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PMG Chapter 2109: Tantai’s Explosive Temper

PMG Chapter 2109: Tantai’s Explosive Temper
The four cultivators on the beast’s back looked furious and glared at Tiantai’s people with murder in their eyes. Their Qi began to vibrate, especially Ye Que’s. Many people couldn’t handle his Qi, so they moved further away. Even some young people of the Jing Clan couldn’t stand near him.
“How strong, the people from the Celestial Remarkable Deployment Ministry are furious now!” chatted the crowd. These battles were going to be deadly!
“Hou Qing Lin is those people’s fellow disciple. He won the first battle, but the others aren’t as strong as him. They won’t be able to defeat the extremely strong cultivators of the Celestial Remarkable Deployment Ministry,” the crowd nodded to one another. Five battles had to take place. Tiantai’s strongest cultivator had won the first battle, so many people thought the Celestial Remarkable Deployment Ministry would win the remaining battles.
“Second battle, I’ll go,” said Jing Shou indifferently on Tiantai’s side.
“No rush,” said Hou Qing Lin calmly. Jing Shou was strong, he could win, and Lin Feng was going to win too. Tiantai’s people didn’t even wonder when they’d send Lin Feng, he was definitely going to win so they didn’t rush. Even though Tiantai’s people had won only one battle so far, they considered they had already won two, just like the Celestial Remarkable Deployment Ministry considered they had already won one battle thanks to Ye Que.
Tiantai’s people were wondering who they could send for a third victory, Jing Shou could probably win one, so Hou Qing Lin didn’t want him to rush.
“Mu Bei, they’ll definitely try to kill you, when they release Qi, you leave and surrender. No need to fight to death.” said Hou Qing Lin to Mu Bei telepathically. The Celestial Remarkable Deployment Ministry would naturally win the second battle.
“Alright.” Mu Bei nodded and jumped forwards, landing immediately on the battle stage.
“Die!” shouted the Celestial Remarkable Deployment Ministry’s cultivator when he landed on the battle stage, attacking instantly. At that moment, his Qi turned into a beam of light and shot towards Mu Bei. People around the battle stage were shaking.
Mu Bei waved his hands, and stone plates descended from the sky and bombarded the Qi. However, his expression slightly changed and he withdrew quickly.
“You think you can escape?” The strong cultivator of the Celestial Remarkable Deployment Ministry chased him closely. However, many words appeared in the air and exploded one after another, slowing him down. By the time they were done, Mu Bei had already jumped off the battle stage and said, “I give up.”
“Argh!” that person shouted explosively. His Qi turned into a dragon and charged Mu Bei. Hou Qing Lin smiled icily, releasing sword Qi which snuffed out the dragon quickly.
“You don’t even dare fight, coward!” said that person, glancing at Mu Bei icily. He returned to the beast’s back. The crowd sighed. As they had thought, Mu Chen’s disciples couldn’t compete with these people. Three days before, they had made the blind sword cultivator fight, as well as a few other extremely strong cultivators. Otherwise, they would have had a chance to fight against these people.
“They’re smart at least, they are trying to avoid losses,” Su Mu said calmly from the middle of the Yu Clan. The one who had just fought was also a genius from the Celestial Remarkable Deployment Ministry. Among those five people, apart from Ye Que, he was the next strongest of the group.
“Third battle, it’s your turn,” said Hou Qing Lin, not letting anyone distract him.
A strong cultivator jumped forwards. He looked like a sharp weapon, his Qi sharp. He resembled Wang Jian, whom Lin Feng had killed in the past. He probably practiced weapon cultivation…
“Jing Shou, this battle is yours,” Hou Qing Lin said to Jing Shou. Jing Shou nodded.
Back then, he had joined Champion University before Lin Feng and the others, and had already ended up second on the higher ranking list. Only Ji Wuyou was above him. After that, Lin Feng and the others had displayed incredible talent, and Jing Shou had decided to help Lin Feng manage a secret force of Tiantai. At the same time, he had also obtained the Celestial Evolution Holy Scriptures, so he wasn’t any weaker than Hou Qing Lin and the others, and he progressed as quickly as they had.
Being friends with many geniuses was a good environment to progress quickly as well. Geniuses could help one another. If one of them didn’t progress quickly enough, the others could help them out!
