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PMG Chapter 2105: Postpone

PMG Chapter 2105: Postpone
Those geniuses all shouted Mu Chen’s name at the same time.
Mu Chen is my teacher!
Now they couldn’t forget Mu Chen’s name!
These incredible geniuses were Mu Chen’s disciples! They had come for Mu Chen!
The Jing Clan despised Mu Chen, they had thought he wasn’t good enough to be engaged to Jing Xiao Yue. But now his disciples had come to Qing Shan City for him, and they were furious!
Everybody understood that they had come for Mu Chen.
The members of the Jing Clan understood that now, too.
No wonder this group of people had come to ruin their plans. They even wanted to help the other clans take their deployment mine. Everything was for Mu Chen!
However, Mu Chen wasn’t really strong, why were his disciples so strong?
At that moment, Jing Xiao Yue’s heart was pounding. These young people were at their prime, they were all Mu Chen’s disciples. They had come for Mu Chen. If Mu Chen had seen that, he would have been so proud. But where was he?
At that moment, the members of the Yu Clan, the Wen Clan and the Feng Clan were all stupefied. They admired Mu Chen for having raised such great disciples.
The terrifying blind sword cultivator had cut Jing Yan in two in one sword strike. His sword attacks were incredible. Were there stronger cultivators than him in this group of people?
How strong was Hou Qing Lin?
Yu Lin’s heart was pounding. He was a genius from the Yu Clan, the best of his generation in his clan. He had been accepted at the Celestial Remarkable Deployment Ministry. Everybody admired him in their Clan. In Qing Shan City, everybody knew who he was. It was the same for Jing Yan, who was just a bit more famous than him in Qing Shan City… but he had been cut in two with one sword strike.
If that sword had been aimed at him, what would have happened?
Yu Lin didn’t dare imagine. He closed his eyes and took a deep breath. Where were these people from? Why were they so strong?
That sword had made Yu Lin shake. In Qing Shan City, apart from Jing Yan, he looked down on everyone else. He had heard of Mu Chen, but he had never really cared about him. Now he wanted to know who he was, how had he raised such strong disciples?
Mu Chen is my teacher!
Those five words resonated in people’s thoughts!
Yu Clan who was behind the whole crowd of people from the Yu Clan was staring at Lin Feng.
“They’re all your fellow disciples?” Yu Xin asked Lin Feng telepathically. She remembered what Lin Feng had said, and now she understood.
Lin Feng nodded once, barely. He looked at the cultivators of the Jing Clan. Were they going to release Mu Chen?
Yu Xin put her hand on her heart as she exhaled, it was pounding. This bunch of guys was terrifying… Ruo Xie had killed the Fast Sword of Qing Shan in one sword strike, and the blind sword cultivator had defeated Jing Yan in one sword strike.
She was curious to see how strong Lin Feng was!

