The Jing Clan was a powerful clan of deployment spell casters, but only a few people of their people understood Dao. Not many of their people could defeat someone like Ban Ruo!
“Good, Master Ban Ruo is extremely strong.” The strong cultivators of the Wen Clan were all smiling broadly. The Wen Clan felt grateful and confident again with Ban Ruo’s victory.
The members of the Jing Clan all had long faces again. Could it be that they would fail to gain control over the Wen Clan’s deployment mine also?
“I’ll fight this one.” A silhouette flickered and landed on the battle stage of the deployment mine. Qi pulsed around him.
“I’ll go and defeat him!” declared someone on the Wen Clan’s side, releasing Qi which dashed to the skies. Everybody frowned; that was the first cultivator of the Wen Clan, Wen Ting!
“Wen Ting, good!” When the members of the Jing Clan saw Wen Ting come out, their eyes glittered with cold lights. They had to defeat Wen Ting, otherwise, there would be no hope!
“Wen Ting.” The members of the Wen Clan looked nervous. They had the sensation the Jing Clan had planned to send someone terrifyingly strong, but Wen Ting was already on the battle stage, and they could not change the fighter anymore.
The Jing Clan sent another cultivator wearing a plaited bamboo hat and a cloak. When he took off his hat, the members of the Wen Clan all grimaced. Xue Chou, he controlled blood strength! Wen Ting was in danger. If the Wen Clan had known, they would have sent Wen Ting for the following battle. How stupid!
But now, all they could do was hope that Wen Ting would defeat Xue Chou!
Xue Chou and Wen Ting both understood Dao strength. Xue Chou was more famous than the Fast Sword of Qing Shan. Wen Ting was the strongest cultivator of his generation in the Wen Clan. Nobody could be sure of the end of the battle.
As they started fighting, pieces of stones started exploding all around them. In terms of strength, Xue Chou was stronger than Wen Ting, but Wen Ting also controlled deployment spells, so the result of the battle was uncertain. Most people thought that Wen Ting would lose.
“You want to bring about your own destruction!” whispered the members of the Jing Clan, staring at Wen Ting and smiling icily. They had thought they’d lose these duels, but in the end, they had hope again!
As expected, Xue Chou defeated Wen Ting. Wen Ting was driven off the battle stage and coughed up blood. At that moment, someone burst into laughter loudly, a strong cultivator of the Jing Clan said indifferently, “Last battle! The Wen Clan is going to choose someone.”
When the members of the Wen Clan heard that, they all grit their teeth. Wen Ting felt guilty. He was bleeding and his face had turned deathly pale.
“Go back and heal,” a strong Wen Clan cultivator of the Wen Clan told him. He was disappointed. At such a cultivation level, acting so impulsively was stupid.
“Who should we choose for this battle?”
“Master Tian Chi, we can only rely on you now,” Wen Ting to Tian Chi. Wen Ting had lost, they needed to win this one. Losing their deployment mine would likely result in their Clan falling.
He knew how strong Tian Chi was. At this moment, the Wen Clan could only put all their hopes on Tian Chi. Nobody could compete with Tian Chi in the Wen Clan.
“Don’t worry.” Tian Chi jumped forwards and landed on the deployment mine’s battle stage. When the crowd saw yet another Buddhist cultivator, they frowned. The Jing Clan was suddenly less excited as well; another strong cultivator from the outside? After the previous fights, they weren’t relaxed at all.
“Jing Bei, we also have to fight against the Yu Clan after this, so this battle is for you,” said the strong cultivators of the Jing Clan to Jing Bei. He had to win this battle, and the deployment mine would be theirs!
“Alright.” Jing Bei took a deep breath and released his Qi. He jumped forwards and threw himself at Tian Chi, a cloud of Qi pulsing around him. The wind roared and whipped the sky into a fury.
“Wind and clouds cosmic energies. He controls both cosmic energies. When he’s here, clouds appear and a strong wind starts blowing.” A great pressure bore down on Tian Chi. The members of the Jing Clan were all nervous, they had to win this battle…
Tian Chi’s body turned into golden lights which contained aspects of all things. He looked like an ancient Buddha, lofty like a mountain. Inside the golden lights, millions of ancient Buddhas appeared. Tian Chi put his palms together and started chanting mantras which people could hear thousands of li away.
“Good.” The Wen Clan’s strong cultivators’ eyes started twinkling when they saw this, they had hope again.
Clouds appeared and a strong wind started blowing. Cosmic energies roared out, yet millions of Buddha’s hands appeared and drove towards Tian Chi, grinding down on him. Their energies blotted out the sky.
Tian Chi looked majestic and lofty, wise and indestructible. Their energies collided, and the clouds broke apart, the wind stopped. Jing Bei was smashed away a few li. The members of the Jing Clan were astonished and their hearts started pounding. It was like they had fallen from Heaven to Hell, they were desperate!
They hadn’t managed to take the Wen Clan’s deployment mine either!

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