When Jing Shou jumped onto the battle stage, the crowd couldn’t see his hands because they were in his sleeves. The members of Tiantai knew why. He had the hands of an assassin, because back in the day, he was the First assassin from their homeworld.
The strong cultivator of the Celestial Remarkable Deployment Ministry moved, and deployment lights filled the battle stage like a spider’s web, turning into a pattern. At the same time, his body was surrounded by a sharp weapon Qi. It was like he could destroy the sky. His Qi seemed endless, and shot towards Jing Shou.
“What a strong cultivator. The five members of the Celestial Remarkable Deployment Ministry are terrifying. None of them is weak. They’re terrifyingly strong!” the crowd chatted when they sensed that Qi.
“I wonder whether this guy is as strong as Hou Qing Lin, or whether he will surrender and escape,” mused some wags. Jing Shou started moving. His body turned into an illusion, and his silhouette became blurry. He was moving swiftly, but it seemed difficult to catch him.
“What a mysterious agility technique. It’s an invisible and intangible illusion. Even the terrifying weapon strength can’t reach him.”
“That guy wants to fight, it seems. He’s really strong!” the watchers finally realized. His hands were still in their sleeves.
“Die!” shouted the strong cultivator of the Celestial Remarkable Deployment Ministry loudly. He hopped around, his weapons emitting furious humming noises. Energies pulsed, driving thousands of long spears to impale everything. One mistake and those energies would pierce him through!
At that moment, Jing Shou finally moved his hands. Illusions appeared, all silhouettes of Jing Shou. Were those clones?
“Cut!” spat the strong cultivator of the Celestial Remarkable Deployment Ministry icily. A hand streaked across the sky, and a gigantic blade chopped through a few silhouettes.
However, there were still a great many of them. They didn’t seem to be corporeal, and continued closing in on him.
Ice-cold lights suddenly appeared next to the Ministry cultivator. One of Jing Shou’s silhouettes turned into a real body of Jing Shou. He suddenly raised his left hand and a gloomy dark light appeared, it was a dagger thrusting towards the man’s head.
The Ministry cultivator was angered, his blood boiling. More weapons appeared, trying to hack apart that silhouette. However, danger came from the other side, another illusion turned into a real body. The dark dagger was thrusting at him again!
“How dangerous. How can he hide with his arms?” wondered the audience. Which one was Jing Shou? His attacks weren’t very aggressive. It was like the illusions could vanish anytime…
At that moment, blood splashed as one of the Ministry cultivator’s arms was cut, and he was driven backwards. The silhouettes followed.
“How savage. He looks like a beast!” The crowd frowned. The cultivators on the back of the beast were shocked and looked unsightly. Rumbling sounds spread in the air. Ye Que jumped off the creature and shot towards the battle stage.
“Move away!” shouted Ye Que icily, explosions lashing in front of him. The battle stage started cracking. His friend was already behind him. Jing Shou’s silhouettes all shattered and he was injured, driven away as blood splashed.
Tiantai’s people were shocked.
“How ridiculous. The Jing Clan invited such people to come and fight?”
“We lost this battle,” said Ye Que icily. Then, he added sounding indifferent, “No matter what, there are two more battles, the last two ones, come together.”
“What an assole!” Tantai couldn’t handle it anymore, he was losing it, he shouted explosively, “He lost and you dare get involved, the Celestial Remarkable Deployment Ministry is a bunch of morons, how ridiculous!”
Su Mu frowned, he turned to Tantai and said, “Watch your words!”
“You two are stupid assholes as well. We’re fighting for your clan, the Yu Clan and you’re hiding and putting your tongue in the enemy’s asshole, you’re ridiculous!” said Tantai mockingly.
Yu Lin moved towards him and said icily, “You want to die!”
“I want to die!?” shouted Tantai explosively. He jumped towards Yun Li and released Qi to the skies. He was furious and threw himself at Yu Lin.
At that moment, Yu Lin pulled a long face, as did the other members of the Yu Clan. When they sensed his Dao power and strength, they shivered. He was this strong?
There were two loud crashes of brutal impacts, and Yu Lin was smashed far away as blood sprayed out. He awkwardly came back on his feet and stared at Tantai, his face turned deathly pale.
“You’re a damn piece of shit! I’ll crush you, asshole! We’ll see if you continue acting arrogantly in front of me everyday like you’ve been doing!” shouted Tantai. He was furious now and kept swearing at the other man. Yu Lin felt extremely humiliated.

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