Hou Qing Lin and the others were standing there proudly. They all stared at the members of the Jing Clan.
“Five battles, the Yu Clan won three. The Yu Clan’s deployment mine remains theirs,” said someone slowly. All the members of the Yu Clan smiled broadly. Finally, it was over and they could keep their deployment mine. They had made the right decision!
The members of the Jing Clan were furious. Not only hadn’t they managed to take the three other clans’ deployment mines, but now they risked losing their own.
“According to the four clans’ agreement, the Yu Clan, Wen Clan and Feng Clan can challenge the Jing Clan to take their deployment mine,” continued Hou Qing Lin slowly. The members of the Jing Clan all grimaced, even more furious. They couldn’t do anything about this.
If they fought, they’d lose!
Therefore, they all remained silent. Could they even fight?
Even Jing Yan and Jing Ran stood no chance!
The crowd was staring at Hou Qing Lin and the others. Were they furious because of Mu Chen?
“My teacher Mu Chen fell in love with Jing Xiao Yue. You could have refused and that’s all. Why deceive Jing Xiao Yue though? Why pretend you made an agreement when you actually imprisoned him in the black tower? You are such bastards!” said someone else. The crowd was stupefied. Mu Chen was trapped in the Jing Clan’s black tower?
“What!” Jing Xiao Yue looked desperate, her face turned deathly pale. She looked at a middle-aged man and shouted extremely loudly, “That’s the agreement you told me about?!”
The strong cultivators of the Jing Clan all looked very unsightly. They were speechless.
“No wonder, no wonder that you were so sure that Mu Chen wouldn’t show up! You’re so cruel!” Jing Xiao Yue was petrified, furious, crushed! She had never thought her family members would lie to her like that!
“Xiao Yue, it was for your own good!” whispered Jing Xiao Yue’s father, walking up to her.
“For my own good?” Jing Xiao Yue smiled mockingly, “It’s really for my own good! Hehe!”
At that moment, the members of the Jing Clan all looked at Hou Qing Lin and the others icily and said, “What do you want to do?”
“Release our teacher and don’t prevent Jing Xiao Yue from leaving if she wants to. That way, we won’t take your deployment mine,” stated Hou Qing Lin icily. The members of the Jing Clan felt uncomfortable. A group of young people was threatening them. They were extremely talented, but in the eyes of the Jing Clan, they were just babies.
The members of the Jing Clan remained silent. How could they keep their deployment mine? If they accepted, they’d fight and probably lose their mine! They would also lose massive amounts of face. Everybody already thought they were shameless for what they done to Mu Chen. Everybody would make fun of the Jing Clan in Qing Shan City!
Everybody was waiting for their reply. The Jing Clan, the best clan of deployment spell casters in Qing Shan City, what were they going to do?
“Give us three days to think,” said a strong cultivator of the Jing Clan.
Hou Qing Lin and the others frowned and said icily, “Will you release him or not, why would you need three days to think?”
“We want to postpone the deployment mine competition for three days. If the Yu, Feng, and Wen clans don’t agree, then we’ll resort to war. Of course, we don’t hope to go that far. We also propose to increase the limit of three people to five!” said the strong cultivators of the Jing Clan. They didn’t look at Hou Qing Lin and the others anymore. They didn’t fear Hou Qing Lin, the deployment mines were more important.
The Jing Clan was sly. They changed the topic, not replying to Hou Qing Lin’s question. They just said they wanted to wait for three days.
The members of the three clans looked at Hou Qing Lin and the others. After all, they couldn’t fight over the deployment mines anymore, they could only rely on those strong young people.
“Alright, we’ll give you three days. If my teacher runs into trouble during those three days, we’ll use our full strength to destroy the Jing Clan,” said Hou Qing Lin icily. They were worried that the Jing Clan would harm Mu Chen. They had come from the Dark Night Region, nobody would support them in Godly Clouds. If they threatened the Jing Clan, maybe they wouldn’t harm Mu Chen.
“In three days, we’ll answer your question,” said the strong cultivators of the Jing Clan evasively. They all stood up and left silently. Jing Xiao Yue left, too. She was going to the black tower!
Tiantai’s cultivators looked glum. However, in three days, the Jing Clan wouldn’t be able to avoid the issue.
“Brother Hou, three days will pass quickly. I’m sure that Mu Chen will come back safe and sound. Come with us to the Feng Clan to rest for these three days.”
“Master Tian Chi. Let’s go back too. You’ll have a good rest in the Wen Clan.”
The Feng Clan and Wen Clan all invited these incredible young people to go with them. If their young people exchanged views on cultivation with these young people, it would be extremely beneficial.
The strong cultivators of the Yu Clan walked up to Hou Qing Lin and the others, and Yu Kun said, “You are all extraordinary geniuses. If you have time, please come to the Yu Clan, we’ll treat you well as a sign of gratitude for today.”
When Hou Qing Lin and the others heard that, they looked at Lin Feng and the others in the distance. Lin Feng didn’t say anything, which meant that they hadn’t treated him that well, so they didn’t need to go there.
As long as Lin Feng stayed there, the Yu Clan didn’t need anyone else, just like before.
“No need. We’re going back to the Feng Clan and Wen Clan. We’ll see one another in three days, we hope the Yu Clan will help us then.”
“Yes, you helped us keep our deployment mine. We will do our best to save Mu Chen. It’s a pity that you’re not willing to come to the Yu Clan though,” Yu Kun sighed.
“When we save Mu Chen, we’ll come visit your clan,” said Hou Qing Lin politely. After a few sentences, they left.
Everybody dispersed. The Yu Clan also left. Yu Xin wanted to say something, but she didn’t. She wanted to tell the Yu Clan that Lin Feng was their friend, too, but since Lin Feng didn’t say anything, she tried to control herself. Maybe that he had his own ideas…
“Three days!” whispered Lin Feng. He sincerely hoped the Jing Clan would release Mu Chen.

At the same time, the members of the Yu Clan were chatting.
“Yu Lin, if you have time, go to the Feng Clan and Wen Clan to spend some time with those geniuses and exchange views on cultivation.”
“Indeed, those people are extremely strong!” sighed Yu Ye.
As if Yu Kun had thought of something, he gazed into the distance and looked at Lin Feng, who was still next to Yu Xin, and smiled. “Lin Feng, did you learn anything from the battles today?”
“Yes!” Lin Feng nodded.
“The world of cultivation is vast, your teacher is a Great Scholar, he probably knows some great deployment spells. However, don’t forget about cultivation itself, you probably learned a lot today,” said Yu Kun with a smile. Yu Xin’s eyes twinkled; she wanted to say something, but she didn’t!